This is their yoga Tab, 3, 8, and they – let us borrow this for a few days – to check out 3 – refers to the fact that this is the third iteration of their rather unique yoga design, and the eighth is the 8 inch display that it has. This is a 1280 by 800 display so effectively 720p, but at this size this display actually looks pretty nice. It’S got good, color definition to it. The viewing angles are nice. You know due to the fact that it’s IPS, so not a bad viewing experience and they’ve kind of targeted this at video, Watchers and that’s, where I would say, it’s probably best suited for it’s not going to be the best gaming device. Although it can play a lot of android games, i only has a gigabyte of ram and a relatively low end qualcomm quad core processor. It is running android 5.1. It feels like a pretty vanilla, Android experience, which is always good there, isn’t too much other stuff kind of layered on to it. The battery life for me has really been the sweet spot on this device. It’S got a cylinder portion here. That is where the battery is housed. We can use a bigger battery than most of these tablets at this size tend to have so I got this in a couple of days ago. I haven’t even charged it yet I’m still at 62, so I think you’re going to have some good experience with the battery here on.

The cylinder also gives us the ability to have a nice kickstand to it. Also so you can prop it up here, which is how most people will probably use it, but you can also put it down this way for typing, and the screen, of course, will flip around to meet you that way and you can pretty much adjust this stand. Any which way you want it’s very adjustable it’s got a nice friction to it, so you can kind of get it to where exactly where you might want it to be, and you can also flip it all the way back and if you’re, in a workshop or Something you can kind of hang it from a pegboard. If you want so you’ve got a lot of different options for using and mounting this. There is a lot of weight, though, on the left hand side of the device because of all the stuff on this side. So if you’re holding it like this, it might feel a little heavy in your hand, so I would suggest holding it from the cylinder portion and of course the screen will flip around. So you can use it if you’re left handed or right handed that way and not have any real issues there. The camera is kind of neat, so it’s got an 8 megapixel camera here’s. Some image samples, it’s, not the best quality image you’ll ever see but it’s decent enough for you, know a device at this price point and what’s nice about it.

Is that it’ll swivel around like this? So you can go from selfie cam 2, the main camp using the same exact camera. So a lot of these devices tend to have the lower quality camera on the front and the higher quality camera. On the back on this one, the front camera can be the back camera and vice versa. You can just flip it around in both directions. It records 720p video at 30 frames per second again, nothing spectacular, but that’s, pretty much what this device can play back on its 1280 by 800 display a device has 16 gigabytes of on board storage. You can add up to 128 gigabytes through a micro SD card that you can insert underneath this door underneath the kickstand here. So you do have the ability to augment its onboard storage a little bit, not much reports. There’S us be here for charging. This is also an OTG adapter, so you can get one of those little adapter cables and plug other USB devices into it. You also have a headset headphone microphone jack on that side and that’s pretty much it besides the power button and the volume rocker. It is a pretty bare bones kind of device, but again this is designed for being a standalone media player does have very nice sound though it’s got these really nice speakers here that are not going to give you a big, a lot of bass or anything like That but there’s really good stereo separation and they’ve got this Atmos system on there.

That kind of gives it a surround effect and it’s pretty good, because I was playing around with it this weekend and I was playing goat. Simulator of all things is to see how the performance was on it, and I was hearing things in places. I didn’t expect to hear them. They were further out from the device and it audibly. It was really cool, so let’s see now how it performs we’re going to take a look at some video playback, some web browsing and a couple of games, so web browsing on the device feels pretty good. It takes a little bit of time if you’ve got a script, heavy page that you’re visiting like the New York Times. Here is an example, but you are able to get moving on it before everything completely loads up here. We click on this article about uploading, our brain to the internet. That would be a nice thing to do and, as you can see, it does load up pretty nicely here. We can get through the article and read everything. Of course, you can flip the screen orientation over to the portrait mode. If you want a better angle at the article, so you can get a feel for how all that works, so not bad on the web browsing side pretty much where you would expect it to be on a device at this price point all right. Let’S, take a look now at YouTube running on the official app and we’ll pop open one of my last videos here, I’m, going to switch this into 720p, just to make sure we’re getting the best quality there we go.

It won’t go higher than 720 because there isn’t a 1080p display on here, but you can see the video does come up very quickly. We can go fullscreen with it here and get a feel for how all of that works. So the frame rate looks good. It does feel like a pretty good video watching experience on there, so that is a good thing. Gaming on here, isn’t bad, either I’m going to pop open a goat. Simulator takes a second for it to load up as crazy as this game sounds it’s. Actually, a good test for how these devices perform because it’s a big 3d open world environment with a lot of physics involved. So let’s wait for this to load up and see how goat simulator runs on this low end tablet. So we are running goat simulator. This is kind of indicative of the many of the 3d games you might find on the Android App Store. This is not targeted at high end devices. They really try to make this run on a lower end hardware, and on here it runs pretty well, so you can run your goat around here and blow up cars and do all the stuff that you would normally do in goat simulator and it seems to function Pretty well there and on the 3d mark benchmark test, we got a score of four thousand five sixty seven. That puts it pretty much where a lot of our other low end phones and tablets have been so.

It really is in that sector of the market, which is no surprise, because this is an inexpensive sub 200 device. Now let’s take a look at Cody we’re, not going to run any blu ray MKV s on here. I did try that, but we are going to load up some 1080p 60 video and see how that functions. Now a lot of people often ask whether or not these little devices can play back these 1080p 60 files that are becoming more and more popular amongst the crowd out there, and this will play them back. However, what I’m finding is that it’s, going from that 60 frames per second source file and down scaling at the 30, so you’re not going to get that smooth video playback. I should note that this video is only being recorded in 30 frames per second, but I can tell you what I’m seeing as I’m watching it with my eyes here: it’s not as smooth as it is on a you know, higher end computer or tablet that can Playback files at 60 frames per second, so 720p at 30 frames per second, is the extent of this display, I think, for most consumers actually 90 of them. This is probably good enough, because this is the frame rate that we typically see on movies that you might purchase on the Google Play Store on the Amazon store and certainly coming downstream from Netflix and and YouTube for the most part.

So I think, for those folks we’re just buying this to watch a couple of movies while they’re on a plane or a train, or something like that. This will certainly accomplish that goal. As you can see, it does do web browsing and all the other basic tablet kind of functions pretty well and it’s got a neat design along with really good battery life, and I think that’s, probably its best selling feature is the fact that that battery can last Quite a while on there, so that is the Lenovo yoga Tab, 8 3 8, and this is LAN Simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the generosity of my patreon supporters.