This is one that Ive actually been excited for a little while in this box is a computer that Ive always wanted to own. Ever since I was a child, but I cant anymore, because thats when I was a child Im 19 years old now – and this computer is old, but I figured Id still buy it anyway. Just to purchase in the collection in this box is a Lenovo ThinkPad, x131e um theyre, basically, whatever the one I was looking for was x130e, but they are pretty much the same, except I think, later on. Eventually they turned a 130e into a Chromebook. There was two varieties of those which was Windows, OS and Chrome OS and, as you guys know, Lenovo is a pretty reliable brand for computers, especially just recently with their gaming computers. And, as you guys know, my personal computer is a