If this is a big improvement over last years version – and i got ta – say pretty much across the board – a big improvement and im loving. What im seeing here and its been my favorite laptop so far here for 2022.. I know its a little bit early and i know we have a lot of other laptops coming into the studio, but so far this one has really piqued my interest and caught my attention. Now. I have two versions of this laptop one is the full hd ips version that you can actually get today its available to order, and i have the 4k oled option, which is going to be available very soon, were going to find out in this video which one You should pick hey everybody its andrew, and this is my review of the brand new lenovo yoga 9i here for 2022 coming up Music. Now before we get to the heart of the matter. I just want to let everybody know in the interest of transparency and full disclosure im not being paid by lenovo im, not being sponsored by lenovo. All the opinions youre about to hear are my own lenovo is not getting copy approval. That means youre, seeing this video for the first time, just like you now im fortunate to have both units, the full hd ips model on the left and the one lenovo sent over on the right that has a 4k oled display now theres, a pretty big price Difference between the two, the one on the left comes in at 12, 32 and thats, available right now over at lenovos website, but be warned that one only has eight gigabytes of non upgradable ram and only 256 gigs of ssd storage.

The one on the right should be available in may, that has the 4k oled display and that will retail for 19.29, and that is a 4k oled display 16 gigabytes of non upgradable ram and one terabyte of ssd storage. Now, before we get to the design, i already did an unboxing and first look review for those that didnt see it ill, leave a link in the description below and lets start off with the design. One of the biggest changes from the last model is the fact they now go with rounded edges. You dont get those sharp edges, making this a much more comfortable device to hold in your hand, thats a big win in my book now its also a very nice looking device, as you can see here, that shiny metal on the sides gives it a really sleek And modern, look i really like the design language here now. The two models that i have here today are the storm gray finish, but of course you could also get it in what they call oatmeal thats a new colorway for this year in 2022., looks pretty interesting as well. Now, as far as the weight is concerned, the full hd model comes in at 1.4 kilograms or 3.09 pounds and the one with the 2.8 k or the 4k oled display, which is the one i have here. That starts at 1.48 kilograms or 3.26 pounds. So youre talking about a very slim and light ultra portable convertible here, not the lightest weve seen but definitely portable to take with you on the go.

Now we already checked out the port selection in that unboxing video, but for those that didnt see it on the left side im happy to report, there is a usba port, full size. You got ta love it next to that are two usbc thunderbolt 4 ports that are full function. They do data charge and display out moving over to the right side. Is your power button and next to that is a usbc 3.2 gen, 2 port and next to that, is your microphone headphone combo jack to round out the ports on this laptop and, as i mentioned in that last video, no micro sd card reader on this kind Of a miss in my book now theres a big difference between these two displays and lets get into it right now, because the one on the left has a 14 inch full hd ips display thats 1920 by 1200 thats, a 16 to 10 aspect ratio, its a Dolby vision display and can get as bright as 400 nits according to lenovo, the one on the right is the one we already took a look at in my unboxing video. That is an oled display with a 4k resolution, thats 3840 by 2400, and that, of course, is also a 16 to 10 aspect ratio which im a big fan of thats pretty good. Now these are both 60 hertz displays, with no option for higher refresh rate. One of my big negatives, taken away from that unboxing and first look review kind of wish if they had a 90 hertz or even 120 hertz option, even to pay more.

For that. I think that would have been a nice option to give the user. But having said that, the one on the right is also a dolby vision display, and it also has the hdr true black display on this. So if youre going to watch high dynamic range content on that one, that is a big advantage over the one on the left that ips display doesnt. Have that and therefore, if youre looking to really enjoy multimedia on this to consume media, especially in high dynamic range content, youre, definitely going to want to get the one on the right. Now. Let me preface this before we get into the actual numbers, with the fact that these are both excellent displays. But when you delve into the numbers youre going to see why the one on the right with its oled display with its higher resolution, is a much superior display, youre looking at better color accuracy with a lower delta e score, remember anything below two is considered color, Accurate both are good, but the one on the right is even better and it also has better coverage of the color gamut. So if youre a content, creator youre going to choose the one on the right, that is the better one for photoshop, color, grading, lightroom and, of course, video editing and both displays are rated at 400 nits. Now the one on the left, the ips full hd display, came in at 389 hits according to my measurements, and the 4k oled display came in at ‘7 nits, both very close to the claimed 400 nits.

