We get a large 13 inch screen four speakers, a large battery, a built in kickstand and a high end processor. Another unique feature is that it has an hdmi port and acts as an external monitor. So should you get it im nj for mynexsable.com, and this is my lenovo yoga tab 13 review Music before we start dont forget to subscribe to this channel im reviewing almost every tablet that gets released and among those is almost every tablet from lenovo lets start with. One of its highlights, which is the design the lenovo yoga tab 13, looks very unique because on one side it has a thick grip that houses two of the four speakers, as well as the kickstand that kickstand is metal and can be folded out. At any angle, you want you can even use it to hang it somewhere, so without needing any accessories at all. You can put it on your coffee table or hang it in your bathroom, so you can watch a movie while taking a bath or so while the kickstand is made of metal. The rest of the body is plastic on the back theres. Also, a soft fabric like material which makes it look and feel a bit higher end sure a full aluminium body would have been nicer, but im sure lenovo chose plastic to reduce the weight because of its big screen large battery and kickstand. It weighs 803 grams on the front. We get an 8 megapixel webcam, which certainly is good enough for video, chats theres no camera on the back, but we do get a time off flight sensor.

Next to that front, camera which you can use to knock the tablet using facial recognition and that works well, theres, no headphone jack and no micro sd card slot, but we do get a usb c 3.1 gen 1 port. That means you can connect external monitors too. On the other side, we get a micro hdmi port, which is a very unique feature. No other tablet i can think of – has this its not meant to output a signal thats, what the usbc port is for, instead, its meant to input a signal. Yes, exactly it means you can connect the lenovo yoga tab 13 to a computer and use the tablet as an external monitor for your pc. I connected the tablet to my windows laptop and the experience is fantastic, its a super interesting option. If you need a tablet and want a 13 inch external monitor at the same time, and remember this monitor has a built in battery. I love this feature. You can connect the yoga tab 13 to other devices that output a video signal too. I use it as a monitor for my sony a73 camera, and that worked great. This really is a unique selling point. Another highlight is the large 13 inch display the lenovo yoga. Tab 13 has a standard lcd that supports 60 hertz its fully laminated and has a resolution of 2160 by 1350 pixels. While i think that resolution is good enough, its certainly less sharp than the 12.

9 inch ipad pro lenovos resolution sounds high, but on 13 inches you can see some pixelation when looking at text at a close distance. Other aspects of the screen are good, but not outstanding. With 400 nits its bright enough for most environments, but not as bright as an ipad pro viewing angles, are white colors, look good and i think its great for watching movies. It has a vitamin level of 1, so you can watch netflix with hd resolution and hdr is supported as well. So i like the screen, but its not as good as other premium devices like apples tablet and the samsung galaxy tab. Seven plus blacks, dont look as black as with those two, and both competitors have 120hz screens which the lenovo does not. I noticed one issue with the yoga tab: 13., when holding it in portrait, orientation and scrolling. I can see a kind of jelly effect or rolling shutter effect. Samsung 60hz amoled screens have the same problem. This is an lcd, but i guess that the screen is not drawn fast enough here, because its so big still, i think its a good entertainment tablet because of its large screen and its four speakers, while the sound is not as loud as from the 12.9 ipad. Pro its almost on the same level and is very pleasing, it certainly sounds better than the cheaper samsung galaxy tab. S7Fe, the lenovo yoga type 13 features the qualcomm snapdragon 870 processor, with 8 gigabyte of ram and a 128 or 256 gigabyte internal storage, theres, no lte or 5g option.

You can see in my benchmark comparison that the performance is on a similar level as the samsung galaxy tab, s7 plus. So the yoga type 13 certainly is a higher end premium tablet that can compete very well in geekbench, 5, 3d mark and other benchmarks. My gaming test confirms this all games. I tried run great with the highest graphics. You can play fortnite with graphics set to epic and so 3d resolution to 100, and it runs very well and is similar as on the galaxy tab. S7 plus. Sometimes you might see some stutters but thats the case with the competition too pubg mobile can be played with graphics, set to ultra hd and it looks and plays fantastic. Another game i tried is gentry impact here i set the graphics to the highest and its playable as well. So regarding gaming, the yoga tab 13 is a great entertainment tablet too. The tab 13 does support an active stylus, which is called lenovo precision, pen tube, that pen works with the yoga tab 11 and lenovo tab p11 series as well. I, like the feel of the stylus, because its made of metal and is comfortable to hold you charge it using a usbc port, which is on the back on the side. It has two buttons and the tip supports 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity, so its on a similar level as competing pensa well, at least technically, while the stylus certainly works on the yoga tab 13.

