This is a very new android tablet that sports an 11.5 inch oled screen. I cant wait to show it to you now. I got this from a company called giztop if you want to purchase one for yourself, ive left a link to where you can purchase this down in the video description uh. They were really good to me. Gave me a great price on this, and i want to share with you my experience of using this over the past few weeks. So this is the product box, pretty simple box. Its got some of the specifications listed on the back, but i just want to show you the actual device itself and its got an 11.5 inch oled panel on here, its a very, very responsive tablet, thanks to the specs inside. Just of note, if i turn this off and then turn back on, youll see that it wakes up really quickly and it uses a fingerprint sensor on the power button. So i really do like that feature straight away and if we go into settings and just scroll down to my phone, this gives you some details of whats inside this particular product, so its the 2021 model. The actual model number is the lenovo tbj716f. Its got a qualcomm snapdragon, 870 processor, 128, gigabytes of storage, six gigabytes of ram and its running android version 11 and the zui, which is like the ui overlay, uh version. 12.6. Now of note, if i just go back to the home screen, you will notice that on here for like, for example, go into, the google folder has got play store installed.

Now, if you buy this from giz top, it comes with the play, store, pre, installed, sort of side loaded. As far as im aware, if you buy the zhojin model of this, that doesnt come with the play store from other companies. So if youre purchasing elsewhere do check to see if they do side load it, but if you buy it from kids top theyre going to preload the play store for you. If you buy the official lenovo version in your country, which youre going to pay a little bit more for then that should also come with the play store. Pre installed so weve got various apps pre installed on here, including google drive photos youtube studio, which was something i put on ebay, which was something i put on spark again application. I installed for my testing and then, if we go across to the right, youll see some of the pre installed apps. This is what comes pre installed from the manufacturer, but its very, very responsive, extremely responsive. In fact, so i think its a a beautiful looking screen with very minimal bezels around the outside. We also got the front facing cameras at the top there, a very, very slim line device. If i show you on the side here here, you can see its like a slab like device so very flat on the back. Weve got the volume up and down. If we go around onto this side here, we have got the power button, which has got that fingerprint sensor in.

I believe that this supports a sim card as well, although i havent tried it, but really nice speakers on here as well around on the bottom here. Weve got a connection space for a keyboard or a charger, but if you want to charge it under the normal way, youre going to use usbc, youll notice, another two speakers there and its a very, very good experience with regards to how this actually sounds. If youre using this for media playback, you are going to be very very impressed. Just take a look around the back very very nice. The actual rear facing cameras perform extremely well as well. Weve got the lenovo branding on the top corner. There does show the fingerprints a little bit ive been using this inside a case, so i havent had an issue with fingerprints. Really performance overall is fantastic. The audio performance is also extremely good battery life, fantastic and its just a pleasure to use for media consumption browsing the web watching videos its a great great tablet. This is the xiaojin or lenovo pad pro, and it certainly does get my recommendation so thats it.