This is my channel PC monkey. Where I bring you a wide variety of do it yourself, computer upgrade and repair videos in this video Im going to show you how to access or replace your solid state drive in a Lenovo Yoga. 9 series laptop computer before we begin guys two quick things. First, please remember to like share subscribe. If this video was helpful, if I do help you through an issue – and you feel like supporting the channel a little more, please feel free to leave a super thanks. Even a couple bucks goes a long way to me, making these videos and staying on hand as much as possible for questions or comments. If you have a question check the FAQs Below in the description first, it could save you some time getting an answer. If you do have to leave me a question or comment, I do try to get to those at least a couple times a day. Second and lastly, a quick shout out to my sponsor nice hash icehash is the worlds largest hash power Marketplace. What that means for you is you can now rent out your computers unused power online to people who mine cryptocurrency and they pay you for that in Bitcoin, its a great way to earn some money on the side, its a great way to start getting into the World of crypto, you can check them out here or Ill fill you in a little more at the end of the video now lets get into the project.

The exact model of the laptop Im using is a one four eye tl5, but it should apply to any yoga 9 series computer all right, so Ive got my Lenovo Yoga flipped over its off its unplugged, its sitting on an anti static pad either a pad or An anti static bracelet will go a long way to limiting the chances of you damaging things in a computer when you open it up. I also have my small flat metal pry tool and a small hex driver, if you guys need any help. Finding equipment for your repair check out the link above um itll, be a link to my Amazon store, where I keep a lot of stuff that I use in my shop to give you guys an idea of what you may need. So I see some screws here and four on the bottom Im going to take those out now with my hex driver and I think thats all I need to do to get this bottom panel off well see you guys will notice that the two screws on top Were way longer, then these little screws in the bottom. So keep that in mind when you go to put this thing back together, all right. Those are all my screws Im going to take. My small pry tool now go along the bottom and very carefully see if I can pop this panel off dont put the pry tool in too far. You dont want to damage components, just go around and put as little bit of it in as you can.

Okay Im, just going to double check inside now make sure theres no ribbons or anything that I need to not break okay. It looks like Im all set so Im just going to pop this panel off there we go so yeah. Those screws are all you need to do to take that bottom panel off and heres the inside. It actually looks like a typical yoga visual battery down there. Its held in by two screws there a screw there and maybe a screw there, and then it plugs into your motherboard here here are your speakers? Heres, your motherboard, your heat sink assembly with your fans and theres your solid state drive, as you can see, theres no Ram its integrated into your motherboard with these computers. So you cannot take your RAM out easily make a note theres a Lenovo sticker there. On top of a motherboard screw thats, so they know if youve gotten at it. So just like we turned the computer off and unplugged it. The name of the game was protecting. Your equipment is making sure theres no power in it. So the first thing were going to do is take out your battery were going to unscrew it and then unplug it from the motherboard Im going to unscrew these four screws and see if the battery comes up again, keep these screws separate from your other screws, most Components: battery motherboard bottom case: all the screws are different sizes, so keep these screws separate and know what they go to also as a little hint you can see on the battery.

There are these white arrows or triangles they point to the screws, so just to make sure yep comes up now to take it out out of the battery port Ill zoom in a little bit. So it looks like a black plug at the end of these wires plugs into this metal port on the motherboard. So Im going to take a plastic pry tool. Now not a metal one and Im going to gently pull back on on the battery and gently pry board the black plug as Im pulling so there you go so thats how the battery comes out access. A solid state drive its right there, its got one screw in it. Im gon na unscrew that and then it pops up and just pulls out of the port, like that. So to access to your motherboard, youd want to First remove your heatsink assembly thats. These two fans and the connection, so you can see the screws on those you would take out your heatsink assembly and then to access your motherboard. If you see on the corners of where the screws are this little white triangles or arrows, those are motherboard screws. So you can follow all those along as a white triangle. There white triangle there. It shows you which screws you need to access your motherboard. So, to put these things back in were going to slide as a long port and a short port slide that back in nice and secure nice and level, push it down and then well replace that screw and bring the battery back over or line up that plug And use two fingernails on either side push that back in and then well set our battery in there and then well put back in our battery screws and bring back over the bottom case.

That top part was last and then just pushed down on the edges. All right visually, its all smooth, nothings poking out so now were going to put back in the four small screws that went out front there. You go thats how you would access the solid state drive in a Lenovo Yoga 9 laptop computer. Please like share subscribe. If this helped you out, if you want to support my channel a little further, please feel free to leave a super thanks and, as promised at the beginning of the video, a little more info on my sponsor nicehash, as mentioned nicehash is the worlds largest hash power Marketplace and again what that means is you can take your computers, unused untapped power and rent it out to people online who mine various kinds of cryptocurrency you get paid for that in Bitcoin. It is a great way to get some money on the side with no work, its a great way to start investigating the world of crypto, with no risk to your investment. Youve already bought the computer youre already paying the electricity its a great way to do this. Its a fun world, you can use their website to hold your money on their wallets. You can use their research tools to research other cryptocurrencies and you can even use their exchange to trade for other cryptocurrencies again, if you want any more information, feel free to click. The link above or leave me a message thanks so much for watching guys.