So today lets take a deeper look into these two tablets and find out whether the meatpad 5 pro is worthy of its title as the ultimate value for money tablet or whether the xiaoshin pad pro can withstand the challenge. Welcome to gizmo china, im kiran lets start with their designs. If you just look at the pictures on your screen, you may prefer the minimal design of the meatpad 5 pro, rather than the splicing back design of the xiaoshin pad. However, if you look closer and in fact use them for a while, you will come to the opposite conclusion. The xiaoxin pad pro uses a metal unibody design which not only looks premium but significantly improves the holding experience. And strangely, although the me pad 5 pro features an 11 inch display, which is slightly smaller than the size of the 11 and a half inch shaoxin pad pro, the xiaoshinpad pro is still thinner and lighter, and the shaoxin pad pro is also one of the thinnest Tablets, you can have in the market. As for the meatpad pro, its back cover is made of plastic with matte finish, which is slightly inferior to the shaoxin pad in terms of the build quality and its edges of side frame are really sharp, which also causes slight discomfort when holding it. So in terms of the body design and build quality, we think the shaoxin pad pro is the better option. Now lets look at their large displays, which is probably the most important part of this comparison.

The shaoxin pad pro features an oled screen with a 2.5 k resolution and a 90 hertz refresh rate, while the me pad 5 pro comes with an lcd panel featuring the same resolution and 120 hertz refresh rate. One of the most intuitive differences is that the oled display of the shaoxin pad supports always on display, while the me pad doesnt by far shaoxin pad pro, is still the only android tablet at its price point that comes with an oled screen in terms of color Performance the me pad pro supports dolby vision and hdr with the peak brightness of 485 nits, but looking back to the oled panel of the shaoxin pad, it brings a much better color presentation, with higher contrast and the brightness can reach at 589 nits Music, and it Also has the wide support of dolby vision and hdr contents with a slightly higher peak brightness. Even in our video here, you can see the gap between the two displays. The shaoxin pad pro did look a little better during video playback. However, when it comes to text display, the oled panel of the shaoxin pad loses out due to its pixel arrangement, when we zoom into the display its not difficult to find that the edges are not as clear as the lcd display of the mepad pro. But in actual use, i believe most users would not perceive this difference still. If you are going to enjoy a lot of reading on a tablet, the meatpad will be a slightly better option for you.

After two weeks of using these tablets, i must admit that i spent more time on the xiaoshin pads oled display, in addition to its excellent display quality. The screen experience is pretty assuring, as i didnt feel discomfort like i do on some oled screens when using for a long time. On the other hand, the mepad 5 pro has a better audio department, thanks to the presence of 8 speakers tuned by harman kardon, while the xiaoshinpad pro has 4 speakers tuned by jbl audio about their audio performance. You can check it here, so both of them are powered by the same chipset snapdragon 870, which is also the best processor you can get on the market for android tablets and the meatpad pro offers three optional memory configurations with up to eight gigabytes of ram and Up to 256 gigabytes of rom, while the shaoxin patrol only has one version with six gigabytes ram and 128 gigabytes rom. But the good news is that the xiaoshinpad pro supports microsd extension of up to 512 gigabytes weve, actually used the shaoxin pad pro for over a month in the past one month, due to the limit of six gigabyte ram. The tablet experienced a few minor legs when we opened too many apps, but fortunately it was only for a few seconds. On the other hand, when we use the meatpad pro for over a week, theres no such issue that we experienced with the me pad during this time.

Apart from that, the tablets both could perform well in daily use, including light office work and honestly, i cant really pick which one has smoother performance, even in benchmarks. The results are almost the same in actual gaming tests. It seems that the xiaoshinpads metal unibody brings a better thermal performance in games like gentian impact and nimian legends. The shaoxin pad pro could maintain a higher frame rate stably without much fluctuation or any performance throttling the meatpad pros gaming performance was not bad, though, but its more likely to meet the threshold. In long time. Gaming, like we said in the review of the meatpad pro the usb c port, is only compatible with usb2 standard, which neither supports video output nor high speed data transfer. On the other hand, the shaoxin pad pro has a much more user friendly, usb port with support for usb 3.1 and video output. So its unsurprising that the shaoxin pad pro completes our file transfer test much faster than the me pad now lets talk about their official accessories, the keyboard and the stylist. The leather like keyboard case of me pad feels more premium than the woven case of the shaoxin pad and its also a bit lighter. If you are going to carry the tablet with the keyboard case, the compact size of me pad would be a bit more convenient. Both of them only support contact connection and has no bluetooth wireless connection. Theres only one way to use the me pads keyboard, which is to put them together under a fixed angle, and the back attachment of the keyboard case is so weak that the back cover often came off.

