This is the pc 230 smartphone tablet clamp were going to talk about it now, roll the intro all right were back again. This is the photo pc230 smartphone clamp its also made out of aluminum or aluminium, depending on where youre from. If youve seen some of my other videos, you already know ive got from the photo its this one. Here, i dont like it um. The biggest issue. Is this is designed to hold your tablet from corner to corner so diagonally diagonally? The issue is once you do that these two pads are only on one end of the tablet. This end of the tablet, wobbles back and forth, never sits in there securely well its in there securely it just moves and when youre talking about a 1200 tablet, theres nothing scarier than seeing your tablet wiggle around a little bit im certain. I could probably cut some of this pad off and glue it up here, but its just not worth it. I dont think so ill probably put this up on ebay and sell this one. So because i didnt like that one, i decided to go with this one from what i saw on ebay, its essentially a larger version of the smartphone clamp. And i really like this because i can for one set my phone up in landscape mode in this and i can set it down and itll support. The phone standing straight up also has arca swiss capability across the bottom.

So i can mount this to a ball head if i like so when i saw this particular one, i knew it was probably really the uh accessory for me. So again, this is a little photo. Pc230 lets open the box. Now i dont know why. But i was very excited for this. Ive got quite a few use case. Scenarios for this particular clamp lets see what the documentation says here. Uh certification card weve got a warranty card and weve got a user manual um, which pretty much just says that its got the arca swiss its got the one quarter, two one quarter mounting points its got: a lock, knob and um thats about it. This is the this: is it here, the pc, 230 smartphone clamp, and you know one of the things even with this particular clamp here that you can see is theyre made extremely well. These are these are high quality accessories and very happy to have them so lets. Take a look at this so on the back on the back theres, an adjustment knob here this is the quick adjustment lets you slide the holder in and out. So i think for this 12.9 ipad. We probably want it all the way out and it fits perfectly. So now, in all of the clamp points, the same as the smartphone holder, theres, a very nice pad that actually touches your smartphone and or your tablet. So not only are they secure, but you dont have to worry about it, marking, leaving marks or anything like that.

It is strong enough or sturdy enough that you can set your ipad up and sets up perfectly fine on the bottom here on the lock adjustment knob, you have one one quarter mounting point and on the bottom you have another one quarter mounting point and again the Base of it is also arca swiss. So if we take, if we take a ball head, we should be able to mount this guy right on there. Applause and, of course it holds really tight and thats on a ball head, so thats pretty good. Now you may be wondering: what are you really gon na do with this thing? Let me show you what my plans are here this. Let me get this loosened up, so my use case for this are a couple. This is my le photo tripod. This particular tripod has two accessory ports, one here and one here now, with these accessory ports, you can get these magic arms. This is the photo magic arm. I think ive reviewed it already itll screw right into the accessory port, good and snug, and then you can either mount this this way or what im probably more going to do is is mount it in this direction. So got two use cases for this, and this is the way itll set. So now youve got your tripod. You can put the camera here. You got your monitor here. You can either spin this around and allow a client to see it or you can keep it forward with you and actually be able to see a larger screen from your camera and or what im planning to do.

When i make these videos with the camera ill be able to record the camera screen to my ipad and be able to have it close typically, what i do is use the magic keyboard and im constantly moving over to the keyboard moving over to the uh camera. So this will have everything in one centralized location. I can manipulate the camera, manipulate the tablet all in one little package, so very thrilled to have that. I think its going to be a great piece to my kit now. The other thing is that this is big enough to actually or this. Let me say this reduces down so that it will actually support an ipad. Mini and itll also hold your cell phone in portrait mode. If you wanted to have just one device that supports the phone and all your tablets, this device here would be the device for that. Because again, you can easily put a cell phone in here. It easy so easily supports your cell phone in portrait mode or you can have tablets in landscape mode, so i i think the versatility of this particular uh clamp is very nice. Well. That pretty much concludes the pc230 smartphone. Slash tablet clamp as always. Please, like subscribe hit that notification bell down here somewhere. Please support the channel. We really appreciate it again.