Now this laptop is an intel evo laptop, and what really sets these laptops apart is the fact that brands partner up with intel to optimize lets say, for instance, this laptop has the i7 1195 g7. They optimize the cpu inside of the laptop i like this box. So far, they optimize it inside of the laptop for maximum efficiency and performance in real world situations. For instance, the yoga 9i promises four hours of run time in just 15 minutes of charging okay, so those are the type of optimizations im talking about when a laptop gets the intel evo platform stamp on its chassis, so its not just marketing jargon and actually takes The processor and optimizes it within the laptop, for instance, thunderbolt, 4 wi, fi, 6, fast charging, longer battery life and better performance inside of apps like photoshop, for instance. I recently reviewed this samsung galaxy book pro 360, another intel evo laptop, and it beat out the ryzen 7 5700u inside of the hp envx 360, as well as the macbook pro m1 inside of the pj systems, photoshop benchmark and were going to fully benchmark this laptop Here very soon, but first and foremost lets hop into the unboxing and check it out before we do. That lets see what we got as far as extra components are concerned. Lets see we have a 65 hour charger block, pretty on the go friendly and lets say, go ahead and oh look at that.

That was super simple im liking this packaging. Its kind of this brushed cardboard kind of that heathered. Look. You got that heathered. Look on shirts but thats a really sleek looking package ive actually yet to review a yoga laptop before so im pretty excited to jump into this thing. We got here any extra fun stuff. Yoga 9i 14 inch got the 14 inch model here seems thin and light im excited about that. Definitely an opportunity for an on the go friendly laptop, oh wow, that looks really nice im liking. The build quality feels really sturdy. Really solid, especially for how thin and light that is, of course you can see the thickness and weight coming up on the screen, and i like this little detail here, it says yoga 9 series love that touch its what i like about these more premium laptops, especially In the thin and light category, when they take the extra thought to just refine them and just make them just just a touch of prestige in the laptop got the yoga logo right here up in the top corner. That looks really classy really simple and lets go ahead and check out the ports. We have usb type a two usb type cs, which are thunderbolt 4 because of the intel evo platform, headphone jack, and on the other side, we have our power button to turn on and off. The laptop lets go ahead and check out the edges. Everything is fit together very nicely bottom cover into the side panels.

No catchy edges really well put together, laptop and then later in the video well go ahead and pop off these screws and see. If we can check out the interior, see if theres any upgrade path available on this laptop so well find that out later in the video, so make sure you stay tuned. Now, if youre curious about the exact pricing and availability of this laptop, you can head down in the description below and click one of those links. If you do use that link to make a purchase, i will get a small commission, but at no extra cost to you, but of course, thats. What keeps this channel alive and helpful content coming your way lets go ahead and do an open and closed test on this laptop here see if we can do that with one hand, ah, a little sticky there at the edge of the hinge it will, if you Kind of give it a little shake itll get open with that. The hinge gets a little stiff right here as youre about fully open. So this to me will be a two handed open just so the laptop doesnt kick up, and i love this manual. Cutoff switch for the webcam make sure you got no cyber spying going on just slide that over turns it on turns it off. This is a two in one laptop, so it completely folds over and then get quick access to your pen right here.

That is fantastic. So this was one complaint i had for the samsung galaxy book pro 360 is. They did not have a built in pen, it kind of just magnetized to the front. So i would say that if youre, you know considering between those two laptops – and you want – you know that pen to be just not easily lost great feature right there, some laptops have it some dont. The yoga has the built in pen, love that feature all right. Lets flip this back over. We got a nice vent here along the back panel of the chassis, no vents along the side panel and of course, you have a vent on the bottom of the chassis here now. One really cool feature for the yoga 9i is the rotating sound bar, so the sound bar is actually built into the hinge, and so, when you open up the laptop rather than the audio, still kicking out, you know behind you. If you were to have it rotated into two in one mode, the sound will come out and flow. This way, rather than aiming the sound. This way lets say that the speakers were on the keyboard deck of the laptop. It would push the sound away from you, but rather the sound comes off of the top of the bezel of the screen when its flipped over, and you still have a good audio experience. I think that was a really neat touch that they put together there on the 9i lets, go ahead and jump into the keyboard, a nice short to medium key press.

