Now this has been out for about six months and no of I have been recently in touch with them offered up this review unit here so it's a loan unit that I have to sing back to them, and I thought yes, I want to actually look at This one because it's something that's interested me for a while, because I did have my apply personally on this particular laptop and in the end I ended up buying a similar tune, one which is the HP spectra 360. Now I wanted to find out as well not as just reviewing this, but did I make a mistake? Did I actually go for the wrong torn one now why this particular model is quite interesting, as it has a sound bar here at the top that actually outputs? Some really good sound, in fact better than a lot of gaming laptops that I've heard that even have subwoofers in them. This also has a little tiny silo here that you can stow away the stylus. This is really good to have on a laptop because it's, something that my HP Spectre does not have, and I can end up losing it. You always got to carry it separately, keep it in a bag, and I love the fact that you can just keep it with it. With this particular model. Now my configuration has the core i7. The 8550 you there is a new whiskey lake upgrade coming whether it's only going to be around about five to ten percent faster than this one.

It also has 12 gigabytes of ddr4 ram and a 256 gigabyte SSD in the box. You will find a time C charger, this one's ready to 65 watts, and it will charge the laptop fully in just over two hours. Third row build of this laptop is very good. I love the finish on it. The smooth surface and the materials used extreme high quality that they've gone with and you'd expect that for the price of this laptop, which is retailing for around about 1200 us screen flips around, as you can see, you can convert it into a tablet, but I haven't Honestly been using it in the tablet mode too much a lot like my HP spectra, it's great to have the touch screen, but I find I use it in laptop mode more. Why? Because it is a little bit heavy using it in this tablet mode, exactly how heavy well 1.4 kilos, which is a lot heavier than its competition. The HP spectra 360 that one you can see weighs in at one point to two kilos. My review unit is equipped with the 1080p display. There is a 4k one as well model. Of course, that is an additional a little bit extra and you probably get poor a battery life. What that one too. So this display it supports 10 touch points. It is fully laminated it's, an IPS, and I measured the maximum brightness output right in the center whites to be about 350 nets, which is okay, but ideally I would like a little bit more than there but it's not too bad the calibration as well you're.

Looking at is currently uncalibrated out of the box, it's not too far off it's. Only really the whites that needed to be slightly tweaked here. The srgb comes out to be 95 in TSC is 65 and the Adobe RGB level there, the color space it has a 70. So overall, I think this is not too bad for the type of screen it is. It just would be nice, as mentioned to be a little brighter. Looking at the internals of the laptop you can see, we've got a very large battery in this it's 60 watt hours and with the full HD version. I have not the 4k one. I can get up to around about 7 hours, a 6 and 7 hours of battery life, so for upgradability we've only got 2 things you can change here. That is the SSD drive and then the wireless card. I don't know why you would want to change the wireless card because it's quite a fast one, it's, the Intel 92 60. When you take a look at the coaling. We'Ve got 2 fans but, as you see later on as well that it does run into some thermal throttling now for ports, everything is, on the left hand side. So we have a type a USB 3.1 to thunderbolts type c ports here, and they are four lane ones which is good, so you could connect up an external GP. If you wanted to do so, then we got a 3.

5 millimeter headphone jack, with mic support with very good output. It'S crystal clean it's, clear, there's, no static, there's, no interference on that. Then on the right. We simply just have a power button. One of those status LED within it. I like the location of it, the fact that it's separated away from the keyboard – and you can turn on the laptop without having to open up the screen. If you do have it hooked up to an external monitor, for example, but what is missing is a micro, SD card reader and ideally I would also like to have another full size, USB port, on this side. Now the keyboard is very good. I don't really have any complaints about our. We have two stage backlights, their travel is relatively it's about 1.4 millimeters. The palm rest is very solid. The touchpad works well it's accurate. It has a smooth glass finish to it, and then we have our fingerprint reader. So this is the only windows, hello Logan you have you. Don'T have windows hello, face, unlocking with this particular laptop, which is a shame. The fingerprint reader does work all the time so as soon as you touch it it's only about a second or so to log. You in – and there is very little keyboard flex in fact, almost nothing there, it's rock solid, so overall, a good typing experience, good touchpad. Here on the C 930. I really like what Lenovo has done with the stylus, so it's located within the laptop itself, there's a spring in there and we need to do, is simply just press in and that spring will then release it.

