This is the c940. The great thing about this product is it: has this unique hinge that rotates the device all the way around? This hinge. Uh offers a dopey atmos soundbar for this generation. We we’ve remastered the hinge, so you have a one piece hinge now. Instead of a separate two piece hinge so it’s, all nice, nice and aesthetically pleasing high quality sound coming out of this yes, high quality, adobe atmos sound some other things, we’ve done very loud, very loud speakers on the top here, we’ve added a notch to the bezel Similar to what we’ve done on some other products that we have, the advantage of that is you’re able to open the laptop easily, even when it’s fully closed, because of that extra lip on top, obviously along the device at the top. Here we also have our camera shutter and then with this device. The big thing for this generation is uh intel, uh, 10th gen processors, the 10 nanometer processors, so it’s very thin, but it’s got uh. Did you say 10 nanometers yeah, the 10 nanometer uh uh chipset? The intel 10 so it’s not 14 anymore, yep, not 14. This is the first first uh generation of the 10 10 nanometers and uh how’s. The performance on the 10 nanometers compared to the 14. performance is uh. Pretty good. It’S very very uh does very well the uh. The advantage of the 10 nanometer is, you know, it’s smaller it’s, more efficient uh, but you you also get a lot of more performance, yeah, eventually more performance, and then you also get uh some other features like uh.

The new wi fi six standard, thunderbolt 3, is all kind of come standard within the chipset, so you’ll on this product, you have two thunderbolt 3 ports, things like a usb type, a port headphone jack and your power button. Something also uh that returns this year. Is our uh included stylus, so it’s garaged right here and it charges via the uh two uh pins here and a short little charge will give you uh hours of usage? Is it like a wacom system? Yes, it’s a wacom, aes pin so it’s uh how’s the battery on the pin or on the whole laptop on the whole laptop potential with 10 nanometers yeah. So i’ll give you i’ll, give you a quick rundown of the specs here uh battery life. We’Re expecting you know anywhere between um 17 hours, not nine to 17 hours, if you’re getting the fhd version, maybe a little bit less, i mean maybe more battery life but then uh the uhd version um. You know the 4k resolution will have a little bit less battery life um, so we can run down this list of specs here. Like i mentioned earlier, 10th gen, the latest and greatest 10th gen um intel processors, a 14 inch display. You can get it with that. With the uhd resolution, which is 4k or an fhd panel, and both those panels will look great windows, 10, obviously the new lp ddr4 4x, which is a little bit better, efficient, more efficient and faster memory, a terabyte ssd, just a great you know, design overall, very Thin uh only 1.

35 kilograms, um 15.7 millimeters, thick and uh built in far field microphones, so you can use even alexa on this product uh, even with the device closed what’s, the kind of material that you’re using so it’s all aluminum it’s, all cnc uh finely uh Crafted aluminum so aluminum, yeah and yoga is all about being flexible or uh clean one. Yes, so so the story behind yoga is.