If you’ve been watching my channel for a while, then you know i love laptops. Lenovo laptops have been really reliable for me over the years, so today, we’re going to review the lenovo yoga 7i 15 inch. This is a two in one laptop, so the obvious advantage to this style over a clamshell is the flexibility in both literal and technical terms. I’Ll leave all the details and affiliate links below in the video description. You can get this laptop for a starting price of 950 bucks for your money. You get the new intel evo, core i5 cpu intel, iris, xc, graphics, 8, gigs of ram and a 256 gig ssd. My review unit, however, is a bit of an upgrade with 12 gigs of ram the intel core i7 tiger lake cpu and a brighter display. This is another machine that wasn’t made for you to upgrade yourself down the road. So if you do decide to buy it, get the configuration you’re confident you can live with. Luckily there’s wi, fi, 6 and bluetooth 5 on board. So you don’t have to worry about replacing that module in the future. Let’S take a quick look at the ports on the right. You’Ll find the power button and two usb type a ports on the left. We have two thunderbolt 4 ports and the headphone microphone combo jack. It really would have made this a more well rounded laptop for me as a creator. If there was an sd card slot in an hdmi port but having two full featured thunderbolt 4 ports makes the blow less painful.

You can’t ask for everything on a convertible ultrabook, so this is sporting. A 15.6 inch 1920×1080 ips touchscreen. This one is the hdr version. Measured in at about 500 nits of brightness, there is a base model without dolby vision that measures in at 250 nits. If it fits within your budget. I highly recommend getting the upgraded display. Overall. This is a nice punchy and color accurate screen covering 100 srgb. A matte display would be nice, but almost all the screens i’ve used that are hdr certified, have a glossy finish. You will have to accept some glare but that’s, not abnormal there’s. No 4k screen option on this model. While i don’t particularly like that most people, won’t care texts, photos movies, everything looks sharp. We do have pen support here, including the lenovo active pen in the box, would have been nice, but you can pick it up for an additional 45 bucks. I have two other lenovo pens i use with my thinkpads and they work great on this display sketching. Taking notes and signing documents is a breeze. This is a convertible laptop, so the hinged design matters i haven’t had any creaks or pops. So using this in tablet, mode or tint mode is no issue. I can’t properly comment on durability. After just a couple of months of use, so ask me in another six months or so how it’s holding up right below the display. We have the user facing dolby atmos, speaker system, it’s, two two watt speakers and they sound good.

They get loud and don’t suffer from that muffled sound. You get from a lot of bottom firing. Speakers there’s no mind blowing bass response, but for watching movies and casual music enjoyment they’re more than adequate. The 720p webcam here is not windows, hello enabled other than that. It’S, a normal laptop webcam that will get you through your video calls and it does have a privacy shutter. If you want to use windows, hello, we do get the fingerprint reader here on the palm rest, it works. Well. I actually like this keyboard, it’s full size and it’s backlit. It even has the number pad which is missing on a lot of laptops this size. As for the typing experience, it’s, not a thinkpad keyboard, but it has good key travel. It doesn’t feel too shallow. Even with the number pad here, it doesn’t feel cramped at all. I like it so the trackpad glides smoothly and it clicks in the places you expect, but i do wish you were bigger, there’s enough room here on the palm rest for a larger trackpad. Overall, i, like the design of this yoga at 4.19 pounds or 1.9 kilograms, is not the lightest laptop out here. The weight is something to consider if you’re planning to use this as a tablet. At any point, my review unit is the dark, moss color, but it’s also available in slate gray, it’s growing on me it’s an all metal build, so it feels sturdy and i don’t foresee any catastrophic hardware failures based on my previous experience with lenovo machines.

Your mileage may vary, though. I found the performance to be really good in everyday tasks, using the intel evo powered i7 in this laptop, your normal web browsing watching movies and videos, school assignments, working with the full suite of microsoft applications. They all work great without hiccup, pushing both the cpu and integrated graphics even further with photo and video editing, didn’t the yoga, a 7i. If you’re serious about video editing – and you want this laptop, i suggest picking up the max amount of ram, which is 16 gigs for those that are wondering. Yes, you can game on this laptop. Of course, the intel iris xc graphics, won’t offer performance like a dedicated gpu, but casual gamers can enjoy playable frame rates on a lot of games. Almost every thinner profile laptop will have some compromises so that’s, nothing new. If you’re a student, a parent with a student, a working, professional or just the consumer that wants an ultrabook with good battery life, this one has a lot to offer. Speaking of battery life, i consistently get 10 hours out of this one it’s a 71 watt hour battery and as long as i didn’t max out the brightness, it was consistent. My testing of battery life, isn’t scientific. I just go through a normal real day. In my life, whether i’m doing class assignments or working my nine to five from home, once the battery does get low, you can use the included 65 watt charger that does support rapid charge.

You will hear the fans when they kick in during any heavy tasks like editing video. In my opinion, the fans are effective for handling the thermals and i didn’t experience thermal throttling that was noticeable in my workflow. Like i mentioned, there are some improvements that could be made in upcoming models: a larger trackpad, a 4k display option and maybe even an sd card slot, but i still recommend this machine at this price. Plus lenovo is always having some kind of sell on their website. Just remember, if you decide to pick this laptop up, you will have to buy the active pins separately if you want it, i’ll leave the affiliate links below for you to check out that’s, going to wrap it up for this one. If you like, this video hit the like button, if you feel like it jump down in the comments section, and let me know you like it, if you haven’t already and want to show your support, don’t forget to subscribe and make sure you tap the bell icon.