. I really liked that laptop and in fact I rated it as the number 1 choice in my pick of 2 in 1 convertible laptops.. So today I have got with me its bigger brother, the Lenovo Yoga 9i., Think of this laptop as the big macho version of Yoga 7i. In todays video. I will give my thoughts and first impressions of Yoga 9i. Now lets get the obvious question out of the way.. Why would you pick Yoga 9i over 7i If you want a relatively thin 2 in 1, convertible 360 laptop with specs that go toe to toe with a gaming laptop Yoga 9i is the answer.. This laptop is packing the guts of an absolute beast in a 2. In 1, convertible 360 form factor., So I would say that Yoga 9i sits between a bulky gaming, laptop and thin and light 2 in 1. Convertible laptop. Added bonus is that Yoga 9i supports an active stylus pen and has a multi touch display., So its great for folks who do creative work like digital art, take handwritten notes and also push their laptops by running demanding tasks like video, editing and gaming.. If you happen to fall in this category, Yoga 9i is the perfect laptop for you Lets quickly go over the specs.. My review unit is rocking an intel core i7 H series, processor and Nvidia GTX 1650 Ti Max Q GPU. Its packing 16 GB of DDR4 RAM and 1 TB PCIe NVME SSD.

. These specs are pretty impressive for the form factor. Honestly, I have never used a touchscreen 2 in 1 laptop that supports active pen and packs a discrete nVidia, GPU and high performance intel CPU.. The base model of Yoga 9i will cost a little over 1300., But the version that I have with me will cost anywhere from 1600 to 1800 dollars.. I cant give the exact price because its fluctuating a lot., So please check the links that I have put in the video description below to find the latest price on various configurations of yoga 9i. Apart from the specs the premium build quality of Yoga 9i has impressed Me, the most., This laptop is using an all metal construction with precise craftsmanship.. Its chassis is rock solid and you wont notice any bending or creaking.. The corners and edges of this laptop are crafted to perfection.. When you close the lid, there is zero gap and the whole unit feels like a premium. Unibody machine., The 360 degree hinge, is all metallic and feels rock solid.. The palm rest is made from aluminium and feels very comfortable while typing. As far as typing experience is concerned, I think its top notch. And that should not come as a surprise, because its younger sibling, the Yoga 7i, also delivers a great typing experience.. The keyboard is backlit enabled, but you dont get the fancy RGB lighting.. Moving on to the touchpad. You are getting a premium glass touchpad.

Its smooth and feels perfect. When scrolling and swiping. The only negative thing about this touchpad is its size.. I would have preferred a larger surface area, especially since this is a big laptop and there is no shortage of real estate.. I really like how Apple puts large touchpads on their macbooks, and I wish that Lenvo copies this design, philosophy. Right next to the touchpad, is a finger print sensor, which is always handy for quick passwordless. Login. Lets talk about the display., So youre getting a vibrant, full HD 15.6 touch screen display that supports HDR and looks really amazing when watching videos playing games.. As I mentioned before, this screen fully supports Lenovos active stylus, pen. Lenovo has included a pen with Yoga 9i and this pen nicely tucks, underneath the laptop. Its a little small for my preference, but since its tucked right under the keyboard, I find it very handy. For Taking long notes or making digital art, I would still prefer the larger Lenovo active pen.. I find those pens more comfortable and ergonomic because they are bigger and fatter.. Good news is that all Lenovo Active pens are compatible with Yoga 9i.. If you are thinking of getting one, I have linked compatible pens in the video description below. Now when it comes to using these active pens on Yoga 9i. The writing experience is pretty good.. I did encounter some issues with palm rejection, but it turned out to be the default software setting.

. Once I selected the ignore finger touch while using the pen option in settings, Palm rejection worked flawlessly.. Of course, I will do a thorough review of this pen in my full review, but I did doodle and took some quick notes.. My first impressions were identical to Yoga 7i.. I wont be surprised if Lenovo is using identical screen, digitizer technology in both these laptops.. Now the large display size, coupled with 4.4 pound weight, makes Yoga 9i an inconvenient tablet. Its just too large and heavy to hold in your hands in tablet mode and take notes.. I would assume that Yoga 9i is more useful for taking occasional notes and doodling.. So if you are a student who is thinking of getting this laptop for note, taking be prepared for its bulky, size. Long sessions of note taking on Yoga 9i is still do able, provided the laptop is resting on a table. But smaller and lighter laptops like Yoga 7I or Flex 5i will be more convenient for students Moving on to the ports. This laptop comes with 2 USB Type C ports that support display port 1.4 protocol.. So that means you can have up to three independent displays., The native laptop display and two external monitors.. Please note that Lenovo has skipped the HDMI port, which really sucks. USB Type C. Ports are fine, but most monitors come with only HDMI and display port.. So that means you will need a USB Type C hub to connect this laptop to an external monitor.

. You are also getting one USB type, 3.0 type, A port and a headphone microphone, combo jack., But there are no SD or Micro SD card slot and no ethernet ports. Moving on to the battery Yoga 9i is using a 69 Whr battery.. It supports rapid charging and, according to Lenovo, you get 2 hours of runtime with only 15 minutes of charging.. Of course, I will test these claims in my full review. Regarding battery life. Lenovo is making some bold claims.. They are quoting 14 hours of battery life, while playing 1080p video in a loopback mode.. Now these are very impressive numbers. Considering that Yoga 9i has a discrete Nvidia, GPU. Honestly Im a little skeptical about this battery life claim and would be very interested to test it. In real world use., So overall, my first impression of Yoga 9i is that it should appeal to folks who want a 2. In 1, convertible laptop with 360 degree hinge and active pen support without compromising on performance.. Most gaming laptops are too bulky and dont come with a 360 hinge and active stylus pen support.. That makes Yoga 9i a very unique laptop.. Like I said before, I will do a full review of Yoga 9i here on this channel.. So if youre not subscribed, please do so.