Now the yoga series has been around for a long time and people kind of know it for its ultra portable two in one form factor kind of targeting those that want to work a little bit and play a little bit on their laptop. But they did make a few changes this year to the yoga 6. So i went ahead and picked one up, i’ve been using it for a little bit of time now, and i just want to do a quick review for you guys to see if it might be a laptop that’s perfect for your needs. So after pulling the yoga 6 out of the box, i was really impressed with the overall design and just the way it felt in the hand while it’s not the lightest laptop on the market. It is only 2.9 pounds, so it’s under that three pound mark, which means it’ll, be nice and easy to put in a backpack carry around. It should be pretty portable it’s, also pretty thin again, not the thinnest that you’ll see on the market, but at .71 inches it’s, nice and thin. It should fit into any backpack or briefcase, and obviously, once you take it out the plastic. The first thing that catches your eye is this: abyss blue fabric cover on the top. It seems like more and more laptop manufacturers are embracing fabric, whether that be on the cover or on the keyboard deck, and i get it in part because it does have a much better feel to it than a metal.

Obviously, but you do sacrifice durability. In fact, along with the power brick and the manuals, lenovo sends this carrying and cleaning for the fabric surface instructions that honestly has more instructions than carrying and cleaning for my two year old daughter, but most of them are pretty obvious, like don’t, get it wet or Spill stuff on it, don’t set it on fire, don’t use it as a cutting board. Those type of things. If you do happen to spill something on this or get it dirty, you can use a dry cloth, they recommend or slightly dampened, but they don’t want you to use chemicals on the fabric for ports. You have two usbc’s one on each side and two usb a’s. Again, one on each side and a headphone jack. The bottom is made out of aluminum and has the two feet along with ventilation holes. You also have ventilation on the back of the device between the two hinges, and then you have the power button located on the right side of the device, no volume rocker here, which is a little bit surprising, given that this is a two in one device. Opening this up, you have a 13.3 inch full hd 1920 by 1080 touch screen display. It has a 16 by 9 screen ratio which lenovo just loves to put on its laptops personally, would love to see this more of a 16 by 10 ratio, but that’s. Just my preference, it has 166 pixels per inch and gets up to 300 nits of brightness and at 300 nits you’re going to be just fine using this indoors.

But when you start taking this outdoors or using it in direct sunlight, it’s going to be tough to see the screen overall, i think it’s a good display it’s not going to be the most color accurate out there or have the highest resolution or get the brightest. But i think for most people this will be just fine. The keyboard is very similar to previous yoga keyboards overall it’s, a great keyboard. It has great travel a nice clickiness to it. I really like the contrast of the deep blue keyboard deck with the white lettering. It also has a nice back light on it with two levels of brightness on the sides of the keyboard. You have your upward facing speakers that do support dolby atmos and, in my opinion, these are really great speakers. They’Re not the best that you’re going to find on a laptop out there, but they get plenty loud and the quality sounds great to me. You also get a fingerprint scanner for windows, hello, which is nice to quickly log in and for added security. In my testing of this device, the fingerprint scanner has worked tremendous, i would say 90 to 95 percent of the time it recognizes right away and i’m in for the track pad. It is a bit on the smaller side, but not so much where it’s inconvenient. It has a nice feel to it: it’s, nice and responsive. It has a nice click. You can only click on the front of this, but overall i do like the trackpad and it’s been very accurate.

You get a 720p webcam on this yoga 6 that isn’t windows, hello, but does have a privacy cover overall it’s, a good webcam and it’s perfectly fine for video conferencing, zoom calls or video chats. The last thing i want to cover design wise are these two 360 degree hinges. Lenovo has had years to perfect. These hinges on its yoga laptop series, and you can tell when you use it, because these hinges are so smooth, yet sturdy, now kind of like all two in ones. There is a little bit of wobble to the screen, but i think compared to most twin ones. These hinges are really sturdy and overall, i really like the design of this laptop. However, there are a few things that i kind of question. First is the speaker placement because, when you’re using this for a laptop, the speakers are firing up at you and it’s great. But when you flip this around as a tablet they’re now facing down. So if you want to prop this up to watch a show or a movie, the speakers are going to be firing down into your lap or on the table or wherever you have the set, and they do get a little bit muffled. Also, like i mentioned before. No physical volume rocker on this device, so, if you’re using this in tablet mode, you’re gon na have to use the on screen controls to adjust the volume. Neither of these are deal breakers at all.

