11.. So the thing that really helps this device to stand out against the competition – its really, this really nice kickstand its got a really cool kickstand here it also has a really nice fabric bag. So I really do like the design of this tablet. This tablet does have a lot going for it, but there are still some flaws and things you need to consider if youre going to buy this in 2023. So with all that being said, lets get into it and lets talk about the Lenovo tab, 11., Music. So the Lenovo tab 11. its a very interesting device to me because you could find it for such a good price. It does retail around 329 dollars, but Ive seen it go on sale quite a bit at Best, Buy and also on lenovos website. So when you see these really good sales – and you see this tablet dip under 300 – that really does make you think, because theres not a lot of tablet options out there under 300, especially on the Android side at least tablets. That are any good right, theres. Just not a lot of options that are out there, but this tablet right here. It does differentiate itself a little bit from the competition because of this really cool design, and also this tablet does have a decent speed to it. It has a nice screen, so there are a lot of things to like about it. So if we first look at the design of this youre gon na see this kickstand, I mentioned it before and Ill say it again, because this kickstand is one of the coolest things that you could find on a tablet, especially around two to three hundred dollars, because This is a very strong sturdy kickstand.

If youre in the kitchen youre trying to watch some videos, you could use it to prop up your tablet on the counter. Maybe you want to prop this up on a nail. Maybe you want to put a nail on the wall and just have your tablet hanging down like that. Maybe you want to use it for different things. Maybe you want to use it as an alarm clock or whatever you want to use this tablet for this kickstand. Does give this tablet a lot of utility to where you could use it in different situations? Put it in different places, then you would put a normal typical tablet and if you consider the value of a kickstand, that is a really big thing, because other tablets out there, you could find a case with a kickstand like a cheap plastic. Kickstand sure you could pay twenty dollars for a case like that, but thats not going to be even close to how good this nice metal kickstand is right. So if you look at this tablet, you also see these cool speakers on this tablet. Thats another cool thing: you also so have an SD card slot, which you have on this side of the tablet and another speaker here up and down on your volume – and you do have your USBC Port here in a unique location with your power button. So this cant connect to a keyboard. It doesnt have any Pogo pins for that, but the real cool thing about this, of course, is the unique form factor and the unique design, and also this really cool fabric on the back.

If you take a look at it, it just looks really beautiful to me when you have yoga imprinted on the back, so I really do like the way this tablet feels. I, like this fabric, cover over here, of course, its made of aluminum on the back, and it does look very nice on the front as well and again you get a lot of utility from this tablet that you dont get from other tablets now moving beyond that. This tablet does have some other good specs that are worth considering. It does have a really nice screen now, unlike the P11 Pro Gen 2, that is one of the best values Ive seen in a tablet recently, because at least in the U.S it does have a 120 hertz refresh rate Ive heard in some other places. It might have a 90 Hertz refresh rate, maybe in some other countries, but man. This tablet that P11 Pro Gen 2. That tablet specifically is so nice and this it doesnt have a 90 Hertz refresh rate. It doesnt have 120 hertz on the refresh rate. It just has a normal LCD screen, but it still looks pretty nice anyway, its a 2000 by 1200 resolution, a pretty standard resolution. But honestly it does look very good. In my opinion, it does look a little bit better than a tablet like the Samsung Galaxy Tab. S6 light that tablet does have a benefit of course, of coming with a stylus, but I think the screen is a little more accurate on this tablet here.

So I do like the colors on the display again its not OLED, like the P11 Pro gen 2., its not OLED, like some higher end tablets out there, but for this price point under 300, it is pretty standard as far far as the display. In fact, I would say its a little bit better than some other competitors in the US, so the display is pretty good when youre watching videos, when you are scrolling around no, you wont have that buttery, smooth refresh rate 120 hertz. You wont have that, but outside of that, you will still notice that the tablet looks good and it does do very good again for the price point. But it doesnt blow me away quite like the P11 Pro Gen 2 screen, because it doesnt have that OLED. But its still pretty good, regardless now, when you look at something like performance, this tablet also its sort of a mid range performance tier on this processor. This tablet does have the mediatek g90t processor, and if you compare that with other tablets out there, this will perform very similarly, if youre, comparing it to the Snapdragon 720g thats, actually the processor, you could find in the tab S6 light. So this tablet it does compare to a lot of other tablets again right around 300 in the US. The speed will be very, very similar, its not going to blow you away like the high end tablets that are out there right, but this will be good.

Mid range performance, its going to be better than some lower end tablets like the Lenovo tab, M10, the full HD Plus version. I know there are different processors depending on the model you get, but this should be a little bit faster than that model, which I really do like and overall I would say it didnt give me a lot of hiccups or a lot of issues now. This does only have four gigabytes of RAM in the base model. If you do get other models, you can get a little more RAM. You can get up to eight gigabytes of RAM. Of course, some of this will depend on your region and everything like that, but the performance was pretty solid on this again, not blowing me away. It didnt remind me of the tab. S8. It didnt remind me even of the Lenovo tab, p12 Pro or the P11 Pro Gen 2, but this performs very similarly in my testing, but something like the P11 or the P11 plus those other Lenovo tablets. I think this tablet is right there as far as performance. It fits in right there with the tab S6 light, so I think it does a good job performing for the price it just doesnt completely blow me away, which, honestly, if you keep your expectations in check, thats sort of what you should expect from this tablet. Now, Lenovo, with their software, its a little more jittery Ive said this a lot in previous videos.

