So my name is srivankar and i’m going to be your partner in reviewing this Music model that i have uh it’s amd reason: 7 series: processor 4700u, specifically so, which is you know: raisins uh, processor, lineup for the portable notebooks, so uh this kind of performs? Well. So, in summary, do i like it? I have to say it yes, so the price is also not that very high it’s kind of cheap. You can say and getting amd raisin 7 around 79 000 rupees it’s not a bad deal. As you know, this laptop is kind of 360 degree foldable. It comes with a stylus and uh. The hinges i have to say at the very beginning is quite sturdy: it’s, not like other any other uh. You know 360 degree laptop where you kind of see a wobble on the screen, so this hinges i’ll, give you know perfect marks. One important thing is the display of the laptop, so many people were talking about. The 16 is to 9 ratio display, so the display is kind of not the best one, i will say, but it’s kind of okay, it’s it’s above average. Okay. So for my purpose, i use a lot of you know: molecular visualization and graphics based softwares, like schrodinger’s. Maestro so i use them on daily basis and i could not find any problem at such until unless you are using this laptop, for you know, specifically video editing and color grading, then only you’ll probably find it uh below the bar, but this laptop has.

It comes with a 4700 you processor it’s, not designed for such creativity, purpose so it’s, mostly a office or uh. You know kind of a school laptop. You can say so i’m a research student, so i use it for my purpose. I have a ton of heavy duty software installed on it, so they work pretty well. So multiple desktops works pretty well so i’ve been using this for around 20 days, so i have not faced any lag anything or so so. Another thing is uh. This kind of tanning fabric, so when it first came up, many people are talking about this. Many people had an idea. I mean that it looks really good. So, in my personal opinion, it looks really good, but uh many people are skeptic about about this design, whether it will sustain or not. So honestly, when i purchased this, so i also had all such doubts in my mind. So this fabric catches dirt that’s, true and you have to make sure you are taking. You know, kind of extra care while using this laptop, you can use a sleeve or something like that. So here are the ports. As you can see, the screen is kind of non anticlear if you are using it for task intensive purpose. The keyboard kind of heats up around here, but i have not faced such heating issues and i have to say this: laptop is pretty cool. As you know, laptop has a kind of higher.

You know. Working live than the smartphones. People typically use it for two. Three years or more than that, and it is kind of your primary working device, so uh in that perspective, this fabric will really be tested. You know we really don’t know how this fabric will sustain its color or the texture on a long run. So i’ll not really bore you with the benchmark results and all, but one thing i can assure you that this laptop can perform all of your everyday tasks. You know slightly higher task intensive jobs, even it can handle really smoothly. So you can go ahead with that because it is cheap. Also, so here is a typical matlab boot up test, as you can see, which is like really a heavy software, so that kind of loads uh within around 19 to 20 seconds, which i’ll say not bad.