My quick review of what i like about this and what i don’t like about this to start with this is their premium series of yoga laptops, and it has this almost 180 degree tilt, but it does not go beyond this, so it is a very slim product. As you can see from this angle, and the good thing about it is that it is very handy and lightweight, it is just about 100 and uh 1500 grams or 1.5 kilograms. So let me quickly show you the weight here so right now it is showing 1438 grams or so maybe you can see from this angle so that’s how much it weighs and interestingly the charger itself uh feels quite bulky in front of this laptop. So if i put it here, this is itself around 350 grams. So let me keep this aside, so this is the very slim and very sleek lenovo yoga 7, a slim 14 inch laptop and it’s a windows laptop, which comes with i5 processor. This particular configuration that i am reviewing here comes with an i5 processor, 8 gb of ram, and it also has 2 gigs of dedicated graphics from nvidia, hence the nvidia branding. Here it also comes with dual b atmos support and there are two speakers: they are both front firing and the speaker, grills are here next to the keyboard, and these are two two watt. Each speakers with 3d surround sound technology. This is not a touch screen, although the touch pad here provided is pretty good and sleek.

The keyboard here is backlit and has fairly smaller travel uh. It feels quite sturdy and the keypad and the keyboard feels very nice. The laptop, although is very lightweight, but has the satisfying heft to it, so it feels quite dense and very nicely built. The screen part of it is fairly slim, as you can see from this angle, and, besides being a 14 inch display laptop, you can see. The basils are super slim, so it does not take a lot of footprint and on the front, is a windows, hello or infrared sensor. So when i close it or when i put it to sleep and i wake it up again, it looks for my face and unlocks using the face recognition. Let me talk about the connectivity options first. So if i show you the laptop closely, you can see, on the left hand side you get a charging port, which is a type c, and it comes with a type c charger of 65 watt. There is a full size hdmi, which is a big advantage. You don’t have to carry any dongles. If you want to connect it to an external display, then there is a usb type c 3.0 and you have a combination. 3.5 mm jack on the side. On the other hand, side you get the two full size, usb a ports, a micro sd card slot and a power wake up key on the side. It also comes with this led, which tells which mode your laptop is in right.

Now it is flashing white. That means it is in sleep mode on the bottom. You can find this grill, which has this fan, which is quite visible from here. You can see from this angle, and these are the vents for heat dissipation. They are rubber, fit feed below the laptop to keep some air gap, and it does run fast when you’re running something intensive, since it comes with the 2gb, dedicated graphics and you might be using it for maybe gaming so that’s. Why? You need to make sure that you are not covering the bottom ports, which are the heating heat dissipation vents. The display quality here is excellent. I really love this display. This is a 14 inch full hd ips display the keyboard. Quality is pretty good and the screen is pretty slick. The laptop is also fairly responsive, i’ve tried running a few apps and let me run a video website. It supports 10 watt charging, but by the charger they are supplying this five volt – and this is a type c, cable, type, a2 type c and surprisingly, so. The display quality here is good. The audio is also fairly fine. It comes with eight gigs of ram, and you also get the 512 ssd option on this one. If i show you the about information of this laptop, that particular one that we are using, it comes with the windows 10 home edition, and it has a 10th generation. I5 cpu clocked at 1 gigahertz, but it can be super clogged up to or the turbo speed is up to 3 gigahertz, which means that if you run something intensive, it will automatically speed up the processor to give you the performance that you would want the battery Here is a four cell battery which lenovo claims gives you up to 14 hours of playback, which is in typical usage, but on a practical usage, you can consider 8 to 10 hours if you are a normal user.

If you run something heavy, maybe the battery life will go down on a typical usage. You can expect around 10 hours of usage. It comes with the infrared sensor for a windows, hello feature. It has 720p high definition front facing camera, for your video and zoom calls. It is priced around 70 000 rupees i’ll leave best buy links in the description section below. If you want to buy this, the mrp of this one is uh one lakh. Thirteen thousand two hundred ninety, which is the official price. This particular model is eight two, a one double zero: nine l, i n, which we are reviewing. There are a few other configurations also available. In my opinion, this is a fairly sleek and very handy laptop, which you can carry with you. Easily 1.5 kilograms only gives you full featured windows os a really good track pad. It comes with a good processor, 8 gigs of ram 512 gigs of storage, a beautiful screen, good audio, good quality keyboard, good quality touch pad and good material build quality. Also, you would get some premium support, etc, depending on from where you are buying this so it’s a fairly good machine. If you are looking for something sleek – and you do not mind spending around 70 000 rupees i’m leaving best buy links in the description section where you can go and buy it for the best buy price, and there are some offers going on. So you are getting it for a better price than what i have mentioned and maybe, if you are watching this video in future, maybe farther from the launch date, it will be even cheaper, so check out the links in the description for the best deals where i Have left these links for you, this is all we have on first impressions, quick review of the lenovo yoga slim 7.

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