That has already released a few models with this kind of feature. But today we have a bit of unique and elegant device, and this one can literally be a two part laptop. So let’s take an in depth. Look on the lenovo yoga. Do it 7. let’s take an in depth. Look at the surface design. First, this device is a tablet with a detachable keyboard with a built in battery. But if you set it aside, it will have an 8.9 millimeter thickness, weighs 802 grams and is lightweight and compact. The back part of the yoga do it. 7 is math, aluminum texture, which very smooth and looks classy for me here you will see the 5 megapixel rear camera. Next is the kickstand to make the tablet stand on its own. You can adjust it up to a 70 degree angle and it is really stable. You will also notice this sleek branding at the top left corner that says yoga, which is pretty minimal and simple the left side of the screen. You will see the power button and volume rocker and a1 usb c 3.0, with display port 1.2 and power delivery 3.0 and on the right side, is two more usbc: 3.0, a headphone mic combo and a micro sd3. The audio runs on dolby audio speakers and it is located on both sides. It produces nice quality, surround sound with less bass on the top part, is the ventilation grille for cooling the device? What i’m concerned about is that it fires warm air and you can use it as a tablet, but not for prolonged use.

Also lenovo yoga 27 doesn’t have a usb a port, which means you need to have an adapter to connect other devices or to have peripherals with bluetooth compatibility. Now, looking at the screen, it boosts a 13 inch 2k ips panel with touchscreen, and it is in a 16×10 format. The display has a 100 srgb coverage and it has a sharp and good display with a color, accurate screen, perfect for content creation and color adjustments. The screen has a glossy finish and it can go from 400 nits and 450 nits. It is a bit too much indoors, but makes it pretty useful when outdoors and as we said earlier, the body can be detached from the keyboard and there’s a magnetic hinge that holds them tight, but you won’t have any hassle separating them. There’S, a bluetooth slider on the right side of the keyboard, with a led indicator to indicate that it is charging and if the keyboard has a low battery, the keyboard is also in a matte aluminum texture, but at the bottom it has a classy fabric texture to Help with the steadiness of the device and to avoid sleeping out the surface, the keys of the board have a very soft touch, feel and typing is stress, free, while scrolling on a touch pad is smooth and responsive Music. This laptop comes with a stylus with a pen tip that is pressure sensitive. It is very responsive and has a realistic feel to it, as if you’re using a real pen sketching in it, is also smooth and sophisticated.

It has two buttons for added function and, unlike other laptops, that comes with a stylus, this one doesn’t have a stylus holder, which is a bummer, but they’ve made the pen into a hexagonal shape to avoid it from rolling out the table or other surfaces. Now let’s talk about the performance lenovo yoga d7 runs with intel core i7 and gen processor, with 16 gigabytes of ram and a one terabyte pcie ssd. The benchmarks are great: they have shown good impressions. Crystal disk mark shows impressive, read and write speed, and this means render time and loading time is fast. This two in one laptop mainly focuses on productivity and running some productivity. Apps works effectively. It can render 1080p footages in premiere pro fast, with no lags in scrubbing. The timeline for security. Doesn’T have a fingerprint scanner, but it has a facial recognition as it has an ir blaster with windows, hello support and the webcam on the front and rear cameras. Don’T have the best quality, but it is acceptable for zoom meetings and other video conference. Apps for connectivity can get the latest wi fi 6 and bluetooth 5.0, and it is seamlessly fast. Lenovo. Yoga 2.7 also runs in windows, 10, home with microsoft office already installed, and with some built in apps, like lenovo, vantage lenovo, pen and macave for production. Lenovo vantage helps you optimize things inside the device and it offers easy controls to help the laptop perform efficiently. You can boost performance or enable power saving, which is a nice companion app.

As for its battery, this device focuses on productivity and not on gaming yoga do it. 7 can endure up to 8 to 10 hours of designing and watching movies or clips on youtube. At 50 brightness, which is a good impression in its battery efficiency, also there’s, a 45 watts charging on this device, and it can juice up the laptop in just two hours or so overall, the yoga do it. 7 is a good laptop to use. It has a starting price of 64.99 pesos, and not only it has a great performance and slick design, but its flexibility is the best thing that this laptop has. You can use it in whatever setup you like, you can even put the screen on the table while having the keyboard on you and rest at the back of your chair. The yoga. Do it 7, for me, is something that is worth the money that’s it. I hope you enjoyed this video. Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below. If you like this video, please leave a thumbs up and click on the notification bell for more updates. Also don’t forget to subscribe and visit our website for more tech, news reviews and comparison of the latest device.