Few weeks back, we reviewed thinkpad, x12 detachable and yes, just like x12 yoga. Do it. Seven is essentially a windows tablet with a detachable keyboard. Duet. 7 is more consumer friendly with some cool features which you cannot find on thinkpad and are exclusive to yoga liner. Many of you requested this review, so you know. Naturally, they listen to your feedback, sit back, relax and enjoy Music. When you first pick up duet 7, it kind of feels, like you know, just another windows tablet large bezels around fairly thick gray, slab of glass and aluminium, but thats. Only until you attach this folio keyboard with that it transforms into pretty much full fledged laptop which can handle some serious workload. I mean you can get it with latest intel: i7 11th gen cpu 16 gigs of ddr4 ram, one terabyte of pcie, n.2 ssd and some decent. I o, but more on that later with this, you dont have to be worried about not having enough horsepower. This thing can handle all kinds of office, apps photo editing and even some live gaming. And yes before you ask yoga. Duet 7 supports windows: 11 thanks to the tpm 2.0 integrated security chip required by microsoft. In fact, in this review, as you can see, we are running latest windows, 11, insider preview, okay, ill just say right away: yoga do it 7 feels high quality. There is no bending or flexing tablet feels heavy, but in a good way its chassis are built from magnesium, alloy tablet, weights 0.

8 kilograms or just under 2 pounds and together with the keyboard, something over 1 kilo or 2.57 pounds. Yes, hinges: arent as robust as the one on x12, but theyre sturdy enough. Keyboard has rounded edges great for long typing sessions, and it feels very natural to the palm rests. Top of the keyboard is also made of soft touch plastic, which feels very comfortable while typing on it, but bottom of the keyboard, which also serves as a screen cover is made of fabric, which i think is very nice. It also feels high quality. Now question is how will it hold up over time, but it definitely helps this device to differentiate itself from the competition. There are speaker grills on each side for even stereo sound distribution, no matter in which form factor you are using the yoga, and in case you are wondering thats a main advantage of the detachable you can use it in many different form. Factors based on the situation and the need it can be used as a traditional commercial laptop for typing or getting some work done. You can use it as a drawing tablet in many different angles. Thanks to the adjustable kickstand, it can be also used as a tablet for a media consumption in the vertical mode. To read the book or articles i mean this device is as versatile as it gets. It has 13 inch 2k panel with 16 by 10 aspect ratio, which has basically became an industry standard in 2021.

. Im sure 13 inch doesnt sound like something you could actually use on daily basis to get some actual work done, but thanks to the extra vertical space at the top and the bottom, you can see more more lines of your code and more rows of your spreadsheet. Only downside are the black bars while watching the movies and the tv shows, but hey once you try 16×10 on the laptop, you can go back to 16×9. This panel is bright enough with 450 nits of brightness and 100 srgb color accuracy. Needless to say, it is an amazing panel, but unfortunately the coating is way too reflective, which makes duet 7 almost unusable outdoors, as you can see here. Of course, it is a detachable, so touch is a default here. I still dont think that windows, whether we are talking about windows, 10 or 11, are designed for an elegant interaction using just your fingers if thats what you are looking for, you would be better off with the ipad, but thats a totally different conversation. This, however, should not put you off since this applies on all windows. Devices which supports touch yoga. Duet 7 excels in what is made to do so and thats to get the actual work done, while looking and feeling premium. When you buy duet 7, you will also get this bluetooth folio keyboard, its a full size, keyboard, minus a numpad and arrow keys, similar to the one that comes with the thinkpad x12 keyboard can either be attached magnetically to the main unit and these pins, but it Also can be used as a wireless keyboard, thanks to the bluetooth, just flick, the switch – and you are good to go.

