Outlet was calling this. The craziest laptop theyve ever seen and they have the right to do so. Its such a cool concept, an idea Ive been using it for the past couple of weeks and I still think its a great piece of Kit to put in your workflow, but I dont think its for everybody. So I want to give you guys more of a realistic perspective, because maybe this form factor might not work for you now Ill be honest. This is a very beautiful laptop. It only weighs 3.15 pounds. The entire body is aluminum its CNC aluminum. It feels super comfortable in the hand. I really really dig this blue color, especially the size like its been rounded off like the regular 9i to have these like shiny, smooth blue edges that have a different Hue to it and then, when you have it in the hand, it just feels so comfortable to Hold the back is actually a sound bar, so, no matter what position the laptop is in, the sound is always facing you. When you buy this, you get a lot of stuff in the Box, get the laptop itself. You get this case or not case rather, but stand that allows you to prop up the laptop, so you can see both displays at the exact same time you get a Bluetooth keyboard and of course, the last thing you get is a stylus with 4096 levels of Pressure now, when you include the actual 65 watt power, brick thatll add a little bit more weight, but the overall package is still fairly light, now heres the thing where people might not like like this is a portable thing right and with a regular, traditional laptop like When you take it out of your bag, all you got to do is open up the display and youre working okay with the book nine I its a bit different, like you, can use it as a traditional laptop.

The keyboard itself will pop up. If you tap the display with four fingers and then you can use the virtual keyboard to type on, but Im so glad they actually included a Bluetooth keyboard, because this is so much better. So what happens is when you place the Bluetooth keyboard on top of the bottom? It basically turns the lower portion into a touchpad. Then you can use the actual keyboard to type on now. This keyboard is so much better to use. It feels like a proper laptop keyboard like dont. Get me wrong. The keys are a little bit mushy, but overall I dont have any complaints how it feels the Bluetooth automatically connects and then, of course you can use the touchpad on the bottom to go ahead and load something up, and then there you go youre typing youre typing Automatically like it just works, works perfectly. When you take off the keyboard, you get the bottom display back and you get the full two displays to work with. The virtual touchpad, though, is actually really good, like it works very well like it tracks. My fingers perfectly theres, not too many false touches, not as good as a regular touchpad like on a traditional laptop, but its really darn close. Now, if you dont want to use it in this form, factor like a traditional laptop, you can actually use the stand. So basically this when you take the stand out its flat, the back portion snaps on together using magnets and then it can sit on your desk like this and then what happens is you can take the two displays and then rest it on it and what you Get is a two display on top of each other way of working with your laptop.

This little pen actually goes in the slot on the back, so you dont lose it, but if youre using the pen – and you dont want to place it back here because it can be kind of annoying to get to this part up here is not officially a Magnet for it, but its strong enough that it will hold the pen while youre working, I wouldnt, leave it there if youre like walking around a room or at your office, because it probably will fall off. They dont have to use it like this right, like if you use it like this. What you do is you can attach the keyboard over here. The bottom portion is magnets as well, so it stays or you can leave it loose and it will still work and then what I would do is get a external Mouse and connect it to the laptop. Now it says a Bluetooth. Mouse comes in the Box on the website, but my unit did not come with a Bluetooth mouse, but if it does, you basically have the entire setup ready to go now. Theres no special version of Windows being created for this, like this is your regular Windows 11, but Lenovo has incorporated created a lot of gestures for this laptop, for example, if I tap the bottom of the display with three fingers, a virtual track pad pops up – and I can go ahead and start moving it around like it works great.

I dont have to use it in one position. If I want, I can drag it over here to the corner it doesnt matter like. I have complete flexibility now you cant drag it up to the top screen, because the haptics are on the bottom screen. So, every time you press on the trackpad or use one of the buttons on on it, its going to give you feedback its not as strong as lets say, the iPhone 14 pro haptics, but its strong enough to give you an indication that youre pressing on something The other thing to note is you can use eight fingers if you want to bring up your virtual keyboard again. The typing experience on this, not the best right like its fine. If I have to do a quick note, this is a test to show you how the virtual keyboard works. I may making lots of mistakes. You can kind of get used to it, but its never going to be using a physical keyboard like the one they include in the box when youre done, using it or lets say, for example, its up here and you put the physical one on here. The virtual keyboard goes away, so you could use that automatically and if you have this on here, for example – and you use some of the functions at the top like if I hit function this guy right here, its going to bring me up some personal shortcuts.

Like I have Microsoft news over here, if I want, I can log into Outlook and then as soon as I take it off that all goes away. The other thing you can do is extend the browser to use both displays as one. So if I take five fingers drag from the top to the bottom, its going to extend the browser or whatever window you have open and utilize both displays. Now, whenever I touch on it, Im scrolling up and down. So if you want to have, I dont know a big newspaper, article newspaper: what is this 1960.? If you have a big article open, you can totally take advantage of using this as one big display to get rid of it and go back to the normal use case. You just put your five fingers back up, drag to the top and its automatically gone, but theres tons of other things you can do like, for example, this pen, okay, it has a couple of Tricks too, for example, if I swipe from the bottom left its going To take a screenshot, if I swipe from the bottom right its going to bring up lenovos Smart Pad and then I can automatically go ahead and start taking notes. Now, one of you guys on Tick Tock asked me how the pen experience is on this laptop and look. I dont think its the best pen for drawing, but it feels really good to take notes and because this is a convertible, you can flip the display 360 degrees and only use one display if you really want to – or you can put it in tent mode.

