, its running the brand new 12th gen alder lake processor, the core i7 1260p and im very curious to See how this is going to perform uh, we got a 14 inch display its absolutely gorgeous its oled uhd plus resolution were going to get into that and more its now got a 16 to 10 aspect ratio. Its now got a 75 watt hour battery thats up from the 60 watt hour battery from the last gen, and it has a new design lets see if this all comes together to make this a winner, hey everybody its andrew, and this is my unboxing and first Look review of the brand new lenovo yoga 9i 14 inch running the brand new 12 gen alder lake p series processor coming up Music. Now before we get to the unboxing. I want to let everybody know in the interest of transparency and full disclosure im not being paid by lenovo im, not being sponsored by lenovo. All the opinions youre about to hear are my own. Lenovo is not getting copy approval. That means youre seeing this video for the first time, just like you now, this review unit was provided by lenovo and once this review is done, ill be sending it back. Pricing for the yoga 9i starts at 12, 32 49 over at lenovos website for those interested ill leave a link in the description below for more information, and we can buy one now that one comes with the full hd plus display, and that has a little bit Different specs than the one i have here today i have the oled uhd plus resolution on mine.

I dont have exact pricing on this unit just yet, but as soon as i get any information ill, let everybody know and with that out of the way lets find out what you get inside. The box lets open it up, Music and right off the bat im. Loving the inclusion of a sleeve – this is great for carrying this portable around with you, and that is always a nice touch. No additional cost and the material is pretty nice. It has a good feel to it. It looks like it can hold up over time. Well see, and it does have a place to store the pen were going to talk more about this sleeve a little bit later in this video. Now the unit itself is included in a smaller box within and well get to that in just a moment, and they include a pretty compact 65 watt usbc power adapter, and they also give you the extension cord and lets get to that inner box. Lifting the lid reveals the unit itself and it is a little bit heavier than last years model. This one comes in at 1.48 kilograms or 3.26 pounds. This is interesting. They give you the pen its a full size pen this time around, but there is no place to store it within the device. Well talk about that in a little bit. All right lets talk about the design and there are some design changes here. This time around.

Theyve now gone to rounded corners, rounded edges. Instead of those sharp edges from the last model, and these are welcome changes. I, like the design language here, its really nice to hold. It feels better in the hands in terms of more comfortable again, you dont have those jagged edges, sticking into the palms of your hand when youre holding it. So these are really nice changes in terms of the design. Now this is an all metal design and its a very sleek and modern look theres, no doubt about it, and the build construction is excellent, with very little if any flex in the chassis so very nicely done here. As far as the colorware is concerned, lenovo sent the storm gray, but you could also get it in this new color called oatmeal. One thing ill have to get used to is not having the pen within the device. Theres no place to store it on the device. Not magnetically theres, no silo like we used to get so thats a little bit of a negative. Now the trade off is, of course, you do get a full size pen, so thats pretty good in that regard, and the sleeve does have a place to store the pen, so they have a solution, at least not the best solution, but a solution. Nonetheless, okay lets check out the ports and were gon na start off. On the left side, we get one usba 3.2 port, which is really nice to see on a thin and light convertible like we have here and then next to that are two full function: usbc thunderbolt, 4 ports and these are going to full service data charge and Display out moving over to the right side is your power button, a usbc, 3.

2 gen, 2 port and then next to that is a 3.5 millimeter microphone, headphone combo jack, notably missing theres, no hdmi theres, no sd card reader of any sort, a little bit of a Negative but again a thin and light laptop im, not surprised now to get inside this laptop youre going to need to remove the torx screws that are on the exterior. And then there are three phillips head screws that are underneath a rubber strip which is easily put back on. So dont worry once you do that use a pry tool or guitar pick or work around the edges to take off the bottom plate, and once you do that youre in now, unfortunately, you cant upgrade the ram its soldered into the motherboard, but it is running lp. Ddr5 ram and my review unit has 16 gigabytes of ram thats the most you can go with this. I didnt see an option for 32 gigabytes, at least not yet so something to be aware of now. As far as the ssd, they are using a pcie gen. 4, which gives you some excellent reads and writes, as you can see from these results, and the good news is that ssd is user replaceable and it has wi fi 6e, along with bluetooth 5.2 and its working well on both fronts, and it is soldered into the Motherboard, so you wont be able to upgrade it later on, but again wi fi 6e is welcome. Addition now, while were inside youll notice, that it has a 75 watt hour battery thats up from the 60 watt hour from the last gen.

