That, I think, is unique and I think a lot of creators would like so I met up with lenovos Team to check it out heres the footage from that meeting. This is the yoga book ninai. So this is yes sound bar and dual 13 inch OLED displays. So this allows a lot of different things to happen. It comes with this kickstand and magnetic keyboard, Bluetooth keyboard, so to set it up in the horizontal node, so you get dual screen productivity and then its optimized as well, for like vertical content consumptions, if you want tick tocks, while youre doing your emails. Anything like that, if you dont want to use the Bluetooth keyboard or kickstand, it just takes a tap of four fingers and you get a keyboard here. You have widgets and then you can slide it up and you get a trackpad and then the same can also be done with the actual keyboard, its a magnetic Bluetooth keyboard. So you snap it on okay, you get the regular keyboard, yeah theres magnets, and then you can also have it down here. If you want to have the widgets of course, pen input. So all your sketching, drawing over the Dual 13 inch OLED displays. So this yoga book 9i is expected to come out in June 2023 starting at 2099, and what makes this different from traditional clamshell form factor is that dual screen setup, which opens up some interesting possibilities like you, can watch a movie on one screen while taking notes On another or if youre, editing, videos, the bottom display can be used for the timeline, while the top screen is for previewing.

The video files, its actually kind of similar to my home office setup, where my laptop is on my desk directly in front of me, and then I have a bigger external monitor, just above the main laptop display and just like the previous yogas. This form factor also lets you switch between laptop tablet or tent mode. According to your needs, imagine a use case where youre in a face to face meeting, put the yoga 9i intent mode and the screen facing the person youre meeting with sees slides in presentation mode, while the screen facing yourself shows the slide notes. Also, this yoga book 9i will include the folio stand. Itll make it easier to set up the detachable Bluetooth keyboard for multitasking, and this supports inking as well with the stylus. The folio stand folds up nicely as well. When it comes to Specs itll run on 13th gen Intel Core i7 processor, Intel, Iris, XE, integrated Graphics, 16, gigs of RAM and up to one terabyte storage, theres, a full hdir camera that supports Windows, solo, Face Unlock and when it comes to Ports, it comes with Three USBC Thunderbolt 4. The two displays are also 13.3 inch OLED. With 2.8 K resolution Lenovo showed off some of the unique gestures with the yoga book 9i like flicking an app from One display to the other and tapping one of the screens with five fingers takes. You in and out of the waterfall display mode tapping the screen with 10 fingers shows the on screen keyboard and you can move the keyboards position up or down by dragging the 10 fingers up or down.

It took me a couple of minutes to get used to these gestures, so thats the Lenovo Yoga book 9i, its definitely different and Im curious. If this is something you would use or buy or even curious about. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. I also wonder if other brands will try to make this type of form factor as well. It comes out in June, so still a few months away, alright thats all for now.