Your money can buy right now and its also rocking the latest intel specification with the 2022 refresh so over here as tested, we have the core: i7 1260 p series. Processor on this laptop, we also have eight gigabytes of speedy ddr5 memory. We have intels latest generation of integrated iris xc graphics. We also have a 250 gb, solid state drive past that we do have the latest wi fi 6c, as well as bluetooth, 5.2 standards, and, as i mentioned earlier, this is a 14 inch laptop with a fully touch captive, display running microsoft. Windows 11. today were going to see if lenovo yoga 9i is just a pretty face, or if it has more to offer beyond that and how well it fares against a lot of the competition in the high end or premium market. As always, if you enjoy the content, make sure you hit that like button and consider subbing to my channel thanks for watching lets, get started in terms of packaging content. The 9i does come in a really cool hard paperback box. Once you remove the box itself inside, you have the crown jewel itself remove all that unnecessary plastic protective packaging. You have – and here is this gorgeous premium slab of technology, so nice, but more on that in a quick minute past that you also get lenovos precision. Pen too, this is their latest iteration of the digital styles that comes with this laptop and, of course, past that you do have the quick start guide with all the basic information about the laptop and also the warranty regulation and best practices document as well.

Now, additionally, you do get a 65 watt, usbc charging adapter right out of the box, its sleek, its convenient and its lightweight. You also have the standard wall outlet charging piece that comes with it as well. The yoga 9i undoubtedly has one of the most majestic looking designs. Your money can buy right now. So, for example, the entire device has a metallic finish from end to end. You wont find any cheap finicky, plastic or hard tp materials on this laptop. Of course, that does add a fair bit of weight at 3.2 pounds, but this laptop has so much personality going for it. You dont mind that those rounded edges, just the way it looks, is really unique in a market thats full of edgy and flashy looking laptops. So, starting off with the top side, you again have this nice metallic, smooth surface, no unnecessary textures, its just plain and simple: you do have yoga branding on the right corner and then on the top left. You have that iconic lenovo badging as well. The rear side of this laptop is equally as stunning, so you do have a two tier hinge setup on either side in between that you have this gorgeous mesh grille. That goes from one hinge to the other. This also serves as a sound bar or speakers essentially well talk more about that later. On now, io ports on this laptop are decent, but not great. So, on one side, you have a usb a port past that you have two thunderbolt 4 ports, one of which supports power delivery to charge the laptop additionally, on the other side, youll find that you have the good old, headphone jack one more usbc port and the Power button itself, youll notice, there is no sd card reader on this device which, frankly, at this price point, is disappointing.

You also have speaker girls on either corner. These do act as the woofers that work in conjunction with the primary speaker, grille on the back side or the rear of the laptop. Now, when you get to the bottom side of the laptop, you have a nice metallic finish, so its consistent with the rest of the body and youll notice, you have this nice large air intake vent. This is, of course, where all the cool air enters the laptop. Now, on either corner youll notice, you have rubber grips and right next to that, you do have the air exhaust for the woofers themselves. As soon as you unfold, this laptop you get a appreciation for just how nice this laptop looks with again that metallic inner chassis, you have a relatively large palm rest for a 14 inch laptop, but perhaps the most impressive thing here is that massive size track pad. You can make an ice rink out of this thing seriously. You have all the surf real estate in the world, it has a glass surface finish and the clicks are really tactile and well calibrated. Generally speaking, this is a pretty high quality track pad. Now, if youve watched my videos on level laptops in the past, you know how much i appreciate their keyboards and the one on the yoga. 9I is no exception to that. So you have an ample amount of surface area per keycap which will minimize chances of making any typo, but on top of that, key travel is fantastic and every keystroke feels tactile yet nimble.

At the exact same time, typing on this keyboard is genuinely so much fun. Naturally, this is a fully backlit keyboard, with a two tier lighting setting on top of that, you do have a built in fingerprint sensor on the right corner, where the arrow keys are and by the way the arrow keys do have that awkward design where you have Really small up and down keys, it is a poor design choice, in my honest opinion, directly past the keyboard. Although you cant see it, the hot air exhaust vent is neatly tucked right behind or beneath. Actually the hinge itself. Speaking of the hinge youll be happy to know, the quality of the hinge is pretty top notch, theres practically no wobble, and it needs to be durable, because this is a two in one laptop, so youll frequently be switching between tablet mode and laptop mode. So again, that quality is imperative and its there, thankfully past that youll also notice for the display fitting you have a relatively thin chin, so thats, pretty cool and above that you have really nice modern, looking narrow bezels that give it a sleek look. And surprisingly, you have a really thin forehead as well in the center of it all. You have a 1080p infrared, capable webcam the webcam quality, generally speaking, is very nice, so both in low light and well lit settings its a lot better than some of the competition. And yes, it is windows, hello, capable the yoga.

