It comes with a 14 inch to 15.6 inch laptop and it is made for productivity on the go. But what is the best deal that lenovo can offer on their laptops to make it a worthy, buy let’s find out. The yoga 7i comes with a lot of previous in its box that are essential for daily use and flexibility. It has a free, stylus, active pen that already comes with a aaa battery to enable touch free navigation using the buttons in the pen. It also has a free dongle, a three in one adapter for the hdmi vga and a single usb port and lastly, the 65 watts charger with usb c connector for the main unit itself. Compared to the yoga slim series. The yoga 7i is a lot thicker and heavier this matte slate gray. Color laptop is a smooth sandblasted texture with aluminum chassis. It is not that super thick and like other powerful gaming laptops and you can still see the touch of lenovo’s ultra thin. Look that comes from their very own architecture, however, due to its aluminum build, it is still quite heavy, especially when you fold it at 360 degrees and use it as a tablet for a long time it weighs around 1.43 kilograms, but still not that bad. Considering the price of this laptop, despite the quite weighty, build the design, ergonomics and overall architecture of the yoga 7i for me, have a gamer, slash, futuristic, feel without the rgb.

The style and cooling architecture of it are totally great at the back. It has two airflow grille and one ventilation grille, underneath this is for better heat management and for me this is also a better architecture, as it can still breathe properly. Even if you close the lid, because the ventilation is not on the surface of the laptop itself, it’s on the back now, let us talk about the ports at first. I noticed that it only has one usb port on the right side, plus the power button. Having only one usb a port for me is not enough, but the good thing is, as i’ve said earlier, it has a free adapter with a usb c male socket that can be attached to the port in the left side of the laptop. With this, i can easily put an extra keyboard and extra monitor whenever i need it now, going back to the left side of the device, it has two thunderbolt 4 ports for extending the display and for rapid charge. Last is a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. Now some may find these ports unnecessary, since there are a lot of devices already runs via bluetooth, but lenovo still made this laptop a wire friendly device for people who don’t own wireless devices the best of both worlds. In my opinion, Music. Now, on the yoga 7i surface, the keyboard is a tkl low profile and typing with the keyboard is stress free. It also has two backlit levels to aid your typing in low light, and this can be turned on when you press the function key around the keyboard are the steering speakers one on each side.

These two speakers have a dolby atmos speaker system, which is why the sound is great and loud in the lower part. You will see the trackpad that is very responsive and has smooth scrolling with its very clicky buttons, and this small square right here is the fingerprint scanner it has fast and reliable fingerprint security and speaking of security. It also has a built in privacy shutter at the top of the display to make you feel more secure when using the laptop, but it doesn’t have windows, hello ir camera, so we don’t have facial recognition in this device. Now on the lead. It has a magnetic field when closing the laptop, but the hassle comes when you start to lift up the lead. It is not that smooth, because the main body tends to come along with the screen, so you need to support it. With your other hand, you will also notice that the hinge of this device is quite different. You will see two hinges which are pretty unique. However, my concern is that it may be less durable compared to laptops that have a full hinge build and since the hinge is exposed, it makes the bottom bezels appear much taller and thicker, but considering the bottom bezel the bezels at the top and the sides are Just fine Music, now onto the display, the yoga 7i boosts a 14 inch full hd plus ips touchscreen, with 99 srgb and with 300 nits brightness.

This laptop has a touchscreen display and the screen is convertible means that it can rotate up to 360 degrees. I don’t have any complaints regarding the display quality. The screen delivers sharp and crease resolution, and it is less reflective, even though it has a glossy texture. The colors are great and accurate as well. It is not that bright for outdoor use, but a display is really meant for productivity, and it also has a touchscreen and can be used for graphic design now to its performance. This laptop we have is powered with intel core i7 11 gen processor. Multitasking is not an issue thanks to the 16 gigabytes of ddr4 ram. Also, the speed and launch time is great. It has a one terabyte, m.2, ssd storage and has less render time in premiere pro and thanks to intel iris, xe graphics, you can produce quality content with great color accuracy for all without any lags and delays. This laptop is made for everyday productivity for a graphic designer or even for a video editor, and even it is not a gaming focused machine. It has the power to do so. Playing ganshin impact is nice and smooth. There are no lags inscribing the timeline in premiere pro, while playing ganshin impact at the same time, all are smooth in the performance and the lenovo vantage is the best software companion. Although what i notice about the softwares, it is a free software that has limited time, but nonetheless it has a microsoft office and running on windows 10 home for connectivity.

It has wi fi, 6 and bluetooth 5.0. As for the battery, it can last up to 8 to 10 hours of usage, and it will endure more if you just use it as watching videos, while it is in stand mode or tent mode. Overall, the yoga 7i is a great and promising laptop. It is flexible and the performance, quality and design are some of the things that i love, but the build is somehow a hassle for me as it is a bit heavy when you carry it around as a tablet. Also lifting the lid needs supports whenever you open it one handed, but if we are talking about heat management, i can say that it is suitable for a content creator like me, since it delivers a constant speed due to its amazing cooling system. The price of the yoga 7i starts at 6995 pesos. It is a laptop with good specs and quality display suitable for people with productive lifestyle and people who work under pressure that’s it. If you like, to see more of our content, be sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon to be notified on our future contents and also don’t forget to visit manila shaker dot com for more tech, news reviews and comparison of the latest device.