In the specific configurations were looking at today. All three have the Intel: i7 9750H CPU with Nvidia graphics, GTX 1660 Ti for my Y540 and Y7000. However, my Y545 has RTX 2060, but theyre all available with different options.. All three also have 16gb of memory in dual channel. But again, like most components, you can pick and choose what you want when ordering from the Lenovo website. For the most part, the Y540 and Y7000 are essentially the same chassis design. The Y545 is a bit different from the other two, though, which youll see as we go. The Y540 and Y7000 are all black plastic on the lid. While the Y545 is more of a grey metal which felt a bit nicer, so a slight edge in build quality. There. On the interior, theyre, all matte black, with a smooth sort of rubberised texture. In terms of dimensions. The Y540 and Y7000 are exactly the same again theyre the same design, while the Y545, on the other hand, was a little wider and thicker, but not by much.. For the weights, the Y540 and Y7000 were quite similar again at around the 2.2kg mark. However, my Y7000 was a little lighter.. The Y545, on the other hand, was more than 100g heavier, probably due to the metal build and all three were weighed without a 2.5 drive. Installed., All three laptops have precision touchpads and the Y540 and Y7000 have the same smaller size, one with physical buttons, while the Y545s was larger and better to use.

. The keyboards were otherwise the same, at least in terms of layout and how they feel to actually type on.. The main difference is the lighting. The Y540 and Y545 both have white backlighting, while the Y7000 has gamer red. All three light up. All keys and secondary key functions and can be adjusted between two brightness levels or turned off by holding the function key and pressing the spacebar.. All three laptops have 15.6 1080p IPS screens and are available with different options.. This may vary by region, but these are the options available for me here in Australia, so only the Y540 and Y545 have the option of going for 144Hz, which I think would be ideal when paired with a 1660 Ti or above.. They have 300 or 250 nit versions and the dimmer displays have lower colour gamut. So, if youre doing something like photo or video editing, definitely go for the screen. Upgrade., All three laptops have the 720p camera placed below the screen.. The Y540 sounds ok, but doesnt. Look great, the Y7000 looks a bit better and sounds similar and the Y545 is just crap.. None of these three laptops has G Sync. However, they all have the option of disabling hybrid mode through the Vantage software, which is the control panel for the laptop.. Basically, this disables the Intel GPU after a reboot, so no Optimus, which results in higher performance in games, but at the expense of battery life. When not gaming.

, I think its great that you have the option of selecting the mode you want to run it in rather than being stuck to one or the other, which is what most other laptops do. Lets check out. Io next, starting on the left, all three have a USB 3.1 Gen1 Type, A port and 3.5mm audio combo jack. On the right theres, just a second USB 3.1 Gen1 Type, A port. Its worth, noting that the Y545 in the middle of the laptop sandwich is missing. Side, air exhaust vents., The port selection on the back, is exactly the same throughout all three too, from left to right, all have a USB 3.1 Gen1 Type C port, no Thunderbolt mini DisplayPort, 1.4. Third, USB 3.1 Gen1 Type, A port HDMI, 2.0 output, gigabit ethernet power input and Kensington lock.. The Y540 and Y7000 have icons above the rear IO. So you can easily see where you need to plug your cable in when standing in front of it without needing to turn the machine around or look over it. However, the Y545 was missing these handy icons. On the lids. They all have some part that lights up. The Y540 on the left just has the subtle part within the text. The Y545 in the center has a huge logo, while the Y7000 on the right is red and right in the middle., All three laptops. Let you turn this light on or off by pressing function and L., Underneath theyve all got air intake vents towards the back again like many aspects, the Y540 and Y7000 were the same while the Y545 had a bit of a different design.

. All three have the speakers along the front on the left and right and in my opinion the Y540 and Y7000 were equal and better than the speakers in the Y545. In terms of latencymon performance, the Y540 was the only one that gave me an acceptable result. Inside The designs of all three are essentially the same in terms of layout.. They all have a single 2.5 inch drive bay, single M.2 slot for storage. L shaped battery dual channel memory underneath the metal cover in the center and WiFi card above the battery closest to the bottom in this clip.. The cooling looks similar, however, note the Y545 in the middle doesnt exhaust air out the left and right sides, and that there are no heat sinks there as a result, as that will be important later.. As for battery life, all three have the same 3 cell 57Wh battery. The only possible exception is the Y7000, which has a smaller 52.5Wh battery. If you get the GTX 1650 configuration., The Y7000 had the best battery life, though it wasnt too far ahead of the Y540. With same specs., The Y545 had a fair bit less but thats likely due to the higher tier 2060 graphics. It would probably be quite close if they were all the same.. The vantage software, in all three laptops lets you choose between quiet, balanced and performance modes.. These primarily control power limits to the CPU or GPU, as defined here and theyre meant to control fan speed too, but as youll hear next, there wasnt much difference.

