First look two in one with a 4k amo led turns heads review, lenovo, yoga c730. First, look: lenovos, yoga c730 boasts a big ultra hd ammo led panel that features windows, ink stylus support a lightweight build and a flexible design mean this could be a great buy for digital artists or anyone who simply wants a laptop tablet, primarily for streaming content. The second yoga laptop to be unveiled by lenovo at ces 2019 is a two in one windows laptop tablet, hybrid, pitched at creatives, who may be entranced by a large 4k amo led panel and windows ink support. The lenovo yoga c730 is due to hit markets worldwide. In april this year, but no pricing information was shared at the launch event. The lenovo yoga c730 is a two in one convertible laptop that tapers from 17.55 millimeters at the rear to 16.95 millimeters at the front. The standard level of depth for laptops with displays that can rotate all the way around and turn into tablets. The model i saw at ces 2019 was an unfinished version, running windows 10 in test mode, meaning that first further calibration of the screen may take place before its ready to start hitting shelves. And second, i couldnt do much more with this laptop than just look at it. The 15.6 inch 4k ammo led display fun fact. Its made by samsung looked arresting the warm orange and yellow background popped off the surrounding gloom of lenovos stand since its an amo led type display.

We can expect excellent, brightness and contrast, and hopefully decent color space coverage and color accuracy. Unfortunately, since the software wouldnt, let me dive into the settings to check the brightness. I cant say if it was turned up to 100 here, as well as being a nice and vibrant amo led screen. The lenovo yoga c730 also supports windows. Ink youll be able to pick up a lenovo active pen 2 with the yoga c730. Sadly, there isnt one included, but as wacoms bamboo style can also be used on windows ink displays. This might not be a bad thing if youve already got a wacom stylus theres. No bother, as with the lenovo yoga s940 microsoft, cortana and amazon alexa are present here, so youll be able to issue commands to the voice assistant of your choice, its unclear. If the same ai augmentations you get with the s940 will also appear on the c730 windows. Hello and a fingerprint scanner provide options for unlocking the c730, with a tap of your finger or letting the front facing camera. Examine your face. Processor, wise youll get a currently unspecified 8th, gen intel core i7 processor or processors running the show, with 16 gigabytes of ddr4 ram and a 512 gigabytes, pci ssd graphics options appear limited to an intel, integrated gpu. In other words, it will use whatever intel. Graphics. Controllers are built into the cpu instead of a discrete dedicated gpu, something creatives will be hankering for if they need a laptop to load and render large image files.

The 512 gigabytes option might also be limiting for those who want space to store photos or digital artwork. However, you get a usbc port supporting thunderbolt 3 on the lenovo yoga c730 for data transfer speeds of up to 40 gigabit per second.