9I. 14 inch, 201 laptop. So what comes inside the box? You have your safety and warranty guide right here. Awesome you have your yoga instruction manual, gives you the rundown of all the ports and features you have your lenovo services pamphlet and last but not least, you have your care guide for your leather cover. Yes, particular model actually has a leather cover. Awesome. You have your power cable and you have your power adapter, which is a type c connection, and for wattage it is 65 watts, so we’re going to take the power cable, plug it into our power adapter. Now we have the beautiful yoga, 9i 14 inch laptop weighing around 3.20 pounds with a thickness of 0.57 inches. It is a beautiful, well designed laptop, so let’s open this guy up. One of the cool things that i love about the 9i is that it does have the notch right here. That makes it extremely easy to open it. Up with one hand, look at that hold it down a little bit bingo. It automatically turns on when you lift the lid up, which is a huge plus. It really depends if you like that feature now. The 9i does have a fingerprint scanner right here, i’m, actually going to log in using my fingerprint scanner, see if it takes it all right, so let’s go over some of the ports and features on the 9i. On the right hand, side you have your power button which allows you to power on the device.

On your left hand, side, you have your combo audio jack, two type c ports and then one 3.2 usb port. At the very back on your right side, you have your pen holder, that holds your pen for this particular device. Now let’s focus on the track pad and the fingerprint scanner on the 9i. I like the approach that lenovo did on this particular model. It looks like they’re trying to do that, seamless approach with the fingerprint and the trackpad now for the trackpad on the 9i. I did not like it at all for some reason: the whole this clicking sound. Sometimes it did not work out for me at all. I actually had to use a wireless or a wired mouse uh when i was like trying to control stuff within the operating system. Now the trackpad measurement is around two quarters: one nickel, two dimes, which is going to give you around 4.17 inches which it’s nice, but the hard clicking and the sound it just drove me crazy. Now for the keyboard on the nine i’d, it is backlit uh, which is great now the key measurement between the keys. If you take a penny in the nickel, is going to measure around 0.12 inches using the particular keyboard, i didn’t have any issues at all. I did enjoy using the keyboard. It was very responsive, no negativity on that part now between the display and the keyboard you’re going to get your sound bar.

This is the speaker right here. The loudness that i got on the speaker was around 95.2 decibels and that’s, not that bad for this particular machine. Now for the display at the very top of the display, you have your webcam, which has the privacy guard. I did have some issues opening up the privacy guard uh the webcam is 720p. The display size is 14 inches, touchscreen, which i didn’t really find myself using it as much. The resolution is 3840×2160 and the brightness. I believe this is the brightest right now let’s see if we got let’s see if we could do the this is the brightest, and this is the lowest that you could go in this particular model, and this is the highest now, if you want to know about Nits, depending on which model you purchase at the lenovo site, you can get the 400 or the 500 nit model. This particular model does have hdr enabled with windows 10 just got to make sure that you plug in the power. So you can have the windows hdr enabled by default now for scaling. Uh out of the box is around 300. I did like 200, but you are able to go between 100 150 right now. I have it to 200 and it works well all right. So let’s talk about the pen on the 9i. Now the pen is actually housed in the upper right corner of the laptop. I do not like the position of where the pin is located.

It have been cool if they place it right here on the side, but i do understand that trying to keep it nice and thin again. The thickness is around 0.57 inches, which is really nice, but i did find it difficult actually getting in there, like digging into the slot to actually take out the pen now performance wise. I did open up photoshop and i was doing a little bit of tracing. I did notice a little lag, but i think if you go inside the windows operating system and configure the pen to sync it, you could probably get better performance now using this particular laptop into a tablet mode and holding it again when you’re removing the pin. I just find it a little difficult depending on how you’re, using the tablet, all right, so let’s talk about the performance on the yoga 9i, 201 laptop from lenovo, so i’m, actually going to right click on the taskbar. We are going to open up the task manager from here. We are going to click on performance, uh, let’s, open up the window, a little bit i’m going to right click on the cpu graph, we’re going to change it to logical processor and there it goes awesome. Now this particular model is running. The 11th gen intel core i7 1185 g7 processor. With a clock speed of 3.0 gigahertz. It has four cores, eight logical, processor, one socket and for memory it is housing 16 gigs. It does have a solid state drive, which is about 512 gigs, but i think the highest that you could go up to is one terabyte and for gpu it has the intel iris xe, graphics card performance, wise.

I was able to do a lot with this machine. It was able to handle 4k editing within adobe premiere. I was able to use media encoder quickly, rendering out my 4k files and as well as doing a little bit of color correction within davinci. I didn’t have any problems with the performance now for heating. I did notice some heating around this area right here, but it wasn’t to the point that it would. You know freak me out, but overall it is a great machine with a lot of power under the hood all right, so let’s talk about the battery, but before we even talk about the battery one of the things i do not like about the yoga 9i is The fingerprints everywhere you see fingerprints, it drives me nuts. I got ta carry one of these guys to constantly always clean it. I’M. Just a neat freak like that, but when you wipe this area right here, it’s just amazing the way that lenovo kind of made the trackpad and the fingerprint scanner like real seamless it just doesn’t feel like it’s. There now let’s talk about the batteries, so i ran pc mark 10 three times and the first test, which was the modern office battery life. It took around five hours and 42 minutes now that’s. Basically, the program constantly running multiboo applications until the battery runs out uh. If you’re using it normal, you could get between let’s, say eight hours, it all depends on how you’re using the laptop now.

My second test was dealing with uh video. It lasts around six hours and 17 minutes, but again it really depends on how you’re using it and the last test. Uh is gaming. It only lasts about an hour and 38 minutes and the frames per second was extremely low on this particular machine. I don’t really recommend this machine to play any high, intense games like call of duty or fortnite, because it’s going to lag a lot all right. So let’s conclude our review on the yoga 9i two in one laptop, so external monitors great. Unfortunately, i did not have a type c monitor to hook it up natively, so i actually had to use a type c to hdmi adapter. It works great. Both ports allows you to use two external monitors. If you have that type of monitor with a type c connection now for pricing, retail start is around twelve hundred dollars and it goes up to seventeen hundred dollars. It all depends on how you get it configured now, overall, the way that i use the machine it just worked out for my workflow, the pen. I did not like the position of the pen. I just found it a little bit difficult when i had to remove it when i was in tablet mode, it was a little sluggish, but i think i need to go inside the operating system and sync it up for that to work correctly. I feel like it does lack, maybe one or two ports.

It had been great if i saw an sd card slot, as well as an additional 3.2 usb, but again that’s kind of personal uh, because that’s what i like to see on laptops now, the speaker bar on the nine five, is amazing for viewing uh like videos And movies now, the highest that i got on decibels was around 95.2, which is pretty good and that’s it guys. Hopefully, you guys enjoyed this review on lenovo’s yoga 9i 14 inch 201 laptop, and i catch you guys on the next one.