6 inch 1080p IPS panel monitor it has HDR 106 srgb, 72 color gamut 178 degree viewing angles: stereo speakers, 350 nits of brightness, its Lightweight and it has an all metal design now, if you are interested in picking this up, I will be putting a link in the description and, if you guys like me – and you want to support my Channel, please use those links because it helps me keep purchasing Products to review, so you guys, so this is a great option if youre working on the go or if you just need to get a little gaming in on a trip or something like that, it very easily stows into your book bag and it doesnt take up A lot of space so in this video were going to be testing out how good the audio quality is, how good the picture quality is and how it connects up to different devices such as my MacBook Pro and Xbox, and Nintendo switch, and one of my Galaxy Phones, but first lets go and see what you get inside the Box all right. So here we have a USB type c to USB type, a cable – and here we have our wall adapter, its USB type, A and its 5 volts at 2 amps. Here we have an included screen protector, very nice heres the monitor that Ill. Put aside for just a second here we have a USB type c, the USB type c cable, our user guide.

Here we have an HDMI to USB type c cable and a cleaning kit to install the screen protector. So the monitor does come with a really nice foldable stand that is magnetic as well, and then here we have our monitor. That is covered by a protective layer. Here that you just need to peel off, it is made of an all aluminum body, which is really nice and solid, and it does have a matte finish for the screen. So you dont have to worry about glare. And if we look at the back here, as you can see, it has dual speakers at the top on the side, we have our power button in the middle, our plus and minus buttons, on the top and on the bottom. Here we have a USB type c for power, and one for display play now when youre, not using your monitor, you can take this stand, slash cover and just place it over the top of your monitor and it holds it in place with magnets, which is pretty Cool and the cover also doubles as a stand. All you need to do is take this little magnetic piece here. Stick it onto the middle of the back of the Monitor and simply just place your monitor down just like this, lift it up and then use that as a stand. Just like that has a couple adjustments and, like I said on the back, it just holds right in the middle of the two speakers.

Okay, so here I have my MacBook Pro, and here we have the lapel Z1 portable monitor. Now the important thing is some things that you hook up to, the lapal will need an external power source and some may not, for example, like the MacBook Pro here should have enough power to power up the monitor all by itself with some external power, but were Going to go ahead and test it out so here I have the USB type c connected to the portable monitor and Im going to plug, in the other end into my MacBook Pro and well see what happens so. The pile Powers up and it turns into an extended monitor so, as you can see, the little pal is being powered directly from the MacBook Pro without any other power source. So this is a great option if you need to work on the go, so I just turned the brightness up to 100. So now you can see what the monitor is capable of. As far as brightness goes and then here I have a really colorful picture just to show you how nice the colors are represented. So before we go on, I just want to show you what the settings are for the Monitor and if you want to bring it up, all you need to do is press the power button on the side of the monitor itself. Here, as you can see, we have our brightness. We can control the contrast, our black level, our sharpness.

You can turn the dynamic contrast ratio on and off. You can choose your aspect ratio here. We have our color temperature. Our on screen display the language the timer for the on screen display the transparency of it. Here you can reset all your settings, you can mute the volume and control the volume, and then you can choose your signal Source. You can change the blue light filter and you can turn on HDR mode and, as you can see here, its putting out 1920 by 1080 at 60 hertz. So the screen does look really nice. I dont see any pixels, so you should have a good experience with the picture. Quality now were going to test how good these speakers are Im going to play a video that I recorded not too long ago. Scratch protection on the market guaranteed guaranteed and we will be putting that to the test because I will be doing a scratch and a drop test. So this video that Im showing you here is in 1080P because thats all that the monitor can display so the audio isnt super loud, but you should be able to hear perfectly fine. Whatever is on the screen, if youre near the monitor so from what I can see here behind the camera, the picture quality is really nice and I think youre going to be happy with the quality itself. Even at 1080p, the picture looks really sharp. So now were going to test out the contrast ratio.

Here I have a really dark picture Im going to turn off all the lights in the studio and well see how good the contrast ratio is. So I turned on the dynamic contrast ratio for the Monitor and it definitely does make a huge difference. It definitely makes a lot of the darker areas on the picture. A lot darker and I dont really see hardly any blooming theres, maybe just a little bit um. Maybe in the on the bottom right here and just a tad bit on the top, but for the most part the picture and the contrast ratio looks really good in a darker environment. So now Im going to play my video again and Ill show you how the dynamic contrast ratio works. So, with this video playing and theyre being a lot brighter scenes, the dynamic contrast ratio automatically adjusts for that and, as you can see, you can easily see whats on the screen here, its definitely bright, especially in a darker environment. So basically, with the dynamic contrast ratio does, is it dims the brightness of the display in Darker scenes and when its in brighter scenes, it automatically adjusts the brightness up again to try to give you the best black levels possible. So again, picture quality is really good and when youre in a darker environment, that Dynamic contrast ratio option gives you the best possible black levels. Okay, so now were going to be testing out the monitor with my Galaxy fold here I just want to see if its capable of powering up the portable monitor all by itself, so Im going to plug in the USB type c.

