So this is a not so expensive, but also not so cheap. Two in one windows – convertible laptop, so it’s a tough space to be in, but i think actually a desirable one, because this is significantly under a thousand dollars and it’s, a very nice laptop for the price we’re going to look at it now so the model we Have is probably the definitely in fact the sweet spot if you’re going to be considering this machine, it has a core i5 8 gigs of ram and a 512 gig ssd, a full hd display, which is your only display option. We’Ll talk about the display in detail. A bit later and that’s 7.99, so you get a premium: aluminum sandblasted chassis, it’s, available in a kind of grayish, brownish color, or the moss green color and it’s a staid looking laptop you’re not buying this, for the flashy looks like a spectre x360 or something like That, but it is built very well and nice and rigid all that sort of thing, so good that for the price, also for the price you get thunderbolt 4 two thunderbolt four ports backward compatible with thunderball three it’s, a slightly faster evolution of thunderball three, but usually You have to spend a thousand dollars and up to get thunderball ports again. Then convertible so that’s, good too it’s a touchscreen display, since it is a 360 degree, hinge convertible and it also supports the lenovo active pen too, or any wacom aes active pen.

So that’s nice to have that’s not in the box. The active pen 2 sells for 80.. You might find other aes pen protocol pens for a little bit less than that, but it’s there for you. If you want to take notes inside, we have intel 11th, gen cpus, so good that ultrabook cpu, quad core and intel iris, xc graphics, which was one of the bigger improvements for intel 11th gen xc graphics, are a lot faster than the old intel, uhd graphics. We saw in ultrabooks and previous generations, though, oddly here, while the cpu does as well as some core i7s in the 11th gen, which means very good performance here. The the gpu, the integrated gpu, actually doesn’t, benchmark as well and perform as well in games, which is kind of odd. Does it have to do something with the power management or what i don’t know what it is we’re, not the only ones who’ve seen this also. I mean ultrabooks really aren’t for gaming per se, but if you were intending to push it hard for something like that, it then it might not be your choice. Machine sits above laptops like the lenovo flex, 5, the flex line of laptops in terms of quality and appointments, but below the lenovo yoga 9i, which basically replaces the c940 series and that one has a sound bar for those who really like better sound and also comes In 14 and 15 inches like this one, we are looking at the 14 inch one here with the 9i, and we will be reviewing that that one’s an interesting one.

The 14 inch is an ultrabook with ultrabook cpus, but the 15 inch is much more powerful. With h, series, processors and pretty good, dedicated graphics, so lenovo has all the lines covered, but that 14 inch 9i. If you’re thinking about stepping up for the the sound bar and some more creature comforts that one starts at about 1200. So, with a core i5, it is more money isn’t. It though, since the chassis is much like the c740, the keyboard is much like you too, which is a short travel and a little mushy it’s, not my favorite keyboard it’s not unusable or anything, but you’re not going to buy this for the keyboard. This is no thinkpad folks, it’s, backlit and white. The trackpad on it behaves perfectly well and it’s good. So the display on this is full hd, which is fine for a 14 inch display. Honestly, it’s ips it’s glossy, not ultra glarey, though like some hp spectres, are, for example, again supports pen and touch, and the pen behaves pretty well on this so i’m, using a lenovo, thinkpad, pen and jittery lines. Not so much really we’ve had pretty good slow diagonal lines, which are usually the most wavery in set a word in digital pens, so it’s, fine for note taking and even some if hobby, arts kind of work i this is not the brightest display it’s only rated At 300 nits according to lenovo, we measured it at 275 nits.