So a nice increase in terms of the battery capacity well see how the battery life is, especially with this oled display. Now it is running 60 hertz, so it wont use as much as something with a higher refresh rate. Well talk about that soon, but im expecting decent battery life. Once i do do the testing, i will let everybody know and bring you the results in the full review. Now it does have two fans for cooling and so far its remained pretty cool. I still have a lot more testing in terms of the thermals to see if this thermal throttles and so forth, but as you can see it, doesnt get overly hot in terms of the surface temperatures again, ive just had this less than 24 hours. Give me time to test and for those wondering you could probably open it with one finger for the most part, but because this is a convertible. The way the hinges are designed: youre not going to get it that smoothly, but it does pretty much open with one finger now there are some changes to the keyboard and most notably, there is a dedicated row with some specialized buttons. You get the smart power button which changes the different profiles in terms of the thermal profiles. Then you get the background. Blur thats for the camera well show that in a moment – and you get the vibe check that changes the sound profile and then you get the color mode which changes the different color modes.

You can get with this display and the keyboard itself is actually really good. Im liking it a lot so far it has those familiar smile, shaped keys. It has the good tactile feedback, decent key travel, although it is a bit on the shallow side, not unexpected in a thin and light ultra portable, and this is what the keyboard sounds like when youre typing on it has a multi stage. Backlight that allows you to get work done in a dark room in a dimly, lit environment and worked okay, and it has a glass precision touch pad that i thought was nicely sized and it was very responsive when it comes to scrolling when it comes to gestures. No complaints so far, now this being a two in one convertible means you could put it into the different modes. You got the tent mode, which is great for consuming media, watching netflix, amazon, youtube recipes in the kitchen and the same could be said of the stand mode or what i call the presentation mode. Then, of course you could always put it into the tablet mode. This is great for use with the pen, but at over three pounds, its a little bit heavy to hold in your hand. So, after a period of time, you might want to put it on your table or desk itll be more comfortable. All right lets talk display and what were looking at here is a 14 inch uhd plus resolution thats 3840 by 2400.

And yes, this is a move to a 16 to 10 aspect. Ratio gone is a 16 to nine, and this is a welcome addition, because you get a taller nature more vertical nature in this display, which helps with productivity youll, see more on the display. Youll do less scrolling when it comes to web browsing youll, see more. On word documents and the like – i like that, now its also a very bright display. Now this i measured very close to 400. Its actually got ‘7 nits close to the 400 claim, but one thing to note: it is a glossy display. You will notice some glaring reflections in certain lighting conditions, but it hasnt been too bad, but just something to be aware of now its also a color accurate display with a 0.94 delta e score. Remember anything below two means its color accurate. This certainly doesnt disappoint its excellent. It also has excellent coverage of the color gamut 100 srgb 97 adobe rgb 93 of the dci, p3 wide color gamut and 91 ntsc makes this an excellent choice. If you are a content creator looking to do, lightroom, photoshop, color, grading, video, editing and the like, this is an excellent choice, and it also is a dolby vision display so watching high dynamic range content on this has been great. Now, this being an oled display means you get the really deep, blacks, the super, vibrant colors. The excellent contrast and everything looks just so good on this, the colors just pop off the display now youll notice, the slight reverse notch on the top.

That gives you a little bit of a latch to open this laptop up thats the first function, for it second function. Of course it houses the webcam. We got an upgraded webcam, its now 1080p, its a two megapixel webcam, its also ir meaning you can log in with face recognition, and it also has a shutter switch for more security and privacy. Now lets see it in action to get an idea of the quality. So this is the front facing camera and whats different here. This is a 1080p camera thats good news. So if you want to get better quality, video and audio well talk about that later on, but you also get some buttons on this and theres one particular button that allows you to blur the background. As you see here so uh thats pretty interesting, and if you press it again turns it off very, very interesting. A few other features well get into in the full review. But what do you think about the video quality and what do you think about the audio quality? Let me know – and this also has a fingerprint scanner located on that dedicated row we talked about earlier setup – was easy and registered my finger each and every time i used it now. This has dolby atmos speakers and thats going to help with the spatial audio its been excellent on this. But what really sets this apart, like its predecessors, is that rotating sound bar, so it doesnt matter which position youre in youre always going to get the maximum sound out of it.

