13.. Now this android tablet launched in the fourth quarter of 2021. I knew as soon as i saw it. It was something i wanted to review here on the channel and well its finally here and, in my opinion, its even more interesting than at launch, because the price has come down so much. It was originally over 600 us dollars. It is now roughly 400 us dollars ill include a link in the description and it has been selling out all over the place. For that reason, because it is a premium tablet, both in terms of its design and look – and i have seen it before – i havent used it. So this will be the first time, but then it also has some features that you just will not find from any other manufacturer. So it has a 13 inch ips panel, that is 2160 by 1350 60hz. So no high refresh rate with this. We also have a snapdragon 870 processor under the hood it has micro hdmi in which means this can be used as a portable monitor, eight gigs of ram 128 gigs of internal storage pen support. You will have to buy the pen separately, of course, wi fi six and then its design is pretty unique and youll see why, as i get it out of the box, so there it is uh, and you know its something where, if it turns you off that It does not have a 120 hertz refresh rate, i get it.

There are much more expensive tablets for that market, but really clean 8 megapixel camera here, thats, the only camera on the body fabric uh back at least on this portion of the tablet construction seems solid. Then you have this handle, and this is also part of that identity. That makes it unique, which you can use to actually carry it or use it to essentially hook it onto surfaces. So lets say you want to use it in the kitchen. You could hook this onto essentially a towel hook, whatever you have there available and youve got a tablet that can go pretty much anywhere and, of course, this will also act as a traditional stand, of course, with an adjustable range of motion and the fact that it Has pen support well that just makes it more dynamic. Now, as i mentioned, weve got some ports here so right there you can see the type c port for charging um your charge. Time on this, uh, or i should say run time should be fairly solid. Uh, because again, this doesnt have uh as high a resolution display were not working with super amoled, so run time should be good. We have power button volume rocker and then, if we come around to the other side, totally clean. But then there is this right here, which i mentioned earlier: the micro hdmi, and that is significant because of course this will act as a portable monitor something that i cover a lot of portable monitors.

They generally if theyre quality and they come from a manufacturer. You can trust theyre going to range anywhere from you know, 200 and up anything less is really more bargain oriented. So if you look at it just again from the standpoint of being a portable monitor and then the fact that youve got uh, essentially you know a. I would say top tier android tablet. Yes, as i stated no high refresh rate display, but what appears to me to be a quality ips panel im not seeing any backlight bleed, were booting up, wi fi six, i dont know exactly you know how far customers these days expect the upgrade path to be With security updates and android updates, clearly lenovos not going as far out as a company like samsung, which i think is at four or five years now here with lenovo youre, going to get a couple years, but thats still really good, especially at this sub. 400 dollar price point so lets go ahead and just jump through this ill go ahead and get us on wi, fi and another nice thing about this is that it is still at that size where typing on it. Working on it is practical, even though there are you know, the bezels are incredibly small. I feel like this is easy to hold, because you have this speaker bar and thats. Another thing i expect the audio performance on here to be excellent, uh, simply because, after all, this is a yoga product, so lets go with dont copy, and you can also tell besides having that stand.

If you have the pen being able to ink on this with the fact that it already is at an angle that really supports it, i think is probably a nice thing now balance of things in the box, because i didnt address that they do include an hdmi Cable because, after all, this is a mini hdmi, its not a standard hdmi um. So this way youre ready to hardwire this to your monitor of choice, and then you also get a type c to headphone jack right there. So they include both. They know youre going to likely need them. If you want to use that and then last but not least, is going to be the charger something you dont see with a lot of machines. These days specifically android tablets, i mean and phones. Now i mean, god knows my z fold: three did not come with any way to charge it just a type c cable and find your own brick hunt. So here is the charger so thats nice that they provide it. Now this tops out uh the charging at 30. I believe its 30 watts, whereas their newer latest and greatest p12 pro, which ill also be covering uh, tops out at 45 watts like much of the competition uh but either way theyre asking me whether or not im a child or an adult. You know im going to get through this and ill come back. You can see. Things are looking a little washed out its just the screen is that bright, even though its i think its a 400 nit display, whereas the newer again p12 pro, i think, tops out at 600, but either way, this thing looks good.

