That was almost a premium tablet. The screen the performance function was so well and the price was extremely low. It soon became such a big thing to talk about among all the tech communities, but just in half of the year now, weve got its upgraded version. That is a 12.6 inch version. It has a bigger screen with 120 hertz of refreshing rate, bigger battery and bigger storage and memory, so were going to talk about how does it actually function comparing to the previous one, and if the upgrade is worth it or not, lets start talking with its pricing. Probably some of you are not as favorable for its value for money as for the tab, p11 pro um. Indeed, now you have to pay a lot for the upgraded version, but not exactly including the better performance, since they are both powered by the snapdragon 817 chipset. But this chipset is still the best chipset that you can have on android tablet, but if you bring it to the comparison with the samsung tab, s7 plus the p12 pro is obviously an excellent, cheaper option with pretty much the same performance for the money. The s7 plus tablet uses an 120 hertz 2k amoled display powered by a snapdragon, 865 plus chipset, which could deliver a very close performance in terms of hardware capacity. With this in mind, just think about whether its worth paying the extra money for this upgrade so now lets look at the design.

This tablet design is pretty much exactly the same as the previous one. The p12 pro has the same integrated metal body without any seams. It still feels pretty premium and no doubt has the best build among all the android tablets. The p12 pro bezels are as narrow as the previous one, but its visually narrower because of the bigger display so as the thickness its physically two millimeters thinner and feels even thinner than what the figure gives us when holding it in hand and to guarantee stable wireless Signal the antene band is also reserved the other detail, like the quilt speakers tuned by jbl, fingerprint unlock and microsd card slot also got reserved. You may note that the camera module seems to be different from the p11 pro, but actually the hardware used inside doesnt change at all another most significant difference is about the attached stylus. The second generation of the stylus finally supports magnetically, attaching at the back with wireless charging, but i also want to remind you that the first generation of the stylus designed for the p11 pro also works with the p12 pro. Although its not going to be charged magnetically and the new tablet also comes with the new keyboard kit, which now supports bluetooth connectivity beside the contact connection, like the previous one, the p12 pro can be considered a two in one tablet. With the keyboard kit, too, the display is definitely going to be the most important thing in making your choice between them.

First, its bigger and smoother. With better pixel detail. The new tablets display applies the same pixel arrangement as the samsung tab, s7 plus, and this new pixel arrangement significantly improved the font blurring issue of the lenovo p11 pro that we mentioned in its comparison with the xiaomi pad 5 pro, comparing to the previous one. The sharper text edge on the p12 pro did bring much better reading experience, which has been pretty close to what we have on lcd panels, not only the better reading experience. The new design of pixel arrangement also brings out more vibrant colors, where blue pixels involved, if without comparison with the p12 pro, i wouldnt have realized that the older p11 pros colors were a bit dull and it continuously supports dolby vision and hdr content. As you can see in the video, although our camera may not exactly show the gap, but i believe most of you already can pick out, which one looks better and the better color presentation also makes it an excellent option for photo or video editing and the latest Zui 13 operation system users can turn the tablet as a second screen for a pc by wireless connection. However, by far, it only supports the projection at 2k 30 hertz signal with very obvious latency and under this mode. The wireless protection cannot really show the strength of this display, as it should be for professional image processing. Its also important to note that the tablet supports 100 percent of p3 gamut and their gamut for conversion.

In addition, the 120 hertz takes the whole system to another level. That is the highest refreshing rate that you can have on a tablet product, but on the other hand, the 2k resolution is still the same as the previous one, and the peak brightness also remains at around 600 net, which is only available in partial area. At this time, the new tablet supports an enhanced brightness mode and straw, sunlight, which is pretty convenient to use. Outdoors comes with four jbl speakers: thats going to be very satisfying if you watch 2b vision and to be at most for the most of the times, youre, not gon na need an external speaker, Applause, Music Applause, yeah. Everybody knows that im breaking down. Everybody knows i aint faking now everybody knows my hearts faking now yeah she hates me now. I made mistakes, but now i dont ever want to be alone. I dont really ever feel at home on my own in the zone thats. The only way i know feeling low about to blow back up, couldnt even hear me if i yelled outside Music, like the p11 pro, the new tablet has taken fully advantage of the snapdragon 870 chipset, so the performance test didnt bring as much surprise no matter for The benchmark results or the actual gaming performance, the p12 pro is still the most powerful beast among all the android tablets by the way playing games on this 12.6 inch 120hz display is such a satisfying experience on the p12 pro lenovo eventually updates the operation system to Zui 13 for pad, which aims to give users better experience with tablet products and make it more suitable for tablet use scenarios.

But the update is not very effective, since we did not find some optimization about the existing features, but few new features were developed in the latest version of the os. The pc mode is still the most successful feature for the new software, but there is no obvious update for the pc mode. Youre still allowed to open five app windows at the same time, theres still the same interface with what we had on the p11 pro. Even so, its still the best solution for doing one tablet that you can have in the market right now. One of the few new features that we mentioned above is the wireless capacity of being a second screen for pc, but just like i said it, doesnt really work well for the latency and the poor colors. As for its camera module, we shot a few samples for you with the 13 megapixel main camera and 5 megapixel wide angle camera. The tablet is not exactly designed for photography and, of course, its performance doesnt. Compare to some mid range phones, so here just check by yourself whether it meets your needs or not. Another small upgrade is power solution. The p12 pro features an 10 200 million per hours battery, which is 1 600 million per hour larger than the p11 pro. With up to 45 watts fast charge, but the charger included is just a 30 watt one. So if you want to fasten the charging, youll have to buy another 45 watt charger that supports qc4 protocol on your own heres.

The results of our charging test and battery life test. Its definitely going to last then one whole day as long as you dont game. Heavily on it so for the conclusion, basically, the new version is definitely a lot of better than the previous one, but the main upgrade is going to be the screen. The screen is going to be bigger, faster and more vivid, and the battery is a little bit larger storage a little bit better and all the other good things has remained like the previous one. So if youre gon na buy this youre gon na be spending that few hundred dollars mainly for the screen and if youre not very sensitive to the color and the screen function, probably the previous one is going to be enough for your usage and also, if youre, Going to get the new one in spite of having the old one, you also have to get the new pen, the new keyboard kit, thats, also going to spend a few more dollars. You can make your decision according to what you need the most, so this is going to be all for todays review. This is gizmo china, and my name is james.