Now this is the first generation of this surface. Pro competitor and i’m excited to share it with all of you, because i think this is going to be ideal for a lot of you that are accustomed to waiting for microsoft, to refresh the surface pro waiting for new features and not necessarily finding them plus it’s. Going to give you a little bit of a different experience, more of a thinkpad experience, so with that out of the way, the price on this review unit i’m – not exactly sure of the specs on it, but i know they range. They start with an i3 that’s priced at around a little over a thousand us and they go up to about 17 or 1800. So we’ll see exactly what lenovo sent over i’m looking at the side of the box here, but i don’t see specifics on specs either way. What is important to know is that ram is soldered on this machine and if you go with the base i3 configuration which i don’t necessarily recommend, but of course some of you will you’re going to get uhd graphics as opposed to iris xe, which does change overall Performance now i’m, not saying that everyone needs iris xe, because they certainly don’t but it’s. Something to be aware of last thing coming out of the manufacturer. Packaging here is our power, brick uh battery life on this surface, pro competitor is estimated to be, i think, around 10 hours, so we’ll see how it fares.

Now. The first thing we’re looking at here is the keyboard, and you know the look and feel of this again is meant to be thinkpad and that’s, going to attract a lot of you that as much as you either like or dislike what microsoft has done with the Surface pro line and i’ve covered basically every generation, and it deserves credit where it’s due i’ve been waiting for someone else to basically not knock it off the block, but at least give it a run for its money, because microsoft has been sitting on their hands for Quite some time now, with the surface pro line – and i think this is exactly what they need to you know essentially drive innovation here, so uh different keyboard, definitely a firmer less flexible than the one you’ll find with the surface pro. And if you are a fan of thinkpad, then you’re going to feel right at home, fingerprint scanner. Of course, your mouse buttons besides touch pad, essentially everything you expect the power brick, i believe, is a 65 watt type c, as you would expect it does have quick charge capability. We also do get a pen with this for those of you that are wondering, of course, it is a tablet touch screen capability, as well as over 4 000 levels of pressure sensitivity. I believe this is a wacom pen solution, as are most lenovos, so this will be interesting to test out as well and they do have a tilt pen.

I believe that is, of course, more expensive than the standard one that comes included, but still nice, that they, of course, include it just like it’s nice that they include the keyboard, something you will not get from microsoft, i’ll open that a little bit later, the 65 Watt charger looks like what you’ll see on many ultrabooks these days, but what makes this particular tablet unique is the fact that we are getting intel’s 11th gen tech under the hood, so these are low voltage, quad, core processors and, more importantly, we actually have thunderbolt. So if you were waiting – and i always have been for microsoft – to bring thunderbolt to a surface pro tablet which never happened – you can thank lenovo because they actually did what many of us have been waiting for, and i don’t know why i mean well. I do but i’m not going to get into it, but it’s, just something where it’s refreshing to finally have something that reflects that it’s the year 2021 and i don’t feel that microsoft does that so top center. We have a 5 megapixel front facing camera. That is ir capable, so it is windows, hello, compatible aka. It will recognize you on boot for security measures. We also have a privacy switch right there, as you can see so that’s all taken into account speakers flank the bezel fairly light. I think this is essentially roughly the same weight as the surface pro.

We have a type c port right here and that is capable of displayport. It is a 3.2 gen, 1 port. We have a sim card slot because you can get this with lte connectivity. If you choose to do so, the thunderbolt 4 port there, which is a game changer for this product again, i don’t think until microsoft gets on this level that i would ever consider a surface pro now that something like this exists and that’s it’s, a pretty big Hit to take, i mean microsoft really changed the game with the surface pro but, as i said, they’ve been sitting on their hands. Lenovo is thinking about what consumers want and that’s generally how you get rewarded in a free market economy, your headphone combo jack right. There flip to the other side and we’ve got our power button. I believe that’s, the power button, no volume rocker excuse me and power button is right up here on the top right side: ventilation all across the top and some ventilation on both sides. Kensington lock and that’s pretty much it the lip right here for the actual kickstand which functions just like the one on the surface pro – and you know you could call this a clone, but i wouldn’t because and of course there is a rear camera as well. I wouldn’t call it a clone because, even though it borrows a lot from it, it basically you know, takes it to another level and from a design perspective, it feels and looks good.

It feels like it’s well made, of course, with the lenovo branding and thinkpad branding. I really should say you’re expecting durability, which i imagine is going to be a little bit better than what you get out of a surface pro your think pad right. There you see the red light coming up, also part of marketing your lenovo branding right there on the kickstand and not a lot of upgrading capability. But what would you expect from a tablet? But if you’re looking for a tablet pc, this may be exactly what you’ve been waiting for and you can go up to an i7, as i mentioned before, with 16 gigs of ram one terabyte nvme pogo port for the keyboard now the display. I have not spoken that much about the display is a 12.3 inch again, the same exact dimensions as a surface pro, but three by two aspect: ratio and it’s, a full hd plus ips panel. So what does that mean? You’Re getting 1920 by, i believe, it’s 1280. So, just as a result of it being a three by two aspect: ratio rather than traditional, 16×9 or 16×10, whatever manufacturers choose to go with these days, when you go to 3×2, the pixel count has to change to accommodate uh. You know the dimensions and that’s exactly what we’ve got here, so you know everything’s working out of the box uh. As i said, this is a review unit it’s showing 90 and a little under five hours, but i’m, assuming everything is fully cranked up.