So this is definitely i’m going to use it at home in my not wildly bright home, or something like that, if you need to use this outdoors, no pick a different laptop. Obviously the color gamut on this is pretty good, though you’ve got your basic full srgb coverage and a little bit better than average on p3 gamut coverage. Contrast on this is pretty decent as well, so other than that, and the color accuracy is good too other than the fact that it doesn’t get that bright. This panel is pretty nice and, like all the novo panels, are labeled as len short for lenovo, something or other, but this one is made by bohitis, who makes a lot of laptop displays. This has up firing speakers surrounding the keyboard, deck yeah that that’s always better. Less muffled sound and they’re two odd speakers and they’re, pretty good, mid range and high end, as you would expect for a smaller ultrabook is fine. Um bass, there’s, not a whole lot of it again: there’s the lenovo soundbar and the 9i, or headphones or external speakers. If you’re, looking for um for your kind of sound but it’s, not bad honestly laptop has your usual okay, 720p webcam, but it does have a physical privacy switch right there. You slide it and see little red dots, so it blocks it. So you won’t have any accidental whoopsies over zoom for security has a fingerprint scanner. There is no windows, hello, ir camera.

This is an intel evo, certified laptop that’s, intel’s latest marketing name for something with an 11th gen cpu a good size battery inside that has quick, wake from sleep and intel wi fi, 6 ax201. So, yes, it has intel wi, fi, 6 and bluetooth 5, as well speaking of that battery it’s a 71 watt hour. Well, that’s, how you get good battery life then, and you just have a core i5 ultrabook cpu and a not very bright full hd display there’s a recipe for good battery life and doing mixed testing, which means web browsing some office work a little photo editing. A little streaming, video with brightness set to 150 nits, we did get 9 to 10 hours, and if you really want to match your power more aggressively, you can get longer that’s, pretty good and obviously they claim longer run times than that even that’s, usually for streaming. Video tests, where typically you do get longer battery life versus mixed actual real world use, it has a 65 watt charger. Another requirement is fast charging for intel evo certification, so you can top up about 40 of the battery in about 40 minutes or so, if not quicker, that’s good, as well in terms of heat and fan noise um, really, unless you’re really pushing it hard and doing Gaming or trying to do 3d rendering things that are really pushing ultra out of ultrabook territory there in terms of performance expectations, the keyboard area will get warm but not burning hot and the underside won’t get hot hotter than human body temperature, but not like burning hot.

So they manage it well, it has a single fan instead of two small fans, and i kind of prefer that, because the two small fans tend to sound a little bit whiny and hissy, and this one you’ll hear it if you push it hard, but it sounds Kind of like a normal laptop fan, but most of the time, it’s not really roaring or anything like that. The temperature management here is pretty good to get inside. You just unscrew the torx t5 screws and you can use a guitar pick to pry it up or suction cup, to make it a little easier. There are plastic clips, but nothing that hard. Obviously we have our ventilation over here, so the underside looks like and no surprise like most all ultrabooks on the market. Ram is soldered on board. You can get either 8 or 16 gigs of ddr4 3200 megahertz ram. You can’t upgrade it after the fax, so get the amount that you want. This is our m.2 ssd, so that is upgradable and there is the slot right there. If you want, ours is a samsung and obviously the heatsink right here, and this is pretty good sized fan and it does help keep the fan noise not too high. Pitched and grading, like i said and that’s our intel wi fi ax 201 card. There wi fi six, your backup battery, as ever with laptops and here’s the battery, which is quite large and the up firing speaker, modules, here’s the bottom side of them on each side.

So that’s the lenovo yoga 7i again currently 7.99 on lenovo’s website and for that it’s a good buy. Certainly the core i7 gets kind of expensive at around 11 or 1200 dollars. So i wouldn’t go there as much, but this not like might not be the most exciting, looking laptop you’ve ever seen, but the quality is here, the the build. The durability is nice and to get thunderball 4 for the price it’s going to touch me with pen support as well that’s a very competent display, just not a very bright display, it’s nice and you even have a so called legacy, usb a port so you’re, not Just completely consigned to dongle hell it’s decent enough for the price. Certainly i’m lisa from mobile tech review be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel for more cool tech, videos and thumbs up.