My name is jupiter. It has been nearly a month since i posted the world’s first unboxing video of the yoga duet 2021. So i have been using this convertible as my main computer for four weeks, i have done everything from video editing to gaming to work presentation on it. Now i can say with strong confidence that i know quite a nut about this device and in this video i will tell you everything that i know, and hopefully everything that you want to know about the ugad duet without further ado, let’s start with the specifications as You can see there’s an intel technology cpu with integrated iris, xc graphics. The computer also has 16 gigs of ddr4 memory, a 512 gigs ssd and a 13 inch 2k display. Not many people in the world will reject the aesthetics of the uga duet. Its metal body feels incredibly sturdy and high quality. The snake gray finish of my unit is not only easy on the eyes, but also has a lingering charm, even though small details like the lenovo branding and the yoga logo feel extremely dedicated and subtle. There’S, a 5 pin cable connector on the bottom on the right side of the computer. We find the power key, a volume rocker. The usb c port here supports data transfer and always on power output. The left side supports a thunderbolt, 4 usb c port, a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, a micro sd card slot, as well as another usbc port, because this computer has an active fan.

Instead of it, we can see lots of cool events on the top side for hot air explosion. This tablet includes a kickstand which allows you to position its screen at nearly any angle, from zero to 160 degrees. The hinge looks sophisticated and extremely durable. It is able to take huge amount of pressure. You don’t have to worry about damaging it in normal, everyday use. The keyboard cover will attach to the tablet automatically when you put them together. The attraction is reasonably strong. Once the two are connected, they won’t be easily broken apart. The? U ga duet, is extremely portable. The tablet only weighs 7.99 grams, the ultra thin keyboard, which also serves as a screen cover when closed weighs only 380 grams. Unfortunately, there’s no fingerprint reader on board the 5 megapixel front facing infrared camera, supports windows, 10 facial recognition and it generally works. Fine, the ugad duet doesn’t have a usba port a hub like this. One is always necessary. Both the pen and the keyboard are included in the retail package. You don’t need to pay extra for them. The fabric on the back of the keyboard looks extremely stylish. These physical keys are not only worth based in full sized, but also have decent travel. I reached my top typing speeds in only a couple of hours. The touchpad is large and easy to use, but what really makes the yoga duets keyboard special is that you can use it even when it’s detached from the tablet.

The battery inside the keyboard will last two to three hours depending on your typing pace. However, the keyboard cover here won’t tilt up for more comfortable typing angle, like the surface type cover. Does the pen supports 4096 levels of pressure and is responsive enough for writing and drawing but there’s a slight amount of latency, which makes it feel less instantaneous than the upper pencil, but it’s not really a big issue for average consumers like myself, one of the major Differences between the ugad duet and the surface pro 7 has to be the display. The 13 inch display here has a 16 by 10 aspect ratio. The resolution is 2160 by 1350 that equals to 196 pixels per inch cutters on the screen, look vibrant and to the life thanks to its 100 percent srgb cutter garment, the brightness of the screen can reach up to 450 nits, making the display even visible outdoors. The? U guard do it comes with dual speakers that support adobe audio but they’re, not great at all. They generally sound more like tablet speakers, rather than laptop speakers. I will compare them to the speakers of the huawei mate 13. Please take a listen for yourself, Applause, the? U guide to it is powered by the latest intel core i5 1135g7 technology cpu, coupled with 16 gigs of memory and 512 gigs of ssd in the center bench release 23 cpu test the uga duet scored higher than the surface pro 7, which is powered by last Generation’S core i5 cpu pc max simulates, different real world productivity and content creation workflows.

We use it to assess overall system performance for office, centric tasks, the ugad duet, scored 4262 in the standard pc mark 10 test, ranking about the dell xps 13 2in1 and the microsoft surface pro 7. in geekbench 5. The ugad dude also got distance goals in both cpu single core and modical. The integrated intel, ibxc graphics may not rival, dedicated graphics, found in gaming laptops and mainstream pcs, but it’s a huge step up from the uhd 600 gpus in the 3dmark skydiver fire strike and time spy tests. The duet scored much higher than the surface pro 7.. This computer features a pcl express, nvme ssd, so the read and write speeds are quite decent. One of the major complaints about the uk duets configurations is its memory. Don’T get me wrong. 16 gigabytes is quite plentiful for 82 in one. The real problem is that it’s single channel some 3d games and big applications may suffer from this, but for most applications you won’t notice any difference. I am actually quite happy with yoga duet. In my daily usage, the system didn’t slow down. Even when i was opening a dozen webpages in chrome, it also has no problem streaming. 4K youtube videos, Music Applause, Music, editing, videos in powerdirector is generally smooth filters and animations didn’t take long to get applied to all layers of clips. The computer never really left me waiting for it to process a task or command everything just still flows on the Music screen.

U got duet is definitely not designed for gaming, but you can run most titles in moderate settings. Fortnite was generally smooth in 720p and basic visual effects. The average frame rate was 46 frames per second Music. I also played league of legends on the yoga duet. When i set the resolution to 720p visual effects to medium, the frame rate can stay at 60 frames per second Music. However, conqueror’s blade was quite a different story, even at 720p and no settings it still didn’t feel smooth at all. The average frame rate here is only 23 frames per second, which means that the title is only playable on duet, but you’re not gon na enjoy the experience the battery life of this computer is not that great. It generally gives me about five to six hours of screen time in mix to use in my very own battery rundown test. It lasted 9 hours playing a 1080p video on loop. The duet also comes with the latest wi fi six and bluetooth 5.1. The microsd card. Now supports cuts up to one terabyte and the uh dual can connect it to fast external storage or even an e gpu by the thunderbolt 4 port. Most people like myself, will probably never use a knee gpu, but it’s still good to know that you have that option when you lead it. The two type c ports on the left both support – video output, the thunderbolt 4 port, which is compatible with displayport 1.

4, can even output. 8K 60hz, both the thunderbolt 4 and the multifunction usbc port are compatible with pd3 fast charge. Using the supplied 65 watt power adapter. You are able to refill through its battery rather quickly, okay, that’s, all for today’s review. If you have more questions about ugad duet, please leave a comment or message also i’d like to know your thoughts about this computer.