16.. All right, so 16 inch display its a yoga, which means it can flip and fold all the way around since its a 16 incher, its going to have a larger than average trackpad. Its also going to have a little bit more, i o, which ill show you in a second and it does come with the 12th gen intel processors and a pretty good speaker, setup powered by dolby, atmos or dolby vision. Outmouse now i dont know dolby something or other fingerprint for login no facial recognition, but there are some models that do have that and the total package is actually something very impressive, its its thick, but not in a uncomfortable or a burdensome way and its made out Of pure metal, so it feels really good to the touch sort of like a macbook or a razor blade, but has soft, rounded edges so its not going to cut into your palms or to your wrist or anything like that. I really like the design. More than anything, as far as functionality goes, you know its really up to you and how you use your laptop if a yoga makes sense to you. Okay lets start with the physical tour. So again, 16 inch has nice soft, rounded edges all the way around. So, even on the top here, you can kind of see it. This rounded edge it rounds into the flat top, so its not a rectangle its more of a round, and it feels really good.

So, as far as i o is concerned, i got this sucker plugged in because i just drained the battery so full size, hdmi out usb a thunderbolt and thunderbolt and then and then a regular sd card slot. So you can charge from either one of these. But youre going to charge faster on this guy and thats what ive been using on the back. We have ventilation. This is part of a new design language from lenovo for the yoga series i like the way it looks. It looks like a i dont kind of like jordys visor, which is i dont know better than any other star trek thats come out in the last 10 years and then on this side. Weve got our power button. This one is really well balanced with the rest of the chassis it doesnt stick out really at all. If it does, i cant tell and its not too recessed at all, either sort of like flush is the word im looking for. It feels really good and its nice and stealth, another usba and a headphone jack. There is no real taper to this um, except that the hinge is thicker than the front lip. So you dont have like a a machined hinge. If that makes sense like the display is uniform all the way across the bottom chassis. Actually it is wedged. Look at that. I finally noticed it is wedged okay cool, so you do have a full wedge on the bottom as well, but overall it looks really good on the front.

Nothing too special. There is the new lip here from lenovo, which is helpful, because if you look at it from this angle, it gives you something to grip when youre opening the laptop up and youre going to need that, because two and ones are notorious in my household. I guess i dont know where else shirts notorious elsewhere too, for being difficult to one hand open now, the one hand open i dont, know who invented. This is like a thing, but it is kind of cool when you can lift a laptop up and it just opens, but this isnt one. Now, if you work this hinge for a few weeks or months that might change but no guarantee on that out of the box, it is a stiff hinge, which kind of makes sense. You want to have a nice tight hinge for when you actually need to grab the display and flip it put it into one of those. Various yoga poses okay, full size keyboard with the number pad on the right hand, side and multi function, keys, im, a big fan of dedicated media keys too so play and pause, stop and then left and right track or advance and on the bottom side, no real Influence here from the thinkpad line, its a totally different keyboard from what youll find in the thinkpads, but it does still feel good, theres, no nub. Their function and control are in what well call their proper place.

I guess not, if youre coming from the thinkpad and you get a nice big trackpad as well now coming from the z series thinkpads, which ive been reviewing its kind of hard to go back to a regular trackpad. So you know a trackpad where you cant. Just click anywhere right, theres, no haptic feedback or magnets thats a little bit bizarre, but its okay. If youre used to glass track pads from lenovo or hp or any other brand, except for apple or the new z series, then youll feel right at home. Its a good track pad it just doesnt have that next generation feel, like the z series does, and if you dont know what im talking about quick story, the new z series think pads, which are expensive their think pads. They have these new, like haptic motors underneath the trackpad, so you can click anywhere. You can adjust the sensitivity in the settings and stuff its really really cool. In my opinion, okie dokie. So uh next thing is the speakers. Weve got speakers up front. We also have bottom firing speakers down here. The speakers sound, pretty darn cool cool, pretty good, so overall, its a quad speaker setup, which is not normal lets, give it a go right now i have dolby atmos, disabled and well give it a listen Music. All right now, im gon na go back into dolby atmos and change it to balanced the equalizer that is and come right back and back to dolby atmos go with a warm setting Music boom.

Okay. So if you heard any differences, youre amazing, i cant really hear much in terms of differences but im just not an audio guy. So there you have it really good speakers, especially for a windows based machine. It is a backlit keyboard. I forgot to mention that, but now we need to talk about the display. So since its a yoga you can fold it on its back like that which makes reviewing a lot easier. So here we go touch screen, but so heres the thing when you have a touchscreen windows device. I think a lot of people want these devices for pen input and this does support the lenovo active pen. However, it doesnt come with an active pen. Now the active pen is not expensive, i think its 30 40, something like that and it hasnt changed much over the years. So if you can find one open box or refurbished or something like that, you could save a couple of dollars too, but its not included thats a bit of a disappointment. Now past yogas have included the pens not just in the box, but also in the chassis. So thered be a slot in the chassis where you can eject the pen now ive criticized that slot in the past, because it tends to be a metal on metal sound like the pen we made out of metal, which feels really nice. But when you put it in and pull it out it just kind of scrapes scratches and makes this irritating sound.

