The brand is targeting the niche of ultra portable premium laptops in a market thats being slowly taken over by MacBooks. Does this laptop even have a chance before I tell you that make sure that you are subscribed to this channel for your weekly fix of the latest gadget reviews, Music, the design or rather the weight? Is this laptops USB the slim 7? Carbon is very light weighing in under a kilo, which is quite incredible for a 13 inch laptop. In fact, an 11 inch tablet with a folio case ends up weighing more than this thing. It is also quite slim and easy to carry around making it perfect. For those always on the go, this weight reduction has been made possible thanks to the choice of materials. The upper half of the laptop is made of carbon fiber. While the lower half is made of magnesium aluminum alloy, however, the overall finishing could have been a bit better because the top actually feels like plastic. At first glance, you cannot have much key travel on a laptop this slim, but it was quite comfortable to use during my music period of well over 10 days. The glass trackpad also works pretty well with all gestures working as intended, since this laptop is a part of the yoga series, you might expect its hinge to rotate 360 degrees, but that is not the case, as it only goes up to 180 degrees. Now, Im not quite sure what youre gon na do with a flat laptop like this, but in case you know what to do with this.

Just let me know down in the comments and if it matters to you, it also passes the one hand open test Music. The slim 7 carbon comes with only two USBC ports, with one of them being Thunderbolt 4. Certified Lenovo is well aware of the non existent i o here and therefore it has bundled a dongle with this laptop, the dongle at the USB, a port, headphone jack and HDMI port and even a VGA port. For some reason, you also get Wi Fi 6 El Bluetooth, 5.1, here, Music Applause, the display of the slim 7. Carbon is a 13.3 inch IPS panel with a 90 Hertz refresh rate. Its maximum brightness is 400 nits, which is decent but could have been higher. Since this is not an affordable laptop by any means, the higher refresh rate does make the laptop quite smooth to use the colors are crisp thanks to its 2.5 k resolution and the viewing angles are also pretty good. So this screen is quite good for streaming videos. The display Sports adaptive brightness, but I disabled it only after a day of use because it was really finicky while a review unit does not have a touchscreen Lenovo, does seller version of this laptop with touchscreen as well. Music Applause in terms of features – the slim 7 carbon – has a hormone tuned speaker system that is loud, but its bottom firing. Placement means that the audio will be muffled most of the time.

Also, the output does not have much depth. It also has an infrared based Windows, hello, login system, which works quite well. It also helps save battery as it puts the laptop to sleep soon after it detects you not being around it. However, it does not have a fingerprint scanner, which some users may not like. The webcam on this laptop is capable of recording at 720p, and its performance is incredibly mediocre. There is also an e shutter to disable the camera. The slim 7i carbon is powered by Intels 12th generation, core i7 1260t, which is an energy Focus CPU thats made for slim and light laptops. With this you get integrated Iris, XC, Graphics, 16GB of lpddr5 RAM and 1 TB of SSD. This combination provides great performance for intended use and I witnessed no lags or stutters during my usage, however, an i7 CPU without a dedicated graphics card always ends up being a bit of a confused combination. You see this processor is overpowered for intended users like MS Office web browsing or light Photoshop, but it is underpowered for heavy workflows like video, editing or 3D modeling. I do wish that Lenovo had an i5 powered version of its laptop on sale in India. That could have handled all the tasks really well, while being more cost effective. At the same time, the battery life on this laptop is great thanks to Intels 12th generation hybrid architecture. It does not consume much battery on sleep, which is a problem that generally plagues most Windows laptops, even with the brightness set at over 80, the battery lasts for around six to seven hours with lower brightness levels.

You can easily touch 10 hours. The laptop comes bundled with a 65 watt type CPD charger and it can be charged through either Port, but it does take well over 2 hours to fully recharge foreign Music. I really enjoyed my time with the Lenovo Yoga. Slim 7, carbon. However, at a price of 1.19 lakh rupees, this laptop bans heavily on its weight and form factor granted the convenience of having a laptop that slim and light enough to be carried around in a compact backpack is very underrated and it becomes addictive once you actually get Used to it, but its also quite hard to ignore the fact that if you can compromise on wait a bit, you can consider the MacBook Air M2, which will offer you Superior graphics performance and a much better webcam as well Music.