In fact, this is just kind of common things that happen with two on one laptops, but something to be made aware of for internals. We have a ryzen 5 processor 4650u pro. This is a six core 12 thread processor, with integrated graphics. It has eight gigs of ddr4 ram, which is soldered on so you can’t upgrade that, unfortunately, it has 256 gigs of nvme ssd storage. It does support wi fi six. So if you have a wi fi six router, you can get faster speeds and further coverage. It comes with windows, 10, home and, as an added bonus, you get amazon alexa for a voice assistant on this. They quote: 18 hours of battery life on this device now i’m, going to tell you what i am getting in my normal day to day, but that’s. Just what they quote so let’s talk about performance, and i want to be honest with you, because i just got done testing out the macbook air with the m1 processor in it, and i thought compared to that. I was going to hate every other one. This laptop out there, but overall i’ve, been really impressed with the performance of this yoga 6., starting with the boot up times, which is roughly five to six seconds, which is just crazy fast, and then it has the instant on feature too. So the moment you open up the lid you’re pretty much right back into whatever you are doing. The ryzen 5 handles normal daily tasks flawlessly.

That includes things like web surfing bunch of tabs, open, emailing and multitasking. Gaming has worked great too now i’m, not a gamer. I know that some people get really gun shy about integrated graphics when it comes to gaming, but i went ahead and downloaded a bunch of games and so far they’ve all played flawlessly very little stuttering. Very little freezing they’ve been really enjoyable to play. I’Ve downloaded and used photoshop on this a few times with some pretty large files and a lot of layers. So far, it’s worked great again same thing. Very little stuttering, very little lagging it hasn’t been frustrating to use at all. I’Ve tried some light. Video editing on this with 1080p footage that seems to work just fine, but when you start to get into 4k larger files, it does start to freeze up just a little bit. The laptop has stayed nice and cool for the most part. The fans do kick on. Quite often, but for the most part, they’re pretty quiet unless you’re doing some really intensive tasks or very heavy multitasking, they start to get a little bit louder. But for the most part they are pretty quiet for battery life and my usage. I do a lot of web surfing throughout the day. I do a lot of emailing. I sometimes use photoshop. I sometimes video edit for this channel, i’ll, occasionally watch shows or movies. On my laptop, i try to play a game or two for at least a half hour to get a real good idea of what battery life is going to be, and in my usage i’m getting between 10 and 11 hours of battery life.

Before i need to charge – and i would consider my usage to be moderate, so if you’re a heavy user, you play a lot of games or you do a lot of intensive tasks on your laptop. You might expect a little bit less battery life if you’re a light user just more of the web browsing and watching videos type. You can probably expect a little bit more, but overall i’ve been really impressed with this laptop, especially considering that it has a mid tier price. This thing does have great performance and it has a really nice build to it. I do have my concerns about the fabric. Being on the cover, when it’s on the keyboard deck it’s a little bit more protected from the elements on the outside, it can get banged around, especially when it’s in a briefcase or a backpack that might tear or fray the fabric, especially on the corners. But only time will tell that might just be a concern that never comes to fruition. I’M, not sure at this point. But overall i really like this laptop and i think it’s perfect for someone like a student to do, study and homework and do online classes and then flip it around to its tablet, form and play a game or watch a show same things with professionals that need Just a lightweight computer – maybe all you need to do – is some web surfing or emailing or social media, and you want something that you can do those things on efficiently, but then also have something that after work, you can use as an entertainment device.

And honestly, i just think that there’s a lot of use case scenarios for this because i think it’s a terrific value for the price. So if you want to check it out, i’ll put a link in the description below. Thank you guys for watching.