Hashtag stay hydrated, guys, hashtag, stay hydrated, hey guys harsh here and welcome back to technology i’m back with a laptop review today. Now, in the world of two in one convertible laptops, there’s, one name which is extremely popular, and that is lenovo yoga, so this is the lenovo yoga 9i. Now this is a two in one convertible laptop, which can be used as a tablet as well. It comes with top of the line: specifications like the intel core, i7 11 generation, processor, iris, xc, graphics, intel’s, evo platform, a 4k display and a bunch of other things today in this video let’s talk in detail about this laptop all right. Let us start by talking about the design and build quality. The design of this laptop is excellent. It is a thin and lightweight laptop. This means that you can easily carry this laptop around anywhere. You go it’s a thin and lightweight device and won’t take a lot of space in your backpack as well. Now, as far as the build quality goes, it is a premium laptop. It has this leather finish up top, which looks good and feels amazing. I really like the leather finish, but the story is different as soon as you open up the laptop, so the area around the trackpad is a glossy area, and i do not like that because it attracts a lot of fingerprints, i would have loved to see a Matte finish area around the trackpad.

That would have been the perfect scenario but yeah overall in terms of design and build quality. This laptop is pretty good, no complaints over there now one design element that i really appreciate is the stylus. So yes, this laptop does come with a stylus and you can store the stylus inside the laptop itself. That is pretty sweet. This means that you won’t lose the stylus and you have a place for it. I really like the placement of the stylus now, while we’re on the subject of stylus. It is a pretty normal stylus it’s, not like a very good one, it’s a normal one, and you can use it to you, know jot down, notes or draw something or you can also use it to edit photos in lightroom that’s. Exactly what i did with the stylus, i love editing photos on lightroom and with the stylus it’s, just a better experience. Now the display on this laptop is top notch. It is an ips lcd 4k uhd panel, which supports hdr 400 and also has support for dolby vision. It’S, an excellent display, it’s color, accurate viewing angles, are great, gets bright enough to use outdoors and sunny conditions and it’s an immersive experience overall, so consuming content on netflix amazon, prime video youtube or anywhere else is an immersive experience and especially dolby vision content. So as it has native support for dolby vision, you can watch supported content and it looks amazing also when you’re doing normal tasks like checking your email or working on an excel sheet or working on a powerpoint presentation.

You will notice that the display is just excellent. So, as i have no complaint for the display it’s an awesome one now moving on let’s talk about the main thing that is performance. This is a high end productivity based laptop. It comes with the latest 11 generation intel core i7 processor, which is the 1185 g7. It has four cores: eight threads, a base clock of three gigahertz and a turbo boost of up to four point: eight gigahertz. It also comes along with the intel iris, xc graphics, which will give you dedicated level graphics performance in an integrated chip. That is really impressive. Now this laptop is also based on the intel evo platform, which offers a lot of benefits so advantages like wi, fi, 6, thunderbolt, 4, ports, instant wake times, really good battery life, fast charging and so on and so forth. I have already reviewed like four to five laptops based on evo platform, and i have not been disappointed by it. This laptop being no exception to that. As far as the ram goes, it has 16 gb of ram and a one terabyte ssd as well. So, as i said, top of the line specifications now before we talk about the actual performance here are some benchmarks that we ran with npc mark 10 and 3dmark for benchmarking, and here are the results on your screen now. This is a thin and light laptop, which is aimed for productivity based applications, so applications like excel powerpoint cloud based applications, light photo editing, light, video, editing and all these things for productivity based applications.

The performance is excellent. It does not drop a sweat. The system feels very responsive, it does not lag at all and you will get that fast experience. So when you are doing important tasks having a lag free experience is very essential, and this laptop does provide you with one in my testing period. I use this laptop to edit photos upload my videos to youtube reply to email using canva on you know, chrome or something like that watching youtube videos watching netflix movies and all these things for all these things, the performance was just next level now. I know a lot of you guys might be wondering what about gaming, so this is a productivity based laptop, but if you want to game on it, you can definitely do so. We tried a bunch of games on this laptop, and here are the results. First, up is valorent, valorent works extremely well on this laptop, the gameplay was smooth and we were easily getting 60 fps all the time, so that is very important. Maintaining that high fps count and you can easily play valorum on this laptop next up. We also tried apex legends. This game exceeded our expectation in terms of performance, it performed really well on the lenovo yoga 9i. We also tried rocket league, which is my favorite game currently, and it also works really well on this laptop again. The gameplay was smooth and we did not notice any lags whatsoever. Finally, we tried just cause 3 now this is a demanding game, but it still ran smoothly on this laptop.