Lets look at thermal differences., Because my Y545 has a different GPU compared to the rest, were only looking At CPU only performance here as I can fairly compare those. If you want to see way more thermal info with the GPU going check out the full reviews linked in the description.. This testing was done with an ambient room temperature of 24 degrees Celsius. With the Aida64 CPU stress test.. I used the default four options, so stress, CPU, FPU, cache and system memory were all checked. In this test. Only the Y545 was hitting thermal throttling at 94, while the Y540 was 4 degrees, cooler and the Y7000 was a further 4 degrees cooler than that.. These are the clock speeds during the same tests.. I found it interesting that the Y7000 was similar to the Y545. Given the Y7000 wasnt having thermal issues., The Y540 was achieving best performance in terms of clock. Speed in this test., The Y7000 and Y540 were both hitting the 70 watt power limit. The Y545 wasnt quite able to hit it in this test, as it was being held back from thermal throttling., Its interesting that, with the same power limit, though the Y540 was hitting higher clocks than the Y7000. But I guess the Y7000 was cooler as a result. Ive used Cinebench to test out the CPU only performance.. The Y545 is in last place due to the thermal throttling discussed and as we saw, the Y540 was able to hit higher clock speeds than the Y7000.

So its scoring higher in this test, though, as we saw it, was running a little warmer to achieve this. Heres, how hot the keyboard area actually gets while running, combined, CPU and GPU stress tests., The Y540 and Y545 both got to 51 degrees Celsius, or so in The center, while the Y7000 was noticeably cooler comparatively in the same workload. Next lets see how they actually perform in a few games.. Keep in mind that both my Y540 and Y7000 have the GTX 1660 Ti, while my Y545 happens to have an RTX 2060 so were expecting that, to put it ahead so Ill. Only look at a few games. Battlefield 5 was tested in campaign mode at ultra settings, and the Y545 was ahead as expected due to the RTX 2060. While the Y7000 was a little ahead in average FPS over the Y540 with same specs, though its 1 low was down possibly due to the better CPU performance from the Y540. Control was tested at high settings and the results are within one to two FPS of each Other, so its not really going to be a difference that you notice on a practical level while playing.. These are the results of Shadow of the Tomb Raider with the games built in benchmark tool at max settings, and there was just a couple of FPS difference between the laptops, though again interesting. The Y7000 was ahead of the Y540 with same specs.. You can see more games in the full reviews linked in the description, but when testing the 2060 in the Y545, I found that in many games it was struggling to beat the 1660 Ti in the Y7000 that I tested at the same time, due to the previously Mentioned thermal throttling in the Y545.

, Without throttling on average, the 2060 should perform around 14 better than the 1660 Ti, but when its in the Y545 it doesnt really seem worth paying more. For as we didnt see, big gains. Storage options will vary based on what you select when buying. However, all three laptops Im looking at here had the exact same model of 512GB NVMe M.2 SSD. So I was looking at similar speeds. Dont forget all three also have a 2.5 drive bay. If you want to install another SSD or hard drive.. As for pricing differences, you can find updated prices linked in the description. At the time of recording in the US, with the same specs, so i7 GTX, 1660 Ti and dual channel memory. Both the Y540 and Y545 are the same price 1150 USD on sale at the moment.. For the rest of the pricing discussion, I need to focus on my Australian pricing, as the Y7000 doesnt currently appear to be sold in the US.. In these examples, Ive specced them all to the same i7, CPU 16GB of dual channel memory, 512GB SSD best screen available so 144Hz for the Y540 and Y545 and GTX 1660 Ti graphics.. The Y540 with these specs is currently less than 2000 AUD, which is around 1200 USD. If you remove our taxes, however, it is currently on sale without the sale, its over 2300 AUD., The Y545 isnt currently on sale and was the same price as the Y540. With the same specs.

, The Y7000, on the other hand, was at least 300 more for the same thing as the others and thats, with a 60Hz screen as 144Hz wasnt an option like the other two.. So to conclude, the Y540 appears to be the best option. Out of the three heres why. First off, the Y540 and Y7000 are essentially the same chassis, but the Y7000 has the red keyboard and red logo. On the back. So more of your typical gamer laptop aesthetic. Thats going to come down to personal preference, and while I personally prefer the cleaner look of the Y540 in my country, the Y7000 costs more money for the same specs, which doesnt really seem worth paying when there are so Many similarities. If the Y7000 is cheaper in your region, though, and you dont mind the red design, then that would be a better pick. To be fair. The Y7000 did seem to perform a little better than the Y540 in games. Im not exactly sure why thats the case as they had the same specs. As we saw in the CPU. Only performance, though, like Cinebench, the Y540 was coming out ahead, so must be some slight GPU difference. Just quickly. Ive tested the Heaven benchmark on the Y540 and Y7000 as theyve. Both got the GTX 1660 Ti and, although both ran at 80w with similar clock speeds, the Y7000 was warmer in that regard, but yeah similar clocks, so not sure why the Y7000 does better in games.

. The Y545 shares a lot of similarities with those other two, including same port, layout, same battery and same internal layout.. The main differences with the Y545 were that it had a larger touchpad than the others, which was nice.. Its also got a metal lid. But as a result, weighed more than 100g extra., The Y545 doesnt have the handy icons on the back above the IO. Like the others, though, the speakers didnt sound as good as the others and, as you heard, the built in microphones were probably the worst Ive ever used in any laptop.. The Y545 also has a single hinge in the middle of the screen, giving it a bit more flex compared to the others which have hinges towards the edges.. The Y545 also had thermal problems that the others didnt.. Another difference was that the Y545 doesnt have air exhaust vents on the sides, which means its also missing extra heatsinks on the sides. So I believe that explains that. Its hard to say for certain that that was the issue, but it was the only difference. I could see, and the others ran cooler with the same stress test going. Despite the Y545, costing the same as the Y540. In my example, I think its got more negatives associated with it when comparing the two., All three are pretty decent options, but in the end, based on what weve seen here, I think the Y540 is the best option for the money.