If you strictly just want to watch One Piece of content or of course, you can light flat on the table, if youre drawing now look its a different idea right and I think with all these different accessories, that they include its gon na work. For a lot of people, like the other day, I was doing my taxes, so I had QuickBooks open on the top and I had my statements on the screen below and it just allowed me to enter my expenses and invoices and reconcile much easier, but because I Didnt have to put the stuff beside each other or go back and forth to input information. You dont have to use it like this, like you could actually use the stand and and have both displays in portrait mode like you, dont have to use it in vertical mode. This might be more handy if youre reading something or working on an actual document, now theres not a lot of ports to be utilized with this guy. You have one Thunderbolt, 4 port. On the left hand side that also charges the laptop. Yes, you can hook up an external GPU to this if you really want to and then on the right hand side, you have another two Thunderbolt 4 ports, so all type c theres, no other ports on this laptop, except for this little camera switch, which is actually Not a port, this will basically turn the camera on and off so that you know you have privacy, and then you have a power button.

The only downfall to this setup is that theres, no audio jack, you got to use Bluetooth, headphones or a type c. Adapter. Also, if the lock screen is on – and you just need to take a quick note – it has the same feature that a Galaxy note has where you can like just write on the display immediately. So if you need to take like something down quickly, doesnt matter, if the lock screens on you just pull out the pen start drawing on the bottom, and you can take notes right away now, one of the highlights of this laptop is the fact that both of These displays are all at 2.8, K, 60 hertz, amazing, color gamut, really good color accuracy screen brightness is almost identical. I measure the top at 360 nits of brightness and the bottom at 352, so pretty close and you cant tell the difference with your eye. Yes, theres. A little bit of pwm flicker under 50, but thats standard for most OLED laptop displays. So this is what the front facing camera looks like. It is 10 DP. It also has Windows, hello, facial recognition, which I suggest you set up. It just makes logging into the laptop a lot easier because you dont have to attach the keyboard or use your fingers to type in the code, but let me know how the microphone sounds and let me know what you think of the actual webcam quality. Now this is not going to be a cheap product, obviously, and I think you can get it with two different Intel processors.

This is the I5 or the i7 1355u that I have here now. This model does have 16 gigabytes of RAM and a one terabyte nvme SSD and obviously its using an iris XE integrated GPU performance on this is actually really good. Ive only tested one other 1355u CPU and it completely destroyed it in multi core performance and came fairly close in single core performance. Now youre not buying this to edit video all day its not meant for that. But if youre a photographer or a developer or someone whos just doing a lot of like light design work, then this laptop is going to be absolutely fine if youre a day trader youre going to love this thing, like you, usually have 45 monitors in front of You so youre going to be on the road with two displays. I think youre gon na be pretty happy with that, its a good laptop for those types of situations. Now, look if you are buying this, you know its not 100 quiet. The fans do go on when its on best performance mode. You do hear them, but theyre not loud, like 42 43 decibels at the high end, and then when the fans are not going loud, you dont hear them at all. So thats always good heat management is also fantastic on this laptop like yes, it can get a little worm on the bottom, but not once did I find it to be too hot.

Even the CPU temps Under full load are very respectable, but the only thing you cant really do with this laptop is upgraded Im sure you can take off the bottom lid, somehow Im not going to try, because if I do knowing me because you know I have Butter figures Ill probably damage the display somehow, but yes, Ram is soldered onto the motherboard. I bet you, the drive is upgradable and you know youre just not going to be able to upgrade much inside of here. So if you are looking at this, my suggestion to you is to buy the SKU that will last you the longest, because upgrading this guy is not going to be easy. Now battery life was one area where I absolutely thought this thing was going to suck like two 2.8k OLED displays, but it actually did really good and I think the reason why is that theres, an 80 watt hour battery inside of here most laptops this size, usually Have anywhere from a 60 to 70 watt hour battery, this is using a big 80 watt hour battery and I got over nine hours of use before needing to charge, which is really impressive for a dual screen laptop, so heres. What you need to understand if youre buying this this is not a quick take out of my bag and lets use it. You know its not like a traditional laptop where you take it out open it up, screen pops up and youre typing right away.

This has a process its like a little ceremony right. You got to take out the laptop you got ta take out the pen. If you want to take out the keyboard set up the stand, put the laptop on the stead, connect the keyboard log yourself in and then youre off to the races, even if youre at a coffee shop and youre using dual screens everyones. Looking at it right like not only is this a very interesting piece, but you have to squeeze its just lot easier to see what youre doing now again, you could use it as a normal laptop and, if youre going to be using it as a normal laptop 99.9 percent of the time, then I think you should just get the regular yoga, 9i or another product instead, because this is not worth the extra price. But if you are loving the idea of always having two displays on you and you dont mind the extra process that this is a really cool product. Overall, I think Lenovo did a great job, its obviously not perfect, or for everybody and yes, its quite expensive. But I hope they continue this concept because I think, with a few more iterations, its going to be even more appealing hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did.