Now i have reviewed a few portable monitors before, but this thing is no ordinary portable monitor, because this portable monitor supports unique features like touch windows, inc pen support. It has usbc usbc power pass through and you can use the usbc to actually output to the display and it can be used for a second monitor for mobile devices. Yes, your phone pcs, macs laptops, especially great for laptops, i would say so let’s crack on and have a look at it. So it comes in this black box. You can see here they’re using it with pen support so great for signature, signing documents and stuff like that coding. You can use it anyway, portrait or landscape on the back here, not much to see let’s open her up. Okay. So we have the monitor here itself. This is the display here. You can see the display turn it around. There we’ll have a closer look in a sec. Now, as you can see here, this thing opens up, and this is why i like it a lot better than any other sort of portable monitor. They have, these sort of you know covers that you have to put on the back and you have to faff about with them. This thing here can stand up like that stand up like that. It is awesome. We get a nice felt cover very nice signed. We think vision there. Then we get another box here that looks like about it.

No, we get a pen, i tell a lie: there’s the pen, so 4096 pressure points here. Sports windows in this is what takes this monitor to the next level and in this box we have a usbc cable and then we have this right, angled sort of adapter here, so you can get. You know better management of your cables there. So that’s everything in the box now let’s do a bit of a tour and, as you can see the base of this unit, it does have a height adjustment. So i can have that up like that higher. If i want – or i can put this flap down – and i can have it like that – the angle i can get it on you can see here – i can go right down right up like that. Of course you can have it in portrait. So, whichever way you want it there, i really do like having this sort of stand here, integrated, it’s, really good. So, on the right side of the unit, you do have power, kingston, lock there and a usb type c, with display port out there and looking at that it does support power as well. So it does have power pass through, on the left hand, side. Another usbc that supports displayport out and power display brightness buttons and that button there it’s not a power button. I do believe that’s a multitasking or sort of like a function button there so or for the menu or whatever.

So let’s connect her up to something. Okay. So first we’ll attach it to a phone and then we’ll see how it goes on laptops and even the desktop. If we can do that, this here is an android phone. It won’t be enough to power. This display. Okay, it does have usbc pass through. So you can pass through the power into this into your laptop whatever, but something like a phone will not be able to power this so we’re gon na use this brick here for the power. If you have a laptop or something like that, it probably will have enough power to power it, but let’s just plug this in here and it’s as simple as just plugging it in and we’ll just plug this thing in here, and we should have a monitor yeah. Dual monitor here and as you can see there dual monitor and if i want to play some content or something like that, it will just flip around you can see here. If i just flip that around the content is going to play like that, so yeah that’s, pretty cool that you can attach it to your phone, you can get some documents done. You can connect the keyboard to this, of course, or to your phone and get work done that way. So, as you can see now you don’t have to use a lenovo laptop. You can use any laptop with displayport out over usbc, now we’re going to test this on an amd laptop, because the worry is with some of the amd’s.

Are you going to get display out so there we go. We plugged in the amd, of course, now we’re getting power to this okay, so this is getting power, so i can put power in the other side and it can charge both that’s. What the passer is for. This is an amd laptop now and what you can see here is windows 11. Yes, this is windows 11, but now we’re duplicating this screen, but we also have touch interface for this, because this is not a touch screen now we do have a touch screen, so that is awesome. The pin has two buttons on it and, as i said before, 4096 pressure points, you do not actually get paint in windows 11, but anyway you can um like this. Now, if we have a look here, it’s like they’ve thought of everything, because of course, if you want to write – and you don’t want that screen to go back the best way to use the screen, if you just want to ride on it, is do it like That just put it in this mode where it’s firm, it’s like an easel sort of mode and then you’re not going to get the screen going back and forth it’s. You know it’s, like they’ve thought of everything, it’s really good, it’s responsive. I don’t seem to be getting any missed touches, and actually it works a lot better like this. Then the screen sort of going forward and back like this, the pen works really well like when it’s leaned up it’s sort of yeah every now and then you can lose touch.

But this way is the best way to do it. Awesome and the display itself is actually a full hd display. It’S ips 16 by nine got ten point touch six milliseconds response or eight grade to gray talked about the ports. It is 700 grams up to 65 watts power delivery near enough 100, srgb and 300 nits of brightness and up here it is actually a really bright light. So it actually, you know, 300 nits. I think that’s good for a portable monitor and, on the left hand side. I did say it has a button there and, as you can see, this gives you the on screen display. Here you can control the brightness contrast. You can turn on the blue light filter. If you want – and the good thing is, the touch actually works with that, the on screen display i’m talking about you can auto rotate it or you can lock it in position. You do have advanced controls, which you know if you want different color spectrums like if you want srgb, you want blush neutral, reddish whatever, and then you have some language options and then you can turn that thing off and there’s also an extreme tab and on the Top here you can overdrive the display you can have it on normal or extreme there’s, no point leaving it on extreme. You know it’s not really for gaming. You could game on it for sure, but you know it’s not made for gaming and yeah that’s.

Pretty much. All the features there and it’s easy to use, it’s touch and that’s everything you want to get touch. What you do is you just go into the menu. This is android, of course, and you turn it to android touch. So what about the mac daddy here and the good news is the mac can actually use it? You just plug it into the usbc. You know the output for display there and, as you can see, this works no problem, so i do get a cursor with the mac. Maybe i can go in the settings or something but um yeah. It doesn’t seem to work. The touch doesn’t actually seem to work on a mac, but you do have a dual display, so you can imagine connecting this to a macbook pro or anything like that. It’S going to be awesome for that sort of thing and yeah dual monitor on your mac and actually as a cursor support, so to wrap it up. This thing is a cool device there’s a lot of portable monitors around, but not many with the functionality of this being able to use a pen touch, support, usb power, passthrough and most modern laptops. Just have this usb cable. You can use it for android android touch. I can use it on my mac, you know in terms of portable monitors, it doesn’t really get much better than this when it comes to a functionality, standpoint and it’s great for an office worker or someone wants a portable display, dual display.

Just getting things done. Two screens is always better than one and it’s great it’s getting powered right just by one cable. You know no plugging in power no faffing about and if you do need power, if you’re connected to your phone or whatever, just use a brake, just use this power.