Folio keyboard is actually very nice. To use travel distance is not as good as the one on thinkpad, which is to be expected, but tactile feedback is still good enough. This is how it sounds. Nice thing about using folio keyboard is that its always cool to detach, since all the internals are in the main tablet unit. Oh and this keyboard has a three stage backlit i mean look at this illumination, its just great. In my opinion, backlit keyboard should be a standard in 2021. Downside of this keyboard is the typing angle cannot be adjusted. This was possible with thinkpad x12 thanks to some additional magnets, but with duet 7. You are stuck with the flat angle only as for the trackpad, its fairly spacious, responsive and overall, i have no complaints. Windows trackpads are getting better and larger by each year, just like with x12 yoga. Duet 7 comes with this lenovo digital pen and lenovo even includes aaa batteries, which is always nice included. Pen supports 4096 pressure points. I mean its okay to use, but if you ever used apple pencil on ipad pro, you know thats a completely different leak. Well, it is also much more expensive main issues. Are the high latency and refresh rate on the panel, which is locked to 60 hertz? Also screen is a bit slippery, but that can be easily fixed by applying mud screen protector. In conclusion, its a good enough experience for an average user who needs to sign a pdf from time to time, but i would not recommend it to a professional, illustrators and artists if you have ever planning to do a lot of drawing and handwriting with your duet.

7, i would recommend to look around for other lenovo pens, which are much nicer and perform better. One thing to point out: there is no pen holder on duet 7.. We would love to see some magnetic attachment or something simple and functional. Audio is actually decent on this device, but there is a catch. Speakers perform well up to 50 of the volume. If you go beyond that, audio will start distorting and overall quality just drops im, not sure if this is a form factor limitation or what. But, if you planning to use these without headphones on loud and crowded places, i would not recommend to do so. Io is a typical 2021 mix of thunderbolt 4 with 2 times usb type c 3.2. This allows you to, for example, transform this tablet into a proper workstation with a 4k screen: full power delivery, decent keyboard and mouse once youre done. All you need to do is to unplug one single cable and you are good to go next, because this is lte version. We have a sim card slot. If you get a non lte version, you will get a sd card reader instead, which is always nice. On the side. We have a volume rocker, which is not only useful while using duet 7 as a tablet, but i just prefer it over a keyboard shortcut or windows taskbar menu, and yet there is an audio jack. Do people still use these for this video? We have tested two configurations and in order to be able to compare results with other laptops accurately, we ran all the benchmarks on latest windows: 10 build, not windows.

11 beta. We have tested more powerful i7 with 16 gigs of ram and more sensible i5 with 8 gigs of ram feel free to pause. The video at any point to have a closer look at the results at pc mark 10 benchmark. We can clearly see that amd has their upper hand here, even over i7 version of duet 7. in 3dmark we run fire strike and time. Spy i7 version did better than i5, but the yoga slim 713, with ryzen 5 cpu, is a clear winner. Here. Amd is dominating on cinebench r232 same story for geekbench 5., and the same goes for blender benchmark where we run the bmw 27 test right. I think its pretty clear that these synthetic benchmarks shows us is that i7 is simply too powerful for this form factor and was throttled more significantly over i7. As for the fan, noise, duet 7 can get loud under heavy load, but its nothing major duet, 7 comes with 65 watts compact usb c charger. Lenovo claims up to 12.3 hours of local video playback. But what about the real live use? We managed to get roughly between four to five hours while actively using duet 7 for work and entertainment. The main competitor is, of course, microsoft, surface pro 7.. If you want to learn about main differences between the yoga duet, 7, thinkpad, x12 and microsoft, surface pro 7 make sure to check out our x12 review linked down below i mean look.

Duet 7 is far from perfect, but it has lot going for yes, fabric material. Might look cool but im sure that after some time it will get dirty and you wont be able to simply wipe it off like you would with a metal finish. There is nowhere to safely store the pen and keyboard typing angle cannot be adjusted. There are many similarities between thinkpad x12 and yoga 27, but they are both aiming on different end users. On the other hand, if you get the sensible i5 version, which is still plenty powerful, youre still getting included, folio keyboard and the pen with microsoft, surface youre, just getting a tablet and pen and the keyboard are extra. I mean from this perspective, yoga. Duet 7 is a pretty good deal. You also have option to choose from lte or wifi version. Only yoga duet 7 is a worthy opponent for microsoft surface and does many things better. If you are looking for a premium and powerful versatile device, which is also well built and looks great, you cant go wrong with duet 7.. Well, there you have it a windows detachable that doesnt suck.