I believe this is an update or upgrade to the shaoxin pad tablet from lenovo, mainly in terms of processor. This one has a faster snapdragon 750g than the snapdragon 662 of the regular xiaoshim pan. Almost everything else, i believe, is the same. The shaoxing tablets of lenovo is sold to the chinese market, but the chinese rom here supports english language and you also have access to the google play store and also netflix. So it is not uncommon for this model to be important to other markets. Just like how i bought this online from china, if im not mistaken, the international counterpart of this tablet is known as the lenovo p11 plus. Although from what i see in the product specs that one has a different processor, i think its a mediatek processor, you can qualify this tablet as a budget friendly tablet, not necessarily a low end tablet. By that i mean it maintains high quality features but keeps the price low by foregoing some luxury features. Brands like lenovo, xiaomi, oppo and huawei are really putting out practical and competitive products. In this space you can see the design is aesthetically. Pleasing love the white pearl color, although i really wont be seeing this often because im going to cover it up with the back cover um this one here, keyboard cover, which is really really useful, has a built in stand. Then you can pop it up like that. One, the build quality and construction are something that you see in flagship tablets like three to five years ago.

You see there is a seam here. Current flagship tablets are more into the unibody seamless melting into the display, difficult to repair kind of deal. Nonetheless, this one still looks good and feels sturdy. I commend that they are making a different design style instead of emulating apple tablets. No biometric authentication in this one, not even a fingerprint sensor but thats, okay for many people, just your classic pin code, although it has face recognition. The cpu here is not the latest and greatest, but it will run most apps, just fine unless its gaming or heavy video editing. The screen is lcd, but let me tell you: lcd is not a con. A lot of reviewers somehow pushed this idea. That oled is the only high end display and by default better than lcd. Of course, you can objectively say that oled has deeper blacks and whatnot, but i am not looking at the black parts of the screen when i am using my tablet. The lcd display in this tablet is really really good. No bleeding the colors look accurate. There is a vivid mode for more punchy, saturated colors, and you know what at this price id rather have a good lcd than a less expensive oled with poor collars, which could burn out easily lcds are better in terms of longevity and and even if my device Is inexpensive, i would like to still use them for a very long time, which i hope you are as well.

Actually, i cant think of a lot of missing features that would be regarded as a compromise. In fact, this one has a micro sd card slot. You cant say that about many high end tablets, uh no headphone jack, but guess what a dongle is included in the box charger also included in the box and take a look at this cable, thick and sturdy. My apple cable is so thin. I have to put this guard here and even then i know that this soon will soon break. I have had to buy several replacement cables already, oh and audio. I am pleasantly surprised. I was skeptical about the quad jbl speakers because they could easily be just some marketing, but legit. The speakers in this tablet are quite good. Ayaka has mentioned you on numerous occasions. Applause, Music Applause has mentioned your Music Applause, brace yourselves over brace Applause, Music Applause to yourselves that thing now, if you listen closely side by side with something like the ipad pro, which is praised by many yeah, the ipad pro is better. It has rounder well balanced and tighter sound, but the speakers in the shaoxin pad plus is just a touch behind. I am really glad they did not cheap out on the audio plus headphone dongle is included what what apple you could get the whole package of accessories. This keyboard cover and pen as well and still end up lower in price than the entry level ipad.

I think this entire package here is half the price of just the ipad pro or samsung tab, s8 and thats. Just the tablet, so youd be paying more. If you want accessories for those tablets – and this is the reason why i got this tablet – because you could get a complete competitive device at an affordable price without much compromise – i wanted the tablet that could be a laptop companion, something that i could take with me. Instead of my laptop this one has a lot of productivity features and capabilities that would allow me to just leave the laptop at home. Okay, one thing that i do a lot with my laptop is powerpoint presentation. This tablet supports hdmi out and you can mirror your display to show your presentation pretty basic feature, but whats particularly useful for me is the ability to write with a pen. I dont know about yall, but i really like being able to write on my slides writing. Calculations, for example, very handy, but wait there is a better option. The shaoxing pad, plus also has this x cast option that you can select from the recent apps. With this, you can project a specific app to the external display, like the presentation and keep the tablet available for whatever else you want to do. Maybe have some notes open here, maybe messenger or a chrome browser, because somebody asks a question and you want to search for the answer.