So, as you saw, gaming is possible on this laptop because of the high end processor, and also because of the iris xc graphics. So this one has the 11th generation i7 processor and that is helping in terms of gaming. So, if you’re bored on a sunday and want to play a game for a couple of hours, you can definitely do so on this laptop. That was the gaming part of it. What about video editing? You can easily edit small video projects on this laptop, so videos like instagram reels, igtv videos or small youtube videos as well. If you have like a couple of 4k 30 clips, some color grading some text here and there, then this laptop is going to handle that very easily. But if you have very big projects like three four layers of 4k 60fps, then three four layers of color grading and all that, then that is going to be difficult, because this is a thin and light productivity based machine. But no issues for small video editing projects. Overall, i was very impressed by the performance. The intel evo platform definitely helps over here, because it makes the overall system very responsive. I am very impressed by the performance. This gets me to the keyboard and trackpad. The keyboard is excellent. It is backlit. The keys have a good amount of travel to them and i like the typing experience, but i cannot say the same about the trackpad, so this laptop has a forced touch trackpad, it does not have a physical button.

It is a four star. Trackpad, like we get with macbooks now, the implementation of the four star trackpad is not that good, like the vibration motor could have been better. Also, the line around the trackpad is very faint, and you don’t know where it starts and where it ends it’s like completely flush with the bottom panel, so it’s a little hard to identify the trackpad until unless you look at it now same goes for the fingerprint Sensor, the line around the fingerprint sensor is very faint and it is completely flush with the bottom panel, so it’s very hard to place your finger perfectly. It will take you some time to get used to the fingerprint sensor and also the trackpad. Now, what about ports and connectivity? This laptop comes with a full size, usb type, a port two usb type c ports which also support thunderbolt and the headphone jack thunderbolt support is very important over here and again. This is because of the evo platform. You can also charge this laptop via the usb type c port itself. As far as connectivity goes, it has wi fi 6 out of the box, which i do appreciate now. What about battery life and charging? So the battery life of this laptop has been incredible. For me, i was getting somewhere around 6 to 7 hours of battery life on a constant basis, and that is pretty impressive. It also comes with a 65 watt adapter inside the box itself, and this is a usb type c charger, so you can use any other usb type c charger as well, which is very convenient, so it does not come with a proprietary port.

You can use the usb type c port for charging and, yes, it does support fast charging. The lenovo yoga 9i also comes with a 720p webcam, and the webcam quality is just okay. It will get the job done for your online calls on google made or zoom, or something like that now. One thing that i like over here is a physical shutter for the camera. So if you want to shut off the camera, you can just slide the shutter and it will hide the camera. Now. What about the speakers? Well, the speakers are just okay. They are not too good and not too bad either. I would say they’re just okay speakers. The next point that comes up is thermal performance. This laptop thermal performance is ok, not the best out there. So when you’re doing normal stuff, it won’t heat up a lot. But if you start to push it even a little bit like if you have 10 or 15 tabs of chrome open, then it will start to get warm and the fans will kick in and yes, the fans will make noise and when you push this laptop to Its limit like when you start gaming for a couple of hours or three hours, then yes, it does heat up. So i would say the thermal efficiency is just ok now this is bound to happen, because this is a thin and light laptop. All in all, the lenovo yoga 9i is an excellent two in one productivity based laptop.

The price of this laptop is definitely on the higher side. It is not for everyone, it is a premium laptop and you are going to pay a premium for it. If you want to buy it, i will make sure to drop a link to it in the description box below so anyway. This was my full review of the lenovo yoga 9i. Do. Let me know how you feel about this video in the comment section down below. If you like, this content, go and hit that like button and if you haven’t already please subscribe to the channel to mean the world to me. My name is harsh.