But what i already like about this, as i’ve mentioned, is not just that we have a intel’s quad core 11th gen low voltage cpus, but it’s all the niceties of having that modern, uh chipset inside of a tablet. So i mean again if i didn’t put the battery in here, but i will be testing i’ll, probably end up doing an inking demo with this i was about to write on it, forgetting that i don’t have it, but once i get everything set up, install some Things i’m, not expect. You know expecting some benchmarking monster here with this machine, but what i am expecting is something that could potentially make me forget about the surface pro line, not all together. You know microsoft still has a chance, but at the very least, if anyone were to ask me right now, if they should be buying a surface pro when something like this exists, my answer, if this lives up to the expectations that i think it will is frankly Going to be no because i think we’re looking at something that does force microsoft, to step it up and if microsoft does not well, then there’s no way really to you can’t. You know pretend this doesn’t exist right so interesting times. I’Ve been waiting for a modern tablet pc to come out. I think this is going to be my battery the wrong way. I think this is going to be ideal for a lot of business users, especially once the pandemic winds down, traveling becomes more normalized.

People are out and about in a fashion that, unfortunately, no one has been able to enjoy safely, and you know that this is going to be ideal. I mean it’s lightweight has enough power to essentially yep there. We go to get productivity jobs done uh with the included pen, keyboard it’s. Definitely more compelling from a price point standpoint, and pricing with lenovo is inherently always going to go down a little bit. You’Ve got a little pen holder here on the side. It just is a nice little package and then, in addition to that again, having that thunderbolt connectivity to me is big. Now what i like to see – uh higher res or maybe an oled sure, but the beauty is they’ve basically taken the x1 nano which is, in my opinion, one of the best ultrabooks on the market and just brought that into a tablet form. And this is something lenovo hasn’t done since 2018., so this is a pretty good start and i’m excited to test it out and put it through. You know: multiple tests see what the nvme drive is like that you know they’ve included, and you know it just seems. Well made it’s subdued looks good. I don’t see anything bad here and again, just to reiterate pricing, which i do have pulled up you’re looking at, as i mentioned a little over a thousand for the i3. But again i recommend going at least with the i5. Do yourself a favor it’s, not that it’s going to be a tremendous jump in performance, but i you know generally don’t ever recommend i3 builds if that’s your budget it’s your budget i’m, not going to dissuade you but you’re.

Looking at right now, i’m looking at their their site on retail purchases, so 1181 for the uh i5, with eight gigs of ram. Remember, the ram is soldered uh. If you step up to the let’s, see what this is that’s that comes with a 256 gig uh ssd uh, if you step up to the 512 you’re, looking also at eight gigs that’s 1301. This is all us pricing. Of course, uh the processor there we’d be stepping from the it’s it’s amazing that they really have different versions but it’s, because the i5, with the 256 that’s 1181, is not the v pro. This is so you’re talking about the 1130 g7 versus the 1140 g7 and then, if you take the next step up uh, they have yet another i5 build at 1331, which has 16 gigs of ram half terabyte. I mean they’re really making sure to cover all of the bases and then of course, the next step being yet another i5, so let’s get to i7 territory. The i7 starting point is 1400 us dollars. 16 gigs of ram a half terabyte nvme drive again all the same config in terms of the screen. The keyboard included pen, wi, fi, six, bluetooth, 5.1 uh. So really just a. I would say a well rounded little tablet that i think is going to be ideal for a lot of users and then having better cameras than the majority of tablets on the market. You know the five megapixel on the front i didn’t mention this is an eight megapixel on the back of course, i’ll test them see how they perform and then the ability to travel light with the 65 watt charger and supposedly quick charging is alive and well on.

This so if it charges up in an hour, i think this is going to be really popular and again it’s. If this doesn’t put everyone else back on their heels to get into, you know stepping up the game with a modern tablet, pc for business and traditional end users alike. I don’t know what does the thunderbolt 4 is a game changer for this form, factor and profile? That makes docking incredibly easy. If you have a thunderbolt, 3 or 4 dock, that means you can get either a few displays output at 4k, 60hz or because this is a thunderbolt 4. Technically, you can go up to, of course, 8k, but how many of you have 8k? I don’t have 8k monitors, so i can’t really speak to that, but really impressed with this little guy and excited to share it with all of you um. I believe they already have some models that are shipping, but the higher end models. I think, have uh about a one to two month delay depending on uh. What you’re going with again just a first look excited to share it with all of you, any questions or comments.