. Ive done a similar video to this with the Y540 already, but that was back in July 2019 with older games, older BIOS, older Windows and older drivers.. Given I still often recommend the Y540. I thought it would be useful to provide updated test results, including newer game titles that didnt exist back. Then. Well also compare some games with those tested previously and see if these updates have changed performance over time., The configuration Ive got has an Intel. I7. 9750H CPU. 80 watt Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti graphics, 16gb of memory in dual channel and a 15.6 1080p screen.. You can find updated pricing for this configuration and others linked in the description.. The Y540 allows us to swap between three different performance modes through the Vantage software and Ive tested with the best performance mode for optimal results.. It also allows us to disable the Intel integrated graphics by turning off hybrid mode, which will further boost performance., No undervolting or overclocking has been done here were just looking at. Essentially, an out of box experience. Battlefield V was tested in campaign mode going through the same part of the game for each test.. Ive got the fresh new results shown by the purple bars and the results from 7 months ago in the red bars.. We can see that over time there have been some nice improvements with this game which almost performs 12 better at ultra settings. Now. Red Dead, Redemption 2 was tested using the games built in benchmark tool and it wasnt out the last time I tested this laptop.

So theres no data to compare it. With. High settings wasnt able to hit a 60 FPS average. However, this is a pretty resource. Heavy game to run. Control was another game that was released after my initial review of the Y540, and it was playing well enough with the highest setting preset. However, going down to medium still looked good enough and even the 1 low performance was higher than the average from high settings. Shadow of the Tomb. Raider was tested with the games benchmark tool and there was a 3 FPS boost with all of the newer updates in place compared to last years, testing, with the exception being at the lowest setting preset, which scored the same.. Alright, the Apex results need a bit of explanation.. I tested the fresh results in Season 2 and the old results in Season 1 with different maps, so the results arent directly comparable. However, Nvidia did release improved drivers for this game after my original test, which greatly boosted overall performance, as we can see at max settings, theres a big difference as this game has gotten much better over time in terms of FPS. Call of Duty. Modern Warfare was tested in campaign mode and Ive also tested it with the settings either maxed out or at minimum due to there not being setting presets available.. Unfortunately, this game wasnt out when I originally tested the Y540, so nothing to compare it with. However, even max settings was capable of above 60 FPS averages.

. The Division 2 was tested with the games benchmark tool and the older results were a little better between medium and high settings. However, the average FPS at low settings was a fair bit higher with the newer testing.. Borderlands 3 was also tested using the games built in benchmark and was another game that wasnt available to test. When I originally covered the Y540. 60 FPS averages were just able to be reached with the high setting preset with this machine. Ghost Recon Breakpoint was also tested with the benchmark tool and was another that wasnt available. The last time I tested out this laptop. Ultra settings was just able to hit 60 FPS in this test, so not too bad. Like Apex. The Fortnite results arent really directly comparable, as the 2020 results were tested with chapter 2, which wasnt out when I originally tested. The Y540 so completely different map, though. Despite this, the differences werent too big. Overwatch is another less demanding game and was tested in the practice range, so the exact same test run through the game.. The averages are quite close together, however, theres a bigger difference noted in the 1 low results at ultra and epic settings. CSGO was tested using the Ulletical FPS benchmark, and it already sees above average results as higher frame rates work better with the option of disabling Optimus. However, there were still some nice improvements over the results from last year. Dota 2 was tested playing in the middle lane, and the average frame rates were very close together.

Id consider them within margin of error, given how much the frame rate can change when testing this one. Rainbow Six Siege was tested with the built in benchmark. However, they recently updated the game to support Vulkan, which Ive found to perform a bit better than Direct X 11, which is what I tested with last year. Yeah. I could have retested DX 11 for a more apples to apples comparison, but I think this really shows how the game has improved over time by adding Vulkan. Metro Exodus was tested, with the games benchmark tool and in every single instance. The newer results were just a little behind what I tested 7 months ago, so it looks like something has negatively affected results. Here, though, I have no way of knowing what exactly caused it, but either way it is a very small difference. PUBG was tested using the replay feature. However, replay files are definitely different. 7 months apart, however, I do the same test pass through the game. At all. Setting levels the older results were performing better than the newer ones. Assassins. Creed Odyssey was tested with the built in benchmark and for the most part in general. This was another game that saw slightly lower performance with all the newer updates in place, at least in terms of average FPS at all. Setting presets, with the exception of ultra high. 1 low performance, was slightly ahead with the fresh testing in all cases., Far Cry.

New Dawn was also tested with the games, benchmark and saw kind of similar results with slightly worse average FPS at all. Setting levels. The results from The Witcher 3 were a bit strange. The older results were ahead at all setting levels, with the exception being high settings where the updated Y540 was performing better in both average FPS and 1 low. F1 2019 was tested using the games benchmark tool, and I wasnt testing this one back when I originally had The Y540, however its running quite well, regardless of setting level. Alright, so out of the 20 games tested. I also tested 14 of them last year, and this graph shows how the results compare.. On average, the newer 2020 performance was 3.3 faster in terms of average FPS. At the highest setting preset, however, its definitely being held up by the massive Apex improvement. Without that, for the most part it looks like overall performance is down a bit.. That said, there dont appear to be major changes on average. However, it really does depend on the specific game.. Some titles saw improvements, while others got a bit worse. Its hard to pin down exact causes without doing a ton more testing to try out every different BIOS Nvidia update and Windows, update thats come out since Im sure many differences are also down to game updates and Without testing along the way, thats, not even something I can attempt. In the end, the Lenovo Y540 is still offering great performance, especially for its price.

. It depends on your region, but in many places like here in Australia, its often 500 cheaper than the Helios 300. With same specs, and as I showed in my comparison between the Y540 and Helios 300, they perform. Similarly, once you overclock and undervolt the Y540. In the US, though, the Helios is often around 200 or more less money and is probably the better buy there. In terms of price to performance ratio., When I originally reviewed the Y540, it was going for just under 1300 USD, and this doesnt really seem to have changed months later, but to be fair, they do regularly run sales. On Amazon, though its around 100 cheaper. You can find links to that in the description., With Ryzen 4000 Intel, 10th gen and new Nvidia graphics just around the corner, though its tough to say whether you should buy today. Its still going to offer a great experience for years to come. So if you need something now then go for it.. I doubt well see that big of a boost with the new 10th gen Intel CPUs as theyre still 14nm based. So there will probably just be a small clock, speed boost. When new Nvidia graphics come its likely. Well see some sort of Super variation to fill in the gaps that exist rather than an entirely new generation. So again I dont expect the performance the 1660 Ti offers to suddenly suck.. The only real unknown is the Ryzen 4000 CPU launch.

However, Lenovo didnt have any gaming laptops with Ryzen 4000 on show at CES in January, and it doesnt seem like they have plans to offer that at this time, based on my discussions with them. In the end, it comes down to whether or not you want to Wait a few more months to see what happens or if you need a gaming laptop sooner for the money today, then, the Y540 is a fair choice again depending on your region and how the price stacks up with others say the Helios 300.. Let me know what you thought of the gaming performance from the Lenovo Y540 down in the comments.