Something like that. You can also project netflix in case youre, the type to netflix and then work or project youtube. Maybe twitch so work work work. While you are watching media. Since the tablet is extending the display and not just mirroring, you can do all sorts of stuff. While it is projecting to the monitor, also, you can project an online meeting to the monitor, then slack off on the tablet, browsing social media and even watch youtube or netflix. Nobody got time to be paying full attention to that meeting. You know, or maybe you are serious with that meeting and you plan to share your screen to that meeting. Whats wonderful here is that i have full view of both what i am presenting and the meeting just like. I would if i had a laptop show off to other people, that you can do split screen presentation of two powerpoint files. Speaking of extending to the external monitor, what we can also project is the desktop mode of the xiaoshin pad plus the desktop mode is a feature that i am really happy to see in newer android devices. Samsung has the dex, which i think is more robust and bug free, but lenovo here they have what they call the pc mode. It still has quite a bit of quirks which i hope could be ironed out, not too hopeful about the updates. Oh well. This tablet came with their zui 12 out of the box, and i was then prompted to update to their latest zui 13.

So maybe theres a chance. There will be more updates, so it is going to change the view and the ui of the tablet into a desktop like experience. The prominent capability is working in windowed apps, so there is more flexibility in terms of multitasking. As i said, you can extend the pc mode to the external display. There is an option in the setting, and you can do this by connecting the monitor while the pad is in the tablet mode. For now, this is not too useful. As you can see, i am not able to open multiple apps for some reason. What i suggest would just to mirror the pc mode to the external display. You can put the tablet screen to sleep and just work on the bigger monitor. This setup would prefer an external mouse and keyboard, because the keyboard cover would wake the screen up. Well, you dont have to connect to an external display to use pc mode because it is available using just the tablet. Obviously, it works well with the keyboard cover. I would still suggest using a mouse, because the track pad requires grace care and finesse to use, but you can make the trackpad work if you are determined opening multiple windowed apps, obviously, is already a huge advantage of pc mode, but i would like to explore here The mobile office experience, certainly you can open the browser and copy stuff from there look. I can copy images directly from the browser and paste them in the slide very common thing to do.

In most cases, when i am writing and editing documents, i would like to open multiple files at once, maybe because i am compiling and synthesizing stuff into one document, or what have you a limitation for now in android, desktop mode is that you can only open one Instance of an app one workaround, if you want to open a second file, is to open that one using a different app. So here i have office 365 and the separated powerpoint app to open two documents. At the same time, we can actually open a third file by creating multiple spaces of an app in the app settings. I think how it works is like its installing another copy of the app so, for example, with facebook. Here i can have two facebook apps with two different accounts logged in this is not a new feature. I know many other android devices have this, but i think this is not a universal feature in android. Let me know if i am wrong, so what i do is create another space for the office 365 app, and if i want to open a third document file, i can use that second copy of the office 365 app to open it. I am really pleased that i can actually do this kind of office work on an android tablet. After i save the file, i can upload that to the cloud attach the email or save that to a flash drive. Now i want to showcase here.

One more awesome feature that we are starting to see in recent high end android tablets like samsung, and we find that one also here in a budget friendly tablet, and that is to use the tablet as a second display for your laptop or pc for lenovo. They call it lenovo one. You must install first, the lenovo project, unity on your pc, which can be downloaded from the microsoft app store once the tablet is paired and in the same network as your pc, you can use the tablet, as the second display its pretty incredible. Actually, there is no lag from what i could see and the image is high resolution, not pixelated at all. The connection was very easy. I thought it would be too tedious to set it up and make it work, but no the connection was very simple. Of course, i had to wonder how this works with the pen. I think pen pressure is still present, not too sure, but i am yet to try actually drawing with this feature, but for all other second display purposes. This is very usable, and here i thought i was gon na – leave my laptop at home, but now im thinking ill, take both the tablet and laptop and have a dual monitor setup. Wherever i go – and this is where i will conclude my showcase – i would not necessarily call this a review, but i just wanted to show off what we can do with the shaoxin pad plus tablet the level of productivity that we can achieve, especially with the projection And display extension shenanigans, and now we see that the tablet itself can be used as the extended display.

Android tablets are getting pretty exciting and it is not without its bugs. I will be honest with that one, but i like where they are heading with this one.