By the way i am alessandra and let us now discover the versatility of the lenovo yoga duvet 7i. Let us reveal the laptop from the box. We can visibly see the slickness of the box, they presented it clean. As we can see the lenovo yoga series title in front upon opening the box. You will be welcomed by its bluetooth keyboard. Yes, you heard it right. This laptop comes with a bluetooth keyboard. Next one is the detachable screen of this laptop and then the last things that you will see inside the box is the charger and the lenovo e collar pen, Music. The lenovo yoga duet 7i is the first ever yoga pc with detachable backlit bluetooth. 5.0 keyboard 108. Ball: freestyle working mode plus an adjustable kickstand for easier viewing and switching into drafting mode with its grab and go factors. The laptop is very fit for your on the go lifestyle, especially today that we are on a remote control set up of work. The lenovo yoga 2x7i is very slick and compact that only weighs 1.16 kilograms with the folio case and 0.8 kilograms for the tablet only with the lenovo yoga 287 eyes versatility. It also comes with its own pen for easy note, taking and convenient creative expression, just lower the adjustable kickstand to a more comfortable angle to sketch and row with the new optional rechargeable lenovo e collar pen. But one thing that you have to take note of each market and country has different lenovo pen.

You have to research first about the lenovo e color pen, as it is a bit complicated to pair with the laptop working with a lot of applications to run today. During online classes and online work, this laptop will surely fit wherever you go featuring of the 10th gen intel core i7 processors with intel, uhd, graphics and windows. 10. The yoga duet 7i offers a powerful combination of intelligent performance connectivity and stunning entertainment. It has a 13 inch crystal clear, ips 2k touchscreen display with narrow vessels and 100 as rgb for a dazzling, color gamut at 450 minutes bright. I tried using this laptop in editing and in writing, and it performed well and served its purpose. Also, this device is good for movie viewing and music playing as it is equipped with dolby, audio and dolby vision. Of course, what is a versatile laptop without its powerful battery life? The lenovo yoga 287i lasts up to 12 hours of battery life, which is very suitable for your on the go work. Lastly, is the device camera? I must say that camera is very essential today for everyone’s working and the camera of this device is very suitable for everyone working from home as the laptop offers front and back cameras. It also offers ai camera for faster, unlocking system of the device.