9I comes in multiple screen configurations depending on the region. Youre located in the one we have here is the basic lcd panel, but you can also get this in a 4k oled panel. So for this screen you have a 1920x1200p resolution, which means you have a 16 by 10 aspect ratio. It has a standard 60 hertz refresh rate additionally, since this is a ips panel, viewing angles are impeccable and just generally very nice from practically any angle possible. Now, with that said, youll also appreciate the fact that this is a fully touch captive, display the lenovo precision. Pen, too, is nothing to scoff at you practically have no latency when using this thing, whether youre doodling on microsoft, paint like i am or doing more professional tasks youll find that its a great tool to have at your side, and it is chargeable via usbc and Even the general touch functionality over here is great, even if youre using your fingers, youll appreciate the high quality touch system you have over here now in terms of color accuracy. This is a very vivid display. Despite being the base configuration, you have a 100 srgb rating over here, which means everything, looks lively, vivid and flush. Now, in terms of screen brightness, you have a maximum brightness of 400 nits, which, for the most part, is ample for both indoor and outdoor settings in low lit and well lit environments as well, but keep in mind. This is a highly reflective screen because of the glass surface finish, which means you will get a lot of glare and will frequently find yourself using the highest brightness.

Setting possible performance of the yoga. 9I is kind of all over the place, so on one side, daily tasks like web browsing, word, processing or watching videos are going to feel like an absolute breeze, but on the other side, more demanding tasks lets say: 4k, video editing, for example, arent all that good On this laptop i found so if youre doing single layer or dual ear editing sure it holds its ground, but the minute you start adding more than two layers of video. You definitely start noticing a fair bit of thermal throttling as well as lag now to be entirely fair. I only have eight gigabytes of ram on this configuration. You can go up to 16, which i definitely recommend, because that will give you a visible advantage, particularly with tasks like video, editing and even coding. Now, in terms of gaming, the intel rs xc chip is genuinely an impressive piece of hardware. Games like gta 5 can run on high settings well above 30 frames per second and sustain that experience, which definitely means that casual gaming is possible on this device. Generally speaking, when compared to amds 5 000 users, processors, as we say, intel 12 gen is a little bit more lacking with their p series. Processors thermals on this laptop are pretty decent for the most part. So under absolute peak load, you can get a surface temperature of just above 44 degrees celsius, but a more realistic, sustain load will net you about 37 degrees celsius, which honestly is within the realm of reasonability.

Now you do have a dual fan: setup, which means fan. Noise can go all the way up to 44 decibels in all honesty, thats, really, not all that loud and only happens when you really push this laptop to its limit. Otherwise, the fans are hardly noticeable and are pretty quiet for most of the duration of your workflow in terms of battery life. The yoga 9i comes with a 75 watt hour battery, although you think thats pretty large, which it is the battery life that goes with it. Isnt, all that impressive, so under low loads at 50 brightness you can squeeze up to 13 hours on a single charge but start doing more. Demanding activities like lets say watching 4k content or even doing a little bit of editing photo or video that quickly drops for around seven to eight hours, which really isnt all that impressive again keeping in mind. This is a p series processor, so its kind of a hybrid between efficiency and performance. Now, in terms of speaker quality, i was pretty impressed for the most part, while its not the best sounding premium laptop speaker out there, its pretty good. So you have that sound bar again, and then you have the two woofers on the side: heres a quick, sound test for you, guys, im missing a piece that completes a whole part of me. An open wound. Everybody come here gather round. Welcome to the freaks show what the hells wrong with me i dont get along with anybody honestly ive been living in my own head, constantly thoughts.

Jumbled round think i need a new lobotomy wait. All these thoughts are too negative. I dont want to get lost in the sedative got ta storm. What in summary, guys starting at 1080 us dollars for the base configuration we have over here. The yoga 9i is definitely an expensive laptop, but for the most part it delivers on that price point. So you have a great modern design with exceptional build quality. Those rounded edges give it so much more personality than a lot of the competition out there with those unnecessary excessively flashy designs. Youll also appreciate the fact that you have an industry leading crack pad as well as keyboard and that display, even in the base configuration feels great. You dont feel like lenovos, penalizing you for going with the base options, which is always a welcome sight. Now performance isnt the strongest feat of this laptop while its pretty decent its not as competitive again as amds 5000 users, processors, it doesnt max out in performance, nor efficiency, its just kind of a jack of all trades kind of situation. Over here and also, i would have liked a little bit more eye for diversity or at least having a sd card reader. But again these things are going to be subjective and very person to person. Battery life is good, but not great, in my opinion again, given how massive the battery on this laptop is. But, generally speaking, this is a great twin one, laptop with amazing touch functionality and the inclusion of the lenovo precision.

Pen, too, is a welcome addition to the overall value of this laptop ill. Definitely recommend it for anyone who wants a high quality nice looking premium design with a convertible laptop and also decent performance, to go along with that. But if you are looking to just get the most juice out of your portable laptop, there are other options out there like hp spectre series that do have slightly better performance. As always, if you guys enjoyed this review, make sure you hit that like button its up to my channel, it genuinely helps me grow. Let me know what you think of lenovos yoga 9i.