So i guess weve been spared from that. But unfortunately, if you need a pen, you have to buy a pen separately and although you can walk into a store like best buy and pick up a yoga line, you cant find the pens there im sure there are some third party pens that may work. But you know i dont have any of those im, not testing those at the end of the day, youre going to want a pen youre going to have to buy it, probably from lenovo alright. So there are some models that support windows, hello, facial recognition. This is not one of those models, although this one does include the cover for the camera, which is pretty nice. Its a manual cover all right in terms of specs lets just fire up the about section. We are running on the 12th generation intel processor, so it is a i7 1260p with 16 gigs of ram and it is not user replaceable, but i do believe this one has an extra slot well have to find out about that and running on windows. 11.. So performance well its been pretty good, so you saw that i was in youtube a second ago, and i did i closed that i dont remember closing that anyway, you can go to a site. It loads. Pretty fast im on wi fi 6 over here lets go to the gw, and here we are, i mean it is really nice to have a big screen like this.

I got ta say, and you know the touch works very well. You can zoom in and out and its pretty responsive. As far as handwriting goes, since i dont have an active pen to use im, not sure, but some of the technical configurations of devices that make pen input really good is when they have a high refresh rate and a low latency. But this one it its. Not a high refresh rate 60 hertz, which is totally fine for your business stuff, but its going to help with your battery life, but it doesnt have id, be really surprised. This has like low latency for um pen input, so its a touch sampling rate thats. What i was trying to come up with touch sampling rate – oh hey cat, lasso season. Three lets go so anyhow um. I do like this device for people who want that flexibility, but again being at 16 inches its kind of a tank, so the specs are 9.83 inches by 14.23 inches by 0.76. The depth is 0.76 and the whole package weighs 4.2 pounds. I think its 4.19, so thats, not a heavy laptop right, weighs about as much as a macbook pro but the 16 inch, but its also not so light that you can easily maneuver it right, youre standing up and you want to use the screen. So you as youre standing up, you know, you oh see, okay, let me unplug it so youre standing up right and like im in a meeting and oh yeah, i got ta, show somebody a diagram im gon na manipulate it right so im gon na take this.

Go like that, okay, now im in go to my windows, no facial recognition, so hopefully i can just type in my password real quickly and then uh, you know, grab my pen. Oh its got to get it from my back theres no built in pen slot. In this thing, because now i got my pen okay now here we go right and then you start writing away and marking up annotating, your pdfs or whatever youre doing with the touch screen. So its not the ideal configuration for what the mark from the market that lenovos trying to target okay, so not the ideal configuration for the market that lenovos trying to target. So that brings us to pricing this particular model with the 1260p. Not the h series is no longer on lenovos website. Let me say that again, this model with the 1260 cpu is no longer on lenovos website. I believe it was at one point, but i dont remember for sure, because im pretty sure i looked it up before i did my impressions video, but i dont know for certain what is on lenovos website are the h series, processors, which are way more powerful. I shouldnt say it that way: they are more powerful. All of those configurations come with infrared cameras, so you can do the facial recognition and theyll run faster, instead of being clocked at two gigahertz theyre clocked at three and a half gigahertz up to four point: seven, something like that with their thats, a performance course right.

These new 12th gen have efficiency, cores and performance scores. The p series is what you normally see in the four in the 13 14 inch laptop space and ive reviewed laptops with those cpus, they tend to run hot and they tend to have poor battery life. This one actually had pretty decent battery life. I was getting about 9 to 10 hours of daily use, so thats office use youtube a little bit of music playing and stuff like that. But i didnt do a battery drain test on this, because its a 1260p and ive done a bunch of those. This is a bigger one, with a bigger, monitor or display. I figure its going to be about the same so why this configurations not on the website im, not sure. But if you were to rush out and try to because you love what youre seeing here and you want to buy one of these youre going to pay around 1500 and thats after lenovos discounts, they normally msrp closer to two thousand dollars. And you can get that. 12700H, again more powerful processor, with everything else the same and intel arc gpus. So this one does not have intel arc, but then the other ones on the website do this does happen, sometimes by the way lenovos. A chinese company, sometimes review units come from different regions of the world, and this could just be one of those situations where, in other regions, theyre selling it with the 1260p and no arc, and now that arc is out because i got this before arc was released.

Maybe now they just said: okay in the us people like those arc, gpus weve got a lot of gamers in the us who need gaming and work. Related machines were going to go with one of those and were going to just sell that in the u.s. So im not entirely sure whats going on, but the us site is what i was referring to: 15 100 bucks, or so you get the 12 700h, not the 1260p okay noise. So i didnt clock the decibels officially, but these things dont run super quiet right now. Its at idle and its quiet, but earlier when i booted up the machine because i had drained the battery, i booted up the machine with a little bit of juice. I had it on best performance mode and i just went online and i was getting like the youtube video ready for you guys and i started to go. You know like really started build up. It was probably around 38 ‘ decibels, so thats not super quiet, but you know coming from something like a macbook, its surprising when you hear fan noise or even a think pad. Those i feel like think pads are quieter machines. They dont make that kind of noise, but right now its pretty darn quiet and i imagine if i open up the browser now, it wont spin up see and if i bring up word im going to have to accept the terms again, because i wipe my account.

Yeah quiet, except for that and speedy, so anyhow, good machine really good machine. So if you want something with touchscreen big displays, you can see better. Believe me. I am starting to phase myself out of 13 and 14 inch machines and looking at 16 inch laptops, because my eyesight is just going then this would make a lot of sense. It is a glossy display, its its not as bad as lenovo consumer laptops, ive. Seen from like two years ago, but its still glossy, there is no pen battery lifes, okay, nine ten hours and its pretty darn good and its not too heavy of a device. I love the way its built. I think the whole design is really gorgeous and beautiful. You get that really good. I o as well its awesome to have the sd card reader and the hdmi, so i think its a good device and im pretty happy with it overall. I do appreciate lenovo sending it over for review and thank you all for watching. If you have any questions, just you know throw them in the comments. Well catch.