The keys do not have a soft touch material, but they do feel nice under my hands. They are plastic material and then moving down to the track pad a nice, confident click. It is a little more of a click sound rather than kind of a muted, so ill. Give you a quick sample of that, but during the full review ill do a full audio sample, both the keyboard and the trackpad. But here you go so you can hear the trackpad really quick, so a nice confident yet quiet click uh from the yoga 9i. We have a usb type c charger which plugs into the thunderbolt 4 port, which is what gives us that insanely fast charging. I mean its just crazy in 15 minutes you can have four hours of battery life, so while the computer is firing up, lets take a quick second to talk about the intel evo platform. When i first heard about this, i was kind of confused. I was like. Is this a brand new like cpu lineup theyre putting out and then after doing some more digging? I found out that its not a new lineup. Rather, it is the laptop brand partnering with intel to optimize the cpu into the laptop, so they work very closely together to get the optimized wi fi connection, the optimized battery life, the optimized performance, quick charging and a number of other real world use cases that make This laptop so practical for on the go productivity, getting the laptop turned on were looking at the screen.

Now it comes with a 16×9 aspect: ratio screen its a 14 inch screen glossy its bright and seems to have really good color and so well do the full color gamut range, color accuracy and brightness test during the full review, but for now im liking. The look of the screen it looks, sharp and clear and so were off to a great start before we even jump into the test. Now there is a manual cutoff switch as i mentioned earlier, but for now im going to give you a quick sample of the webcam to see how that looks. Here is the webcam on the lenovo yoga 9i and a little audio sample for you as well. The last thing were going to look at before we flip the laptop over pull off. The bottom cover is lenovo vantage center, and in here you actually have some extra battery life settings to complement the intel evo platform. So you have even your intelligent cooling system. So you can do extreme performance if youre caring less about battery life, intelligent cooling, to have it really optimized for battery life and to keep the system cool and then battery saving mode. So you can turn that on and youll get the most battery life out of the charge. You can even turn on your conserved power mode, which will even help you improve the battery life even more, like, i said, theyre saying about 13 plus hours of battery life, depending on what youre doing with the laptop but were going to run into the full test.

In the dedicated review so make sure you subscribe and ring the bell, so you dont miss out on that review. Now lets get this thing flipped over and check out the internals see what we got as far as, if theres an upgrade path available to us. So, right before i pull the bottom cover off. If youre, considering upgrading this laptop make sure you pull off the rubber foot from the bottom of the laptop which will review three pesky little screws that you need to also remove outside of the six standard screws that you can see when you flip the laptop over. Because if you dont its going to be like, why wont it come off so get rid of those screws, and then you can pull the bottom cover off now, as you can see, when you pull the bottom cover off, you have two nice size fans heat pipe Running through the ram seems to be under here, but it does not appear to be swappable now, im sure with maybe a little bit more expert hands it may be, but according to the average consumer and myself whos, not overly technical with working on computers, it is Not an easy swap, however: the ssd is swappable very easily just pop this screw off, and you can remove that. So if you want to do the post upgrade to this laptop to get up to one or two terabytes go for it, that would be a great upgrade to this laptop.

Now, if youre ordering this laptop, i would get it with at least 16 gigs of ram. If youre a creative professional 32, if you got some extra budget, you can find that configuration, but 16 will be a great starting point for you got a 58 watt hour battery hooked up to that intel evo platform. We should have some fantastic battery lifes coming in the full review. Once again, i want to thank intel for sponsoring this video and hooking us up with the lenovo yoga 9i links for ready to make a purchase likes of these videos brought you some value and subs.