And here is al stylus. So it has two connectors right here: two buttons, the tip on the end is rubber and it is a Wacom stylus that supports 4096 pressure levels. Now the stylus, with the rubber tip, does have good pressure sensitivity I found and also it does have a hopper function to it. You can write notes, you can do sketches and things with it. It does have a little bit of lag and sometimes they do accidentally. Press and the buttons on there, for example, to erase something when I'm typing notes at the same time. Overall, the experience is good it's, just not the best out there. So for the webcam, it is 720p. The quality I find to be a little disappointing. I'Ll give you a sample of it, but, unlike my HP spectra, this does have a privacy shutter over the front of it, as you can see. So this is the kind of quality you can expect from the webcam I mean the quality is okay, I've, certainly seen worse, I'm. Definitely seeing a lot better. I just feel for the price of this laptop that they should have gone with a full HD webcam. The audio right now you can hear that also being recorded internally on the laptop, which does sound good. Now. What are to touch on the performance here, not just with benchmarks, but to tell you that it does run very quick. It feels very snappy and when it is under load I'll get onto that in just a second that we do is a little bit of performance because of the thermals.

They have to tone down the power limits, but here is Geekbench 4 and you can see very good score here. So the CPU is the i7. It is the 8550 you maximum turbos 4 gigahertz. It has 4 cores 8 reds and my configuration is paired up with 12 gigabytes of ddr4 ram with 250 gigabytes of storage. Now those storage speeds you can see right here. They are not the fastest. The hynix drive it has on here is not as fast as say, the samsung PM, then nine eight one which can get writes there may be around 2000. So we are losing a little bit of speed here, but overall it is a very quick SSD. Nevertheless, it's still fast right there they pass max score here, comes out to be three thousand four hundred and seven for those interested. This is not a bad score for the configuration of it, and here is our pc mac 10 score nearing up towards the 4000 point. There so for wireless, no issues: here we have a combined wireless AC, which is the in town 92, 60 with bluetooth 5, and we get very decent speeds out of it. I'Ve had no issues with the range no drop connections, so connectivity with the Machine is very good there. Now. What really impresses me is the sound output from the four speakers it has on this particular laptop here. So, as you saw from the internals we've got what looks like two downwards internal firing speakers that act more for, I think mitts and subs.

It definitely seems that way when you listen to it and then the top. We have the sound bar, truly amazing, sound out of this, its Dolby Atmos supported as well so that's, just basically like an equaliser. I have it set to the dynamic mode, but the speakers on this to put it this way, it's just going to blow everything else out of the water and even some gaming laptops that have subs with them as well, so here's a sample of it. Music Applause, Music – now one area that is a weakness of all of these laptops that are the two ones: they thin the lighter laptops as the thermals. So, as you can see here, we're seeing a bit of red, this is HW info, so I've been monitoring Fillmore's closely, as I do with all of my laptop reviews. I feel this is an area that a lot of review is completely just overlooked, so you can see it's hit 97 degrees and 95 degrees were my maximum temperatures, and this did trigger, of course, some thermal throttling. So what this means is it's lowering down the clocks, it's lowering down the performance and, in effect we are losing a little bit of performance here, but not the average temperatures I've been running now HW info for 62 hours, pretty much since the second or so day. That I got this I've just left it running and I roll those thermals when you look at the averages are good.