So thats been pretty good, but keep in mind both are glossy displays. You will notice reflection and glare depending on your lighting conditions, but the bottom line is these are both excellent displays and if you dont want to spend the extra money youll be perfectly fine with that full hd ips display it is excellent in its own right. I already showed you how to get inside this laptop in my unboxing and first look review for those that didnt see it again ill leave a link in the description below, but its pretty easy. Just take your time and dont rush youll be fine. Getting inside this laptop once youre inside the one thing youre going to notice right away – and as i mentioned in that video is, the ram, is soldered into the motherboard, so make sure you get enough ram when youre checking out now. The good news is, it is lp ddr5 ram running in dual channel mode now my review unit that was sent by lenovo has 16 gigabytes of lp ddr5 ram and the one with the full hd resolution and the ips display has eight gigabytes of ram. Not quite enough, in my opinion here in 2022, but for some reason the performance on that one was actually a little bit better than the one, with the more ram very interesting were going to get into those numbers in just a little bit now. The good news is, you can upgrade the ssd now.

My review unit that was sent over by lenovo has a one terabyte of pcie nvme, gen, 4 ssd storage and, as you can see from these reads and writes, these are excellent speeds theres, no doubt about it, but the one i picked up with the 256 gigabytes Of ssd storage didnt do quite as well. These are respectable numbers, but not nearly as good as the speeds on that one terabyte ssd and as far as the wireless is concerned, they now move to wi fi 6e, along with bluetooth 5.2. Now this is soldered into the motherboard meaning you cannot change it down the road, but it is very good. All has worked very well. Okay lets talk about the performance and, as you can see, this core i7 1260p definitely did a lot better than last years model, especially in the multi core performance, but youre. Also seeing a bump in the xe graphics, as well as evidenced by the 3d mark fire strike and time spy scores, you definitely see a big improvement there as well and whats interesting about this chipset. It has 12 cores four performance cores and eight efficiency cores, and they all work together to give you a much better performance again, especially in that multi core performance, and for those wondering this is a 28 watt cpu and for those wondering here are the numbers. When you compare it to the yoga slim 7, carbon that i recently reviewed and im going to do a more in depth head to head, thats dropping in the next day or so so stay tuned.

And what was really interesting is the one, with the 8 gigabytes of ram actually did better in the single core performance than the one, with more ram with the 16 gigabytes of ram scoring 1708 versus 1447.. That was very interesting and it did better on the cinebench. R15, r20 and r23 test. Now when it comes to gaming, i want to make it very clear: this is not a gaming laptop because it only has integrated iris xc graphics, if you want better gaming, of course, invest in something with a discrete graphics card. But having said that, if you lower some of the settings, you can definitely get some playable frame rates on some of the more popular titles, but you always have the option of connecting an external gpu thanks to the two thunderbolt 4 ports that this has now, when Youre running this under heavy load, i didnt notice the surface temperatures getting overly hot and thats good. If you want to use it on your lap or on a sofa, its not going to burn your skin, so its actually remained pretty cool thats thanks to the two fans that this has internally and speaking of the fans when youre running it under the performance mode. You definitely will notice them kick in and theyre not too loud, so thats been pretty good, but they will be noticeable. Nonetheless, lets give it a listen and when it comes to the audio, this has squad speakers and what makes this stand apart from the rest of the laptops we review on this channel.

Is that that this has a rotating sound bar and it worked really well, it has dolby atmos helping with the spatial audio now lets, compare it to one of my favorite laptops. When it comes to audio, i think the best in the business i dont think theres any debate about that is the macbook pro 16.. Now i have the late 2019 edition and the sound on it has been excellent. Lets compare the two now keep in mind its not going to be as good as that 16 inch laptop, but for a 14 inch, convertible windows laptop, it is excellent. Lets give them a listen Music Music. Now, since this is a two in one convertible, you cant quite open it with one finger. The hinges are not designed to do that, but you could almost get it open, as you see there, but not quite okay lets talk about the keyboard and im really liking. This keyboard, its got nice tactile feedback, good key travel, not too shallow, which has been pretty good and has been working well for extended periods of typing for the past week that ive been using it and they have a new dedicated row that allows you to change A thermal profile allows you to blur the background on the webcam allows you to change. The audio profile allows you to switch between light and dark mode in the os and a fingerprint scanner is located below that, and it has a multi stage backlight that allows you to get work done in a dark room in a dimly lit environment.