But if you are pulling up your recent apps with your gestures, its a little more jittery than something like a Samsung tablet, but outside of something small like that, I thought this tablet did really really good as far as performance. Now, if we go to other things outside of performance lets say we look at extra features on this tablet. Well, youre not going to find a ton of extra features. This doesnt have a fingerprint sensor, at least in the US. That is a really big bummer. For me, because I really do like some type of good security, it does have face unlock, but Ive had issues with face unlock on this model I also had is with face unlock on the tab. P11 Pro Gen 2 so Im guessing it could be a software bug that may be affecting multiple devices or maybe its because I have this beard and beards dont do very good with face unlock on lower end devices, so that could be it as well. Im not really sure, but either way I will say that well, I really wish it did have that fingerprint sensor, but outside of that, the speakers are pretty good on this device. I will say that, and the battery life is decent again. This tablet, if youre looking at it, everythings going to be pretty mid range on it and thats, not a bad thing. This tablet is a mid range tablet. You find it for a mid range price and you get mid range performance, so youre not getting jipped out of any money.

When you buy this tablet, this tablet should still get you excited and the biggest thing that gets you excited is really, I would say, the design. If you are someone who wants a really cool design, this is a tablet to get because no youre not going to get the best screen in the world. You wont get the best performance and again when you, you do look at that battery life, its a 7 700 milliamp battery, which is okay for this price point. I see a lot of tablets around here having an 8 000 milliamp battery and thats, not that much bigger than this tablet right, so its pretty close to other tablets around this price point. So no Im not overly impressed with the battery. This doesnt have crazy. Rapid charging times, I believe, itll charge around 20 watts or something like that, so you wont get 45 watt charging or some other super crazy features, but I will say this still does have some really cool features on it. I do like the Lenovo software. It is very basic and I do like the performance on it. I think the screen is fine, so there is again still a lot that you should consider if youre out there and youre shopping and youre looking around and youre trying to figure out. Is this a tablet worth buying? I would say it definitely is a lot of these. Things really depend on sales right. So if you find this for 329 dollars and he finds something like the Lenovo tab – P11 Pro gen 2.

– I think that is a much better tablet and if you find that tablet for the same price, I would pick the pro Gen 2, the P11 Pro gen 2., I think that tablet has a higher refresh rate, or I know it does. It is a lot smoother as far as scrolling. It does have an OLED display. So if you could find that tablet for a similar price, absolutely go for it, but that tablet may not be available in your region or you may find this tablet on sale or another thing. You might really like this kickstand. Well, this kickstand Im telling you it does have a lot of value if you think about how much a kickstand would cost to put in something like a Surface Pro right. That is something that has value compared to other devices. If you compare the kickstand in this again with a 20 case, this is going to be much nicer, so this might be worth 50 bucks or 100 bucks when you consider it in the pricing and when you factor that – and you compare it in against, like other Things, maybe you would get a higher refresh rate if you didnt get this well, a lot of you might prefer to have a really cool kickstand and the utility that that provides. Maybe you dont like having a case, and you want this tablet to be as light as possible, with some really cool utility and if thats the case, I would pick this over the P11 Pro gen 2.

. I would pick this over other devices if this kickstand is really important to you, because youre not missing a lot, the screen is still good. You still get good performance on it and, overall its a pretty good tablet, but one of the big flaws with it. I would say is the software support, So this tablet is only going to get Android 12.. Currently it has Android 11.. Of course, Android 13 is out for some other devices out there, but this will get Android 12 eventually, but it will not get Android 13. thats, at least my estimate according to lenovos website. I do not expect this to get Android 13.. Now I may get software or security updates for like another year or so, but youre not going to get a ton of software support in the long run on this device. So if thats really important to you, the P11 Pro Gen 2 will be a little bit better for you, and if software support is better for you as well, I would say: hey the Samsung Galaxy Tab. S6 light is good, especially if you want to stylus, but if you want a little bit of a better screen than that Samsung and if you want a device with some really cool utility. I still think this is a terrific buy and I would highly recommend it to you its definitely a really cool Nifty device. This is one of my favorite designs of any tablet, Ive seen in the last couple years.

I love the feel of this fabric. Its really really cool. I love this kickstand. I love the look of the speakers and everything on this device, even where the charging port is, I think, its in a really cool place on the side of the tablet. So I would give this tablet absolutely a strong recommendation, but I would tell you to look online, look around check the links in the description and try to find it around 250 or lower. If you get a good deal on it, I would say its definitely worth buying, especially if you dont find other devices on sale and you find this on sale heck. This is a really good buy for a cheaper tablet. So hopefully this video has helped you out. Please give me a like on this video and give me a sub. That would mean a lot to my channel and one other thing. You could do as well, of course, check those links in the description that does help to support me, but also leave a comment down below seriously Im like really responsive. If youre really trying to go back and forth between devices, I would be happy to help you to find the right one. So hopefully you have a great day. Hopefully you have a great week and check out some other videos.