It feels good – and i really cant point you at any other android tablet with a price point like this and a feature set like this and thats. Why i wanted to cover it, in spite of the fact that it is not um latest and greatest anymore? I already got a little preview of what the audio is like and now, finally, you can see what the display looks like high gloss finish as you would expect and look. The 870 is just a you know, a step beneath the 888 thats inside my z, fold. 3, which was the flagship obviously of the summer when this launched so very similar performance, but it should provide better battery life because it is not clocked as high thats, just one element, so im expecting good things out of this and again at its price. I just dont know how you beat a device like this for content consumption and then, if you want to get the precision pen, you have a way to ink on this as well, which is a win win. So it looks nice. The display i mean from what i can see here seems to be fairly solid, its not incredibly high res, but it is definitely high res enough to do just about anything you want now. If i take the brightness down youre gon na finally be able to to see thing here, see things here that youre not interesting, search, queries there that its suggesting, but overall this is really about.

You know, i think, answering the question of what you need an android tablet for, and i think that at this price, from a reputable manufacturer with good build quality and what hopefully will be solid battery life and the fact that it can be a portable monitor with A built in stand, i mean thats, the other thing most of the portable monitors that i cover dont necessarily have a built in stand. They come with cases this thing you know, because you have this its kind of a game, changer so thats. Why? When i first saw this, you know previewed over a a webinar, essentially with lenovo for the press. I said i got ta see this at some point because it looks fairly dynamic, so i hope they stay at this. Its still a brand new tablet, its just again. I think part of the reason the price is so soft is the 60 hertz refresh rate which, for so many things like general content, consumption, its totally irrelevant, and even when it comes to general web browsing, i dont think youre going to see a tremendous difference. If i go ahead and head over to espn, you know, ideally, of course, when you have a 120 hertz panel, general scrolling is going to be smoother, but i dont really see a huge deal here. Um in terms of well, i might be im not able to pinch to zoom here but im, not seeing any sort of issue when it comes to.

Actually, i dont know why im not able to pinch the zoom but not seeing an issue when it comes to scrolling, so i think thats important, but i didnt expect any issue so thats, something to be aware of. If you must have 120 hertz well, then you must have a different tablet, but i think for the majority of the people on this planet, this is still going to serve the majority of their use case scenarios, even though that looks like it just crashed so well See now, if i can zoom, i still cant lets, try going to another website and see how that performs. Now we are so that was an espn problem for anyone. That was wondering i thought i was losing my mind and when im shooting like this, sometimes i wonder if its me, you know, certainly possible, but everything looks really smooth. The last thing that im going to do is lets jump onto youtube and just see what um audio quality is like granted. This is just an unboxing and first look may as well just get an idea. Um, im gon na go to one of my videos for the sake of copyright issues, because there is no reason to do otherwise and lets just take a look at the thinkbook 15p ill make sure volume is all the way up lets see if ive got the Orientation right, i do wow. I can already tell you these might be louder than the speakers on the tab.

S8 ultra, but i expected this Music and here with the digital digest, and today i wanted to share a quick, unboxing and first look at everyone over thinkbook, 15p gen 2.. Remember. I have brightness taken down six inch laptop aimed squarely at small and medium sized business users. Looking for solid performance, i believe that includes this right is that they really have put their best foot. Audio quality seems excellent. Video quality is good im really digging this tablet. I mean i think this is going to be very easy to recommend as long as im not seeing any issues with overall performance which so far i have not and remember. This does, as far as i know, also support lenovo has their own version of a dex utility. To give you a desktop experience, so im looking forward to playing with all those things and also remember that if you decide to go with the p12 pro, which is the higher end of their tablet, lineup, which is a little under 700 bucks. And then, if you decide you want it with the keyboard uh case combo and pen, it its over 800 youre, getting the same processor and the same amount of ram, in fact, theres, actually a p12 pro. That only has six gigs of ram. So this thing seems to be the killer deal, which is why its selling out everywhere again as long as youre, okay with the 60 hertz refresh rate, which even i am uh, just understand what youre buying i mean that is pretty much the story of anything you Purchase but definitely especially important when it comes to tech products, love the feature set, love this design and im looking forward to just spending more time with it and, of course, giving all of you feedback any questions or comments.