It worked okay, and if you want to hear how it sounds in action, lets listen to the typing and it has a 45 bigger touch pad this time around. It was a precision, touch pad that had very responsive two finger scrolling and all the gestures worked as expected: excellent job lenovo, and this being a two in one convertible means you can put it into the different modes. The tent mode was great for recipes in the kitchen, consuming media, watching netflix, amazon and youtube, and the same could be said of the stand mode or what other people call as presentation mode worked really well, but of course, you could always put it into the tablet Mode great for use with the pen now the pen is included at no additional cost and it worked really well now. The difference between this years model and last years model is theres. No silo this time around to store it on the laptop and theres no place. Magnetically to store it either a little bit of a miss, but the benefit is you: do get a full size pen this time around, and that is a lot better for taking notes on sketching and artwork and they do give you a sleeve in every skew of This laptop, so you dont, have to worry about which model you get, that sleeve does have a place to store the pen so youre, not without a solution. Thats been pretty good and i have to say its a pretty good quality carrying sleeve with a nice material.

On it pretty durable so far, so we have an improved webcam this time around. They now move to a 1080p webcam full hd. So if youre going to do your zoom calls, if youre going to do your work from home needs, this should suffice. In fact, i actually think its pretty good. What do you think about the audio quality as well with the internal mics? What do you think about the video quality? Let me know in the comments section below now. This does have a couple of tricks up its sleeve, one of them being the fact that you can blur the background, as you see here, with the press of a button. That button, of course, is located on that sidebar and uh its actually pretty good. Pretty cool feature to have kind of like it. Let me know what you think about it in that comments section below, and there is a shutter switch. So if you want to turn it off for more security and privacy, you have that option. Okay lets talk about the battery life and we now have a bigger 75 watt hour battery thats up from the 60 watt hour battery from the last gen and as you can see, from the results on my continuous web surfing test over wi fi 150 nits. In the battery saving mode, the yoga 9i, with the 4k oled did 10 hours and 24 minutes and the full hd ips model did 13 hours and 36 minutes.

So its not surprising that the ips model outpaced the oled model, which consumes more power and also obviously burns a lot more power because it has more pixels to push with that 4k resolution. So what does this mean in real world mix usage? I think, if youre going to go with that 4k oled youre, looking at anywhere from seven to eight hours, whereas on the yoga 9i, with that full hd ips display youre, looking at anywhere from 9 to 10 hours, so definitely a better battery life result with that. Full hd ips display, but please keep in mind that everybodys use case is a little bit different, so your mileage may vary now. If you do need to plug in the supplied 65 watt usbc power adapter does support fast charging. Okay lets wrap it all up. What do i think about the lenovo yoga? 9I? 14, all new here for 2022, and i think lenovo hit it out of the ballpark with a home run here. Ladies and gentlemen, its that good, i love its fresh new look with its rounded corners very comfortable to hold i like the stylish design. I love the fact that it has that gorgeous 14 inch, uhd plus display oled display with its which is absolutely gorgeous, but even if you went with that full hd ips display, you wont, be disappointed its 400 nits on both and it worked really well. The two thunderbolt 4 ports that it has gives you a lot of functionality, the improved multi core performance and the improved xc graphics, definitely help out in that performance department.

I, like the bigger battery the 75 watt battery versus the smaller 60 watt hour from the last gen, so thats been pretty good. Outstanding rotating sound bar gives you that excellent audio full size pen this time around and a sleeve included, which has a place to store the pen now the things im not crazy about is the fact that the ram and the wi fi card are not upgradable, because Theyre soldered into the motherboard, the keyboard is a bit on the shallow side, but not a deal breaker by any stretch. I thought it was a really good keyboard and theres no sd card reader of any sort, no micro, sd card reader for that matter, and theres. No place to store the pen, neither inside the device with a silo or with a magnetic connection, but they do give you that sleeve, with the place to store the pen, so of course, youre not left without a solution. But theres a lot to love. Here. Ladies and gentlemen, im going to give this a score of 92, making the yoga 9i 14 gen 7 here for 2022., definitely worth your money. So what do you think about this bad boy? I really really liking it its my editors choice for the two in one convertible category here for 2022.. I know we have others coming in, but it is a little bit early, but im really liking. What im seeing here im curious to know what you think.

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