Let us borrow their yoga tablet to to check out for a few days. This is an Android tablet, running Intel and there’s. Also a Windows version available, but you have to choose one of the other. You can’t have one that runs both, which is actually kind of this appointment I’d like to see a tablet that gave you a choice of operating systems, but overall it’s a nice table it’s got a 10.1 inch, a 1080p display 1920 by 1080. It looks really nice really sharp nice pixel density on it runs this 3dmark benchmark quite well as you’re, seeing and we’ll take a look at some of those benchmarks in a minute now, one of the things that you have been looking at I’ve looked at a lot Of tablets lately and they are they’re getting kind of boring. You know there’s, really not a lot of variation in design. Things have just kind of been stale, I mean the hardware. The technology is certainly improving, but in many cases you can buy, especially on the Android side. You can buy a tablet from one manufacturer with the right chipset in there and it performs it looks a lot like something from another manufacturer. So lenovo has made some design choices here, which you may or may not like, but they are different and I think it’s worth pointing out. So the first is that there is this really big tube here, and this is where they put the batteries.

So this is a 90 400 milliamp hour battery. The battery life is really good. I’Ve, gotten I’ve had this thing out of the box pretty much for four or five days. You have adjusted a little bit poking around with it a little bit, but I haven’t really. You know killed the battery yet, which is pretty surprising. I haven’t even plugged it in since I brought it home. So they say you can get about 10 to 12 hours of usage out of it, depending on what you’re doing, and I believe that, because it’s definitely got some weight to it, it’s one point three six pounds and as a result, if you’re holding it from this Side, it doesn’t feel so bad, but if you hold it from this side, you can definitely feel the weight kind of bearing down on your hand, so you definitely want to hold it like this. Of course, if you are a righty or a lefty, you can just adjust the the display here. It will flip over appropriately, so that’s, not too bad. The viewing angles on the screen are very good, as well, so it’s pretty pretty flexible and where you can look at it from but again it’s just a little bit unbalanced in its way. It’S definitely more weight on this side than on this side. Now, what the other thing they’ve done is they’ve integrated this rather unique kickstand into the mix. So what you can do is just pop this out here to lock into place, and you can you know prop your your device up like a like a TV stand or something like that you can put on a keyboard that they make for this underneath.

So this rounded part you will kind of drop into that keyboard and the stand will hold it up. So you have that option available to you as an add on. You can also, of course, angle the metal plate here downward a little bit, so you can get a nice typing angle and kind of adjust it to your comfort level and then what you could do is and lock it in all the way in the back position. Here and then hang it off a hook. So if you have like a you, know, you’re doing some work in the kitchen or something and you don’t want the device on the work surface. You can just hang it up from something and just let it hang that’s kind of a unique design feature there as well. So they’ve done some interesting stuff, given the fact that they’ve got all this weight in this big tube here to kind of add a kickstand built into it, it’s rather sharp it’s metal. So you can definitely oh, you can cut yourself on it, but you might want to be careful. You don’t scratch up a desk of something with it. It’S got two stereo speakers here that are rather loud, so there it’s, not the the widest range of sound in the world, but there’s certainly adequate. So you can definitely hear pretty far away from it. It’S got a nice nice throw to the speakers. You have a headphone jack over here and the power button here, not much else actually there’s a volume rocker here the power buttons here and then you’ve got a USB for charging, but also OTG.

So it is able to do that. It does not have an HDMI output, so if you wanted to plug it into a display here, you’d have to use, mirror casting you can’t, plug it in directly, which is a bit of a disappointment. Now it does have an Intel, processor onboard, and you saw that 3dmark benchmark running on. It will do pretty well on that test. Actually, fifteen thousand 808 puts it on par with some of the Tegra 4 based machines that I have tried before so really, decent performer for gamers and whatnot. Now it has 2 gigabytes of onboard RAM, which is good for some of the more robust Android apps that are making their way out onto the marketplace. I had 16 gigabytes of on board storage and then you have the ability to add SD cards on the back. Here, up to 64 gigabytes, you just pop this little panel off and there is a slot to install an SD card on there. Now. One thing I found that it didn’t like too much are some specialty game emulators, so in particular recast, which is a Dreamcast emulator. An old sega system, it won’t boot up it just kind of starts and then crap dumps you right back out to the desktop found the same thing with the dolphin GameCube emulator as well. Doesn’T like this device at all, and I think it’s because it’s running an Intel processor, which is really you know, these emulators are kind of targeted that ARM processors not Intel.

So I think that is probably the issue their other game. Emulators did work. Fine, like the old, Nintendo and Sega ones that are out there, those work well, when you get into the more specialty stuff that has a little bit more processor specific logic, I think you’re going to run into some trouble there. Xbmc, though, runs just fine. In fact, I can go browse my HD home run, which is a great little digital, cable tuner that I use here in the house, and I can just select my Fox affiliate, for example, and it pops right up and starts streaming right away here. So really, really nice experience with XBMC. We even played back blu ray MKV s without too much issue providing you have, of course, a good Wi Fi signal, so that is Lenovo yoga tablet 2, and I think this is better as a tablet that you put somewhere and kind of leave and watch versus Something that you carry around with you, because it does have a rather odd shape and size and, as a result, the weight is kind of imbalanced on it. So I found it’s really not all that comfortable to walk around with and kind of use like. I would use perhaps my iPad, just kind of holding it my hand and poking around as I’m walking around the house or whatever. This does work really well when you want to stick it somewhere, whether it be on a table like this or, of course, hanging it from a wall, or something like that.

I do think this form factor lends itself better to running Windows than Android, specifically, if it’s paired up with the keyboard accessory that’s available for it, because in that kind of configuration with a nice 1080p screen at this size, really nice little Windows tablet configuration and if The key boy I haven’t tried the keyboard yet, but if the keyboard is decent, I think I could really see this being a great Windows machine that you could. You know optionally take around with you if you wanted to and not sacrifice any battery power in the process, given how big the battery is on it, so I think, probably better as a Windows Device and an Android device, but if you’re looking for you know something, You can use to playback YouTube or Netflix videos at your kitchen or a little workstation or something. This is something you could definitely set up. Leave it on the table. Batteries going to last quite a while, and I think you’ll have a good good run with it. Definitely a unique design, which is actually something that’s refreshing to see these days in the tablet world.