I always feel like the pen is not as precise as the samsung s, pen or apple pencil is, and its not just the feeling when writing with all those pens and supported tablets. Handwriting with lenovo does not look as precise on the galaxy tab, x7 plus in ipod pro. It looks like the pens react instant because of the 120hz screens, but since weve got a 60hz screen here, it sometimes looks like writing or drawing legs behind the pen a bit, especially when drawing fast. There also is not a lot of software support for the pen. Sure you can install all those note taking apps and drawing apps from the google play store like nearby noteshelf and squid, and they do work fine, but i think samsung notes is a much better note. Taking app and features like apples, scribble or the s pen commands are missing too, when using the pen. The design of the tablet can be a downside because of this grip. It can never lie flat on a table. Dont get me wrong. I think its great that the yoga tab 13 does support an active stylus and the precision pen too does work. Fine, but its not amazing and the competition is better. The lenovo yoga tab 13 is running android 11 out of the box. In the past, lenovo hasnt been as amazing, with updates, as samsung has been, but im guessing. It will get at least one major software update for the yoga tab.

11 lenovo did state already that it will get android 12 for sure, but the yoga tab 13 is not mentioned yet. Lenovo did customize interface a bit, but its not a heavy ui for the most part. Its standard android with some pre installed apps for microsoft, as well as netflix and amazon music. In addition to that, there are tons of google apps that ship with the tablet more than usual, and that includes google kidspace, which is the kids mode. Another feature is the google entertainment space from here. You can quickly select movies games and books from many services like netflix video youtube, kindle books and so on. It might be interesting for some, but i never thought its useful for me in the home screen settings. You can deactivate it in my battery test. The lenovo yoga tab 13 got a runtime of 8.75 hours while its not on the top of the list. With this result, it certainly lasts much longer than other large tablets like the 12.9 ipad pro galaxy tab, 7 plus and a 7fe for this test. Im always looping in hd video at maximum brightness on youtube. So is the lenovo yoga tab 13 tablet. You should get well that depends what youre looking for. Of course, i love this design with the built in kickstand and that micro hdmi port certainly is very unique and can be super useful for some. At the same time, we get a very fast processor, thats great for gaming.

The 13 inch screen looks nice for watching movies and thats supported by four fantastic speakers. If you want this design and are looking for an entertainment tablet or has a great use for that, hdmi port – yes, i think the lenovo yoga tab 13 is a great choice, but its not perfect, and i think its not a great generic tablet for everybody. The yoga tab 13 is a bit cheaper than the 12.9 inch ipad pro and galaxy tab, seven plus, but not by that much and compared to those its lacking. A high contrast screen does not support 120hz. There is no official keyboard cover and the pen is not as amazing in the past, both apple and samsung have been better with software updates, too, which i think you should consider when getting an expensive tablet, and they certainly do offer more. Software features. Lets check out. Some of those alternatives in more detail if youre looking for an android tablet, the galaxy tab s7 plus from samsung, is the best competitor to the lenovo yoga tab 13., while its 12.4 inch screen is a little bit smaller. Its a higher end, amoled display that supports 120 hertz. The s pen is included here and works better. I also love all the software features like samsung notes and samsung decks, and you can get an official keyboard cover. The performance is about the same, but is lacking the unique yoga design and theres no hdmi input either the 12.

9 inch apple ipad pro is much pricier and does not have that unique design or an hmi input either. However, its xcr screen is better. The apple pencil is better and the performance of its apple m1 processor is much faster than any android tablet out there. So, if youre looking for the best of the best thats the one to get in case, you love this yoga design, but just dont want to spend that much money on it. You can check out the lenovo yoga tab. 11.. This tablet is smaller at 11 inches, but has many similar features, except for that hmi port. Its performance is weaker, but i think its a nice and much more affordable entertainment tablet. Alright thats it of my review of the lenovo yoga tab. 13.. If you have any questions, write them down below im, andrea from minextabler.