The best sound out of it lets give it a listen into the different modes Music. So, Music, so Music. Now this is my first look at the brand new alder lake processor, a 12th gen processor from intel the p series which is brand new. This is the intel core. I7: 1260p, a 12 core 16 thread 28 watt cpu and, as you can see, where youre seeing the real benefit, the big increase over the prior generation is, of course, in multi core performance and, judging by the 3d mark time, spy and fire strike scores the xc Graphics are improved as well, and this is going to be even more efficient than the prior processor. Of course, i just got. I need to test the battery life, the thermals and everything else that comes with that stay tuned. That will be coming in my full review. Now this is pretty interesting: it has 12 cores 16 threads. The performance cores are four cores. Eight threads and the efficient cores are eight cores, with eight threads for a total tdp of 28 watts, so very, very interesting stuff. So far, and judging from this pc mark 10, which is a good indicator of everyday use, microsoft, office, email, web browsing, video conferencing consuming media will all work well and judging by these fire strike score and the time spy score of 3d mark youre going to have Improved gaming, as well with the integrated xe graphics ill, have more of that once i get testing underway, okay, so far so good.

Ladies and gentlemen, the brand new yoga 9i 14 here for 2022, has impressed me. I, like the improved performance, were getting out of this p series: 12th gen alder lake processor, the core i7 1260p, has been impressive. I like the move to the lp ddr5 ram. I like the fact that its using gen 4 ssd storage, which is really really fast. I absolutely love the move to a 16 to 10 aspect ratio and speaking of that display its a 14 inch display. That is absolutely gorgeous with a uhd plus resolution, its an oled display everything just pops, the really deep blacks everything youd expect with an oled display is there we have an improved camera as well its now a two megapixel 1080p full hd camera. That has a few tricks up its sleeve. Well talk more about that soon, but very welcome edition. Indeed, the negatives that im seeing so far ram and wi fi are not use upgradable. Just like the last gen. The keyboard is a bit on the shallow side, but overall its been pretty good, no sd card reader. There wasnt one last time either would have been nice to have one, but the biggest negative i take away. Is that theres no place to store the pen? The silo is gone, but they do give you that sleeve, that does have a place to store the pen. So there is a solution at the end of the day, but theres a lot to like here.

Ladies and gentlemen, very very impressive, and i look forward to putting it through its paces for my full review that will be coming very soon. So what do you think about this bad boy? And here it is in its sleeve – and i got ta say super impressed with it. Now you do get the full size pen, as we see here, uh thats, a change over the last gen. The trade off, of course, is theres nowhere to store it in the device itself like we used to so youll have to store it here on the side. It also charges via usbc thats, another change, the other pen that would store in it. The smaller one would charge in that silo as well, so a change in the direction as far as where to store and charge the pen. Now, as far as the design, as we talked about in the video more rounded edges here, as we saw in the video uh, less harsh, less sharp edges, a very nice design statement, theyre making with this all metal design, great construction on this, you wont have to Worry about any flex or bend in the chassis, its a really rock solid, build quality, and i like the fact that it comes in this beautiful storm gray finish. But there is a new color called oatmeal, as we showed in the video now it does have the sound bar, which obviously is a carryover from the previous generations, and the benefit of course, is not only does it have the spatial audio with the dolby atmos in Terms of the sound, but you also get great sound, no matter which mode youre in whether youre in a 10 mode presentation, mode, tablet, mode or even, of course, laptop mode.

Youre going to get the benefit of a rotating sound bar and the sound was good. As you saw in the video, they now have a bigger battery in this 75 watt hours, as opposed to the 60 watt hours. You got last time so im expecting better battery life, but this is an oled display. Keep that in mind, so there might be the wash in terms of the battery life, but of course i need to do my full testing to see the actual results so stay tuned. Now, as far as the performance out of that 12th gen alder lake p series, the i7 1260p looking pretty good, especially where im seeing a big big improvement. More than 50 percent improvement is in the multi core performance. Single core is pretty much similar and the iris xc graphics are a little bit better this time around, but im thinking were going to see. Also efficiency. Cooling is going to be better with this 12th gen p series processor, but of course the proof is in the pudding, stay tuned ill, bring you all the numbers. So let me know if you have any questions or anything you want me to test in that upcoming. Full review leave a comment in that comment section below so please hit the like button. Please subscribe. Please share this. Video dont forget to leave a comment in that comment section below. Let me know how im doing. Let me know if theres a device or something out there, you think i should review ill, do my best to try to make that happen.

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