So if you guys are looking for a budget tablet, this might be for you. The sell sync pad and this housing pad is a china rom version and the global version is p11, but dont worry it comes with this. Google play service and everything you will miss out anything. So the specs ill show it here, and then this comes with a pricing of about 171 usd. If you have a this discount coupon, it can go down to about 157 usd and with that pricing it can consider a very good catch, but do check out the seller. How to claim the warranty before your purchase all right and inside the box is the pad itself, and then it comes with 20 watt charger and a cable, and here is the pin for the this uh dedicated card slot for the memory card and some paperwork thats. It – and this is a 11 inch tablet and below, is for the magnetic keyboard all right and on the right side. Is this a usb type c charging port and two speaker over here? There are another two over at the left and on the left. There are another two speaker so theres, total four speaker and then the power switch is right over here at the left and on top is the this dedicated card slot for the memory card. This is a wi fi version. Therefore, theres no sim card slot – and this is the volume rockers – and probably these two is the mic and in front – is the 8 megapixel front camera and behind is the 13 megapixel rear camera? This is a flashlight and this is some kind of a rubber matte material which looks quite premium, so this is made of metal.

So no worry about the fingerprints merging around and ill put the video and picture samples at the back of this video to show you. How good is this camera all right? Okay, now lets compare the screen. This is the lenovo 2k screen, and this is the huawei t5 full hd screen and both are at 50 all right, as you can see, 50 brightness all right. Okay, right now we are at the same home page as you can compare the brightness, the white. Take a look at the white color patch over here: Applause, Music, Applause, Music, okay, lets. Take a look at the performance of this tablet on the right is the demands t820, which is a much more powerful than tablet so lets activate the chrome. One two go all right: almost the same lets take a look at the play store. Okay, one two go all right, its almost the same, and for the gaming for example, pubg you can actually go goes to balance and medium or you can go smooth maximum is high. Alright, the hd you cant use it unless you use some uh third party apps. All right, okay, right now, im inside this pub g uh, the setting is balance medium, no lag, nothing! No stuttering! Everything looks okay, playable, okay. Now i want to talk about a special features of this tablet. This is the pc mode. All right, you can make it as a pc just on it all right, youll be a pc mode and you can make it as a workstation right now is the speaker test now its at the maximum volume Music Music.

And if you run out of space, you actually can use the external hard disk, its very easy, just connect to this usbc port and there you go and for the last part, is the some sample of pictures and videos taken using this tablet.