You can see at the moment I'm hitting about 90 degrees that's because I'm just running a bit of a stress test in the background here, and it did do some video encoding so 4k video encoding. I wanted to show you to bring this up here. This is a screen shot of XTU and you can see that, yes, it runs into right here, power limit throttling. Now this is normal and our maximum cause. It does throttle down the power limit a little bit to just maintain it and to stop it from getting too hot, but the temperatures will then, you can see sit between somewhere about 82 degrees up to around about an 87 88 90 and it will just sit There and hover there the whole time and you're getting around 3.1 gigahertz there on the speed, which is not too bad, but we are losing a little bit of performance here because of those thermals, so you can see we're hovering about 90 degrees. The fans are at a hundred percent I'll, just give you a sample, oh now, what kind of fan noise to expect so the phone always will reach about 41 decibels, that's actually not too bad it's, not the loudest that I have definitely heard now. Temperatures just above the keyboard here will hover around 36 37 degrees. The palm rest remains cool around 27. You can see the touchpad as well is cool and Palmer is just on the other side, 225 degrees and the keyboard temperatures around about 30, so it's not uncomfortable to use it's only just the underside.

If you happen to be using it on your lap and it will get a little uncomfortable because there it can reach around 42 degrees now for a quick, 4k encode test here. This is something that I would do with a laptop like this. So using Adobe Premiere Pro 2019, the latest version I've said it to Hardware encoding, and this is the 4k preset let's see how long it takes to encode one minute of footage, all right so it's just about to finish up but it's gon na take just over A minute which is really quick, this is a good time. Okay, I will hit the pause here as soon as the bar disappears. The hundred percent all right so about one minute and 14 seconds to encode, with the YouTube 4k preset one minute of footage. This is a really good time, so very quick there and yes, if you are in between board meetings, for example, you could play a couple of rounds of counter strike. As you can see here on the side, you get a frame rate anywhere from about 35 frames per second up to 60. This is 1080p on the lowest sitting, so I mean it's not ideal, but it is still at least playable, so I'm, just gon na do a quick recap here, but why I have my HP Spectre. 360 with me, is because I'm a torn one user. I happen to like this form factor of laptops because you convert them into tablets and I like touchscreens as well on laptops once you start using it, you can't really go back.

I find so why I wanted to compare. That is, I think, a lot of people, probably in the market looking at these similar machines. That is why, and because I'm, a user of it as well too so build quality is superior on the C 930 here, as well as the speakers. Just amazing speakers I mean the speakers are pretty good on this one, but just even bitter on this a lot of people. I overhead in here – and I said: hey listen to the speakers on this laptop. They were like wow and that is actually really good for such a thin laptop. So the screen mine is the 1080p version, so it gets better battery life it's getting around about 6 to 7 hours of web use, general kind of use, which is good, because this is only getting 4 to 5 with the 4k screen. Now I believe, with the 4k screen in this you're, probably looking about that as well – probably about 4 to 5 five hours sort of tops that you're gon na get out of this particular machine. Now the webcam is not 1080p. It doesn't support Windows, hello, a little bit disappointing there. There is no micro SD card reader on this either, and I really wish it had another type: a USB port on this side, where the styluses now they've made that compromise they did. They thought okay, instead of another, USB port let's put our stylus in here, and I really loved the fact that I can stow the stylus away in the laptop, which is really good.

Now the stylus performance does at times, I've noticed if you use something like Photoshop. I can sometimes see a little bit of lag there, but it's only about a millisecond really, but it just doesn't seem quite as quick as I would really like it to be. Overall performance of this machine is very quick and snappy. It feels a lot faster thanks to the core i7, with the higher turbo than my HP spectra here, as expected, and to the accuracy of the screen is all good, really it's, just the thermals for me that if you're gon na be doing demanding work, I think You'Re, probably better off getting yourself a laptop that has better cooling, slightly thicker and something maybe like a 15.6 inch, one which is going to have a lot more cooling, because here it's always a compromise between power limits, thermals and keeping the laptops thin and the same Kind of problem I had with my HP spectra is you're gon na hear that fan on on AC most of the time, so that's a really real con over there, and even this late now after six months of this particular type being out, I think it's a Fantastic laptop – and I can see that at the time – maybe I should have got this model over this particular one right here. Thank you so much for watching this review. Now I will have one more loan unit that I'm going to be reviewing from Lenovo and that is their Legion Y 740 it's a gaming laptop.

So I hope to see you back for that particular review.