So, as you can see, the fold 4 doesnt have enough power to power up the monitor itself, so youre going to need an external power source as well. So you still can keep the setup portable. You just need a power bank like I have one here. So all you need to do is plug in the power source to the bottom, USB type c, just like that, and it Powers up the device now well go ahead and plug in our fold 4 and see what happens Music. So, as you can see, your phone is now being charged and its displaying on the portable monitor, as you can see its mirroring whatever I have on the phone, so Im going to open up Decks that should take us into our full screen and there you have It so now we can use our phone as a little touchpad lets open up YouTube. So here I have YouTube video loaded up from my channel and were going to be looking at the picture and sound quality while its hooked up to my fold 4. is some dust left on your screen. When you do the installation, you shouldnt be able to see it underneath the screen at least thats what they claim so then youre going to take your phone and just put it into the tray. So the picture and sound quality is pretty much exactly the same when it was hooked up to my MacBook Pro lets go and see what its displaying out really quick and its displaying at 1920×1080 at 60 hertz.

So so far you can expect the same experience, whether it be on your MacBook Pro or from a mobile phone okay. So here we have the screen hooked up directly to my Xbox One X and, as you can see, it fits rather well directly sitting on top of the Xbox. So if you have a small area – and you just need a little monitor for some gaming, this is definitely a good option. So here were playing some Killer Instinct. The video quality again looks really good and the colors are also looking very nice and vibrant as well. So were going to go ahead and see if theres any input lag, especially if you want to some gaming and the volumes also at a hundred percent Applause. So I definitely didnt notice any input lag when playing a fighting game. Now, Im going to go ahead and move on to an FPS, shooter and well see if theres any lag there. Applause foreign, so the picture quality as you can see, is excellent, even at 1080P and Im not noticing any input lag playing Call of Duty either. So, whether youre playing FPS Shooters fighting games driving games, you should have a good experience and with that 60 hertz refresh, it should keep the picture nice and smooth. So now, Im going to turn the monitor. So we can take a look at how good the viewing angles are and Im not seeing any drop in brightness, which is definitely a plus so pretty much, no matter where youre.

Looking at this monitor, you should have pretty much the same viewing experience. Obviously, if you look at the monitor from too far over youre not going to be able to see anything on the screen just because of the orientation, but viewing angles are good on this monitor. Now, just one thing I need to let you know that when you have the monitor connected to a device that is utilizing the USBC to HDMI cable, you will need an external power source to power the monitor, because the HDMI port does not push power. It only does video so like here I have mine connected up to my Xbox One X. I do need an external power source which Im using a power bank connected to the bottom here, and then I have the HDMI going into the USB type c for the top for the video input. Okay, so now were going to test out the monitor with my Nintendo switch here Im going to plug the USB type c directly into the Nintendo switch and Im going to see if it can power the monitor as well as play without any external power source. So the Nintendo switch is on well go ahead and plug in the USB type c, and it looks like youre going to need an external power source to power the monitor when youre playing your Nintendo switch as well. So again we have our power bank here well plug in our power bank into the bottom here, okay, so the monitor does have power now its still connected to the switch and its displaying on the display.

Now perfect, the screen looks absolutely beautiful and, as you can see, the power bank is also charging up our switch so its not using any extra battery. And if we look into our settings, as you can see its running 1920×1080 at 60 hertz without any use of a hub okay, so here I have the monitor hooked up to my Windows laptop. As you can see, it is being powered by only one cable here that is connected directly into the laptop itself, and I do have the monitor in portrait mode now. The one thing you need to keep in mind is when you use the monitor in portrait mode. You need to go into the settings of the Windows device, you have it connected to and rotate the screen, because there is no option built into the monitor to automatically rotate the screen. So, as you can see here, I have the second monitor selected and if we go down in the settings here, you can see that its employee orientation, I have a change to portrait mode and you can easily see whats on the screen here and just scroll down It shows a lot more than what you could normally see on regular screens in landscape mode, which is pretty nice, and it is super bright and that little stand that it comes with, as you can see here very easily converts to a portrait mode as well. You just kind of have it stuck to the middle of the screen there and you have a couple options of the viewing angle when its in this orientation as well.

So, as you can see, you can use this monitor with a lot of different things from gaming consoles Windows tablets, mobile phones, Macs. This monitor will pretty much work with anything that uses USB type c for display or an HDMI, and then, if we zoom in on the text here, you can see how easily everything is able to be read, even when its zoomed in everything is nice and clear. Very crisp, as you can see, theres no Jagged edges around the text. So if you need to see something when youre zoomed in you can very easily see that heres a little smaller text, well just zoom in on that and as you can see its still nice and clear, very easily red, even when its kind of small. So I definitely think the lapazi one is a good option. If you want to work on the go or maybe if you want to do some gaming as well, the monitor itself is super thin, its just a little bit thicker than an iPad, its very light, and it easily fits right behind your laptop in your book bag. Its got an awesome picture and it wont break the bank. So if you guys are interested in picking this up, I will be putting a link in the description and, if you guys like me – and you want to support my Channel, please use those links, because this helps me keep purchasing products to reviews. You guys and if you guys, are planning on picking this up.

Let me know in the comments Im interested to know what you guys think, so I hope you guys enjoyed the video. If you did give me a thumbs up, dont forget to subscribe and hit that little notification Bell to let you guys know when I put out new videos. Thank you guys for watching.