I'Ll be testing out 21 games at all setting levels to give you an idea of how well it performs and then compare it with some other gaming laptops afterwards, just quickly before we jump into the benchmark results I'll cover off the specs. In my unit I ordered my Wi Fi 40, with the Intel i7, 97, 50 H, CPU and NVIDIA GTX 16 60 TI graphics, as this seems to be a pretty popular option, I've tested with 16 gig of memory and dual channel, but there are different configurations available. You can find examples and updated prices linked in the description. Something worth noting is that the Lenovo Vantage software allows us to either run the machine in hybrid mode, so within video optimists for better battery life or to disable the Intel graphics for high levels of performance. All testing here has been done with hybrid mode off, which should give us a boost in games. However, there's no g, sync here otherwise I've also tested with performance mode, enabled for best results, we'll only be covering gaming performance in this video. So if you're new to the channel you'll definitely want to get subscribed for the upcoming full review, let's start out by going through all 21 games at all setting levels, then afterwards, we'll see how the y5 40 compares with some other laptops and see how it stacks Up this is my first time testing the division 2. I only just bought it as a lot of you have been asking for it.

These are the results with the built in benchmark and does my first time using it. I don't yet have context as to how the results stack up, though even ultra settings was averaging. 60 FPS in this test. Battlefield 5 was tested in campaign mode and not in multiplayer mode as it's easy to consistently reproduce the test run. The game was still running. Well, at Ultra settings with a decent average framerate and when combined with the 1 lower that isn't too far behind, we can see it's a nice stable result, battlefield 1 was tested in campaign mode and, like always it's running well and performing better than the newer battlefield. 5, just churn with over 100 FPS averages achievable at Ultra settings and playing very smoothly apex Legends was tested with either all settings at maximum or all settings of the lowest possible values it doesn't have predefined setting presets. It was still playing well with maximum settings still above 60 fps for the one percent learn their minimum settings saw average FPS rise by almost 47 shadow of the term. Raider was tested with the built in benchmark. The results from this test were looking good we'll see how this game compares with some other laptops later, but at highest settings it was close to the Dell g5 with RT X, 2060 fakhr, a new dawn was tested with the built in benchmark. This game seems to be fairly CPU heavy and that ultra settings, both the average FPS and 1 lower, are actually a little ahead of the error.

15 I've recently tested with more powerful 2070 max q. Graphics. Far cry 5 was also tested with the built in benchmark, and the results were ahead of the new of fakhr on you dawn just covered and we'll see how this one compares to some other laptops later fortnight was tested with the replay feature. Epic settings still averaged above 100 fps and it was running well, not too surprising. The game runs fine on basically any modern hardware and we can get much higher frame rates at lower setting levels. However, watch is another well optimised game and was tested in the practice range as other players, BOTS and even different maps in actual gameplay affect the framerate, and this allows for consistent testing. This game was also performing very well and able to hit the 300 FPS frame cap in this test and, as usual, epic settings was playing smoothly to Metro Exodus was tested using the built in benchmark. Most parts of the game perform a fair bit better than this. So don't take these results as a good indication of what do we expect throughout the entire game, it's more of a worst case, but does let you perform the same test to compare against csgo was tested using the you, let achill FPS, benchmark and liked fortnight nerve Watch I noticed this game was performing very well. I think this is a result of having the Intel GPU removed from the equation. Many more powerful laptops, I've tested, get the framerate high settings has in this test out low settings just for context.

Rainbow six siege was tested with the built in benchmark even with maximum ultra settings we're getting 120 FPS with decent one percent lows too, while high settings gets us to the 144 FPS sweet spot for a first person, shooter like this pub G was tested using the Replay feature and like we're, seeing throughout all these games in general, is settings well we're more GPU bound a lower due to the 1660 ti it's still fair, while Louis settings are much higher comparatively in this test compared to many other machines, I've tested, Assassin's Creed, Otis Ii was tested with the built in benchmark and from my experience this is quite a CPU heavy test. Despite this, though, the results in lowest settings are pretty good there. The game doesn't really need high FPS to play anyway. Dota 2 was tested playing in the middle lane with an average amount of action going on, and it wasn't really much of a difference between the setting levels in terms of average fps. However, that was a larger difference same to 1 lower, though I still found the game to play fine at max settings. Watchdogs 2 is a resource, heavy game that plays fine for me with a solid 30 FPS there, when not really getting that at Ultra with the 1 load being a fair bit down. So it felt a bit stuttering at times very high played much better and without issue where even the 1 lower was above.

The average coming from ultra very straight cone, is another resource intensive game and was tested with the built in benchmark around 45 FPS at Ultra doesn't, look great, but for context to hit 60 in this test, you generally need a very powerful laptop and besides much higher, Was possible even just stepping down one level? The Witcher 3 was playing. Ok with how works disabled and at Ultra and high settings it did feel a little stuttering similar to watchdogs turn. It'S still played alright for the most part, but we can see this reflected in the much lower 1 lower results which become a fair bit better at medium and low settings. Doom was tested using Vulcan and is a game that almost always gets really high frame rates. Usually, I say less of a difference when swapping between setting levels, however, it seems to be making a bigger change here. There Ultra was still labeled average 144 FPS perfect to pair with the 144 Hertz screen. Strange Brigade was another game that was tested with Vulcan, and this one was also running well with the built in benchmark still over 100 FPS at Ultra settings and almost 200 with low settings with relatively high of one percent. Lower results compared to averages shadow of war was also tested with the built in benchmark, and is a game that I found a benefit from invidious. Nuturing architecture and high settings would just shy of 100 FPS in this test.

Let'S also take a look at how this config of the lenovo y40 compare with other laptops to see how it stacks up use these results as a rough guide only as they were tested at different times with different drivers in battlefield 5 I've got the Wi Fi 40 highlighted in red near similarly SPECT machines, it's a little behind the Helios 300 with the same specs just above it, which is expected as the Helios 300 under volts. The CPU boosts CPU power limit and overclocks the graphics in turbo mode. The Wi Fi 40 is hanging in there, though it's getting a burst, as the 16 60 Ti is connected directly to the screen. No optimist here are the results from far cry 5 with ultra settings in the built in benchmark. I found this to be a pretty CPU heavy test and the results here are pretty good with the Wi Fi 40 beating both of the r tx 2060 laptops on the graph and performing closer to the 1070 in the GE 75. All while having a high of 1 low, these are the results from shadow of the Tomb Raider with the built in bench market highest settings. The results seem fair still below the Helios 300 with same specs that that thing is a beast and we're only one FPS. Behind the thermally throttled LG 5 with our TX 2060 overall, the lenovo y40 is providing good gaming performance. Some games were less smooth than I'd, like at maximum settings, which I think isn't too surprising, considering the hardware we're dealing with.

For the most part, though, all games ran well even with higher setting levels. There are some other issues with fan, speed that I'll address in the upcoming thermal testing video. However, the option to disable hybrid mode is an excellent feature for boosting gaming performance and is something I wish all laptops at least offered. Even if you don't want to use it or change, I think giving the user. The choice is best there's, no under vaulting or overclocking done out of the box, like other machines such as the Helios 300, so it doesn't perform quite as well. There should still be a fair bit ahead of many other 16 60 TI laptops that use in video optimists. Let me know what you thought about the gaming performance from the new lenovo y40 gaming laptop down in the comments and, if you're new to the channel you'll. Definitely want to get subscribed for the four of you to see everything.