Their yoga tablet 2 with Windows, and this is kind of a premium 8 inch Windows tablet and that it costs about 300, so it’s a lot more than the 1500 tablets that we looked at. But you do get a couple of interesting features on here. The first, of course, is the screen much nicer than a lot of the cheaper tablets and that you have a 1920 by 1200 resolution. So a super high resolution and the reason I’m holding a pencil is that it allows you to use any kind of surface with a graphite or metal tip as a stylist. So you can use your favorite pen or a pencil or whatever on the screen, and it will register this. As you know, pretty much your finger would register as well. So you can use your finger if you want, or you can use a graphite or metal object and what’s nice is that when you’re working in Windows – and you want to try to get to some of these screen resolution options or other tiny little menus, it’s often Been hard to get something tapped correctly, so now you can make a really fine point with your pencil or something and be able to do that as well. It will occasionally leave some residue on the screen. Like you’ll see some ink kind of getting out of the pen onto the screen, I usually just washes right off pretty nicely. So one thing you want to be mindful of is that the surface of the object that you’re touching the screen with should not be harder than glass.

So I would not use things like a diamond ring or something that has a really hard material when you’re drawing on the screen, because that will that will scratch it. So you can see I can draw some squares here with my pen. I’Ll take my pencil back out again, just because it stays on the surface a little bit better. It does do some degree of risk detection as well. So you can see. I have my fingers resting on the screen here and it’s, not picking that up occasional you’ll get a little dot or something so it’s doing a pretty good job of detecting. When my fingers are down on it and determining what exactly is the device touching it, so that was pretty neat as well, so really cool that you can you know you have that option, especially on a small screen Windows Device, which I thought is pretty nice. So the hardware is very similar to the other Lenovo yoga tablets that we’ve looked at it’s got that little kickstand in the back, so that’s built in I’ll just it’ll go out even to this orientation, so you can hang it up even have a little hole there For you for you to hang it up on the wall or a pegboard or something if you have a workshop or whatever so that’s, pretty nice, there aren’t many ports on it, though you just have a single u.s., the port here it does support OTG.

So when I load up minecraft in a minute, we’ll plug in a keyboard and mouse to it, but it doesn’t work with those Y connector cables that would charge and allow you to use usb at the same time. So you can plug a keyboard and mouse into it, but you can’t charge it. I also tried that using this little pluggable dock that I’ve been using with some of my Windows tablets, it will charge the device, but you can’t get the USB ports on it to work. So really, if you plug in USB you’re, going to be draining the battery, but it does have a pretty big battery onboard it’s located in the cylinder section here. So it will. They say 15 hours, I would say you could definitely get all day out of it. Provided you’re not really killing its if you’re, watching movies and playing games and really taxing the processor, that stuff will eat up battery life. More than perhaps just some light web browsing and weird processing. So you know, but I do think it’s probably going to be on par with other tablets as well. You got some nice speakers up front here that are pretty loud and it sounds pretty decent for a tablet of this size and that’s pretty much it. You got a camera here and a headphone jack on this side as well, and that is all you got for ports on here. So really, you know kind of a basic tablet, but it is on the more premium side of the brand.

So let’s check out a few things to see how it performs it actually is a little bit faster than some of the other less expensive, 8 inch tablets, because it has a higher processor on board. In fact, it has a intel, 3745 Atom processor it’s, also a Bay Trail processor, like the other ones that we’ve looked at, but it is a little bit faster to support the greater screen resolution so it’s a 1920 by 1200 display, which does take a little bit More juice to power that it also has 2 gigabytes of RAM 32 gigabytes of internal emmc storage, and you can also install an SD card in here under the door in the back there as well. All right I’ve got my stylus out here. So let’s do some web browsing. Shall we so the web browsing performance actually feels pretty nice on here and that’s, partly because the processor is a little bit faster than other Windows tablets that we’ve been playing with at the lower end. So you can see the pages. Come up very quickly, they render fast, you can scroll through very quickly as well. If we take a look at the octane benchmark tests that we usually run on Chrome and all these devices, we get a score of six thousand seven hundred and forty. So you can see that it’s a little bit ahead of where the HP stream 7 is, which is a similar Pat tablet, as the insignia ate both running atom processors, but slower atom processors.

So you can see the difference in both the graphic performance, as well as the processing performance making web browsing a little bit more enjoyable it’ll be faster, at least on this tablet, versus though this one, of course, also costs two or three times as much. So you do get what you pay for. In the end, all right let’s check out some YouTube now. I should mention, too that this tablet does have 802 11n Wireless and supports 5 gigahertz Wi Fi. It is not wireless AC, but this is a pretty fast wireless performance nonetheless and I’m streaming, some 1080p video here and because we have this display we’re getting pretty much the full resolution on this small screen here. So it really does look pretty nice as well. It’S able to keep up quite nicely with HD videos, and I had no problems playing back youtube videos like this one or other ones, from Netflix as well. All right I’ve got my keyboard and mouse plugged in now. So we’ll see how Microsoft Word functions on here. I have the mouse plugged into this Apple keyboard that has a built in hub, so that’s how I’m able to get both through the same USB port here on the device. So I like to run Word 2010. This does come with the new version of Office that you get a one year license for, but I like the 2010 version, because it doesn’t use this text animation that really slows down typing or makes typing look slower than it really is.

So as we scroll through this pretty complicated newsletter, you can see that it does take a little bit to kind of catch up and render with it, but it’s not unusable. So you can certainly get some work done as I scroll more slowly with the mouse here. You can see it does have enough time to catch up with me as I’m moving around and I can go over and I just type on this title here – maybe type in my name. So you can see it is capable of doing word, processing pretty well. Of course, the screen is really really tiny and there’s really no easy way to get the display off of here onto something larger, so it’s going to have probably limited utility unless you’ve got a really good. Razor sharp eyesight it’ll be a little bit tough to work at this screen size. All right now, let’s see how minecraft runs on it. Like all other Windows tablets, this is running the Windows version of Minecraft doesn’t do too badly just remember that we’ve got a pretty high resolution display on here, so the framerate is slower than we’ve seen on those other devices, but this is also running at its full. On 1920 by 1200 resolutions, so I think if you turn down the settings a little bit both for the graphic quality as well as it’s over resolution, you’ll, probably see some better performance out of it, but you can see it is able to keep up you’ll just Kind of you know chug, along a little bit with high details and high resolution.

This is running with the Optifine plugin as well, and that is the yoga tablet 2 with Windows, and it is a premium price. It does cost 300. That is a lot more than the 100 price tag we’ve seen on a lot of other 8 inch tablets, but for the money you’re getting a much bigger battery higher resolution display really nice looking display actually – and I forgot to mention the screen angles on it – are Pretty good as well, so you have all that going for you there and, of course, the ability to use your pencil as a stylus, which is really handy, especially when you’re trying to get at some of those little tiny buttons that you might encounter when you’re using Windows on a tablet so really nice to get that precision out of pretty much anything, you can pick up off your desk, so all that is pretty cool one other thing I know because a lot of people are going to be asking is: is there any junk Where a malware loaded up on it – and there really isn’t anything on here that wouldn’t be on a signature edition PC, so it’s pretty barren here when you first get it out of the box, which is how I like to get my computer so no junk! Where that I can see a really clean installation and pretty nice performing device as well, this is a LAN siphon.