The tablet when packing up but for the shopping pad. Pro things are better, the back protection can be used as a stand for the tablet, and it can achieve almost any placement angle that you want on the table by the way the back protection is removable. So if you dont like to work with the keyboard, its still a great tablet stand for you. In addition, when compared to the me pads keyboard, the shushing pads has 12 more shortcut keys and a touchpad with the keyboard. The shopjim pad can work much like a laptop under the pc mode. On the other hand, the mepad pro doesnt yet support pc mode as they claimed at the launch event, although in terms of drawing latency, almost all the android tablet styluses we experience dont compare to the apple pencil for ipad. We still could see the great improvement on the xiaoshin pad pro and me pad pro. The gap has been reduced greatly. However, its strange that the me pad pro stylus has slightly lower latency in wps office than its performance in other, drawing or note apps, even including the official note app. Hmm. Is it something to do with miui? During our limited experience, we only found the wps office app and the official note app supporting 120 hertz refresh rate on the me pad pro. On the other hand, the shaoxin pad pro actually has a very close performance over drawing latency to the me pad stylus.

Under most scenarios, but when it comes to writing experience both feel good and are very close to each other, but thanks to the higher refresh rate, it was a close win for the meatpad pro in this round. Whats a bit disappointing is that the shaoxin pad stylus doesnt support magnetic charging, and it is not able to attach on the side of the tablet, like the me pad stylus. As a result to charge the stylus. You have to open the flap at the end of the pen and connect a usb c cable, which is really inconvenient now lets talk about their software. Well, as we mentioned in the review, video of the meatpad pro miui is still the main issue that confuses us. Until now, xiaomi hasnt pushed any significant updates to fix the issue we mentioned, such as no pc mode and unoptimized multi app experience. There were also some other details that often annoyed me, such as the gesture of going back to home screen. You need to swipe up from the bottom of the screen to achieve the gesture, but when we horizontally hold the tablet with a single hand, its almost impossible to do it without the help of the other hand on the android tablet platform, the optimization of horizontal display For some apps is still a problem. These apps didnt originally support landscape mode, and the tablet would still display the apps vertically, even when you use it horizontally, but the pc mode somehow can reduce this discomfort with its window mode for apps, and this is also the most significant advantage of the shaoxin pack.

When compared to the meatpad pro, even though its not perfect, more importantly, the touchpad of the keyboard is really a big plus, no matter for the pad mode or the pc mode. We also found that there are a few complaints on the internet about crashes on the shaoxin pad pro, but so far it has only happened once on our model. For a software experience, we want to mention another competitor, the huawei mate pad 11.. By far it has the best software performance that weve experienced no matter for its powerful multi device, collaboration or multi tasking capability. But if we were to bring in all three tablets for comparison, i would still choose the shaoxin pad pro after a few software updates. The shawshank pad pros battery performance has gotten proved so when we retested its battery performance in this comparison, the new results show that they both took great advantage of the 8 600 milliampere hour big battery, but pay attention that the me pad pro comes with 65 watt Fast charge, it only took us one hour to fully charge the big battery while we spent over two hours to finish the test on the shaoxin pad pro with its 20 watt. Charging efficiency, to be honest, were pretty surprised by this comparison. The me pad 5 pro didnt crush its rival in this competition. On the contrary, the shaoxin pad pro showed a more balanced performance. Its also worth mentioning that the xiaoshinpad pro has been on the market for over two months, but anyway, both of them are still in the top options of the android tablet market.

Although we mentioned a few differences between them honestly, we think that the experience gap is not that obvious. After all, most issues that we experienced in these two tablets stems from the nature of the android platform, so thats all for todays comparison. How do you like these two tablets? Please leave your comments down below and if you like, our video, please give us a like and, of course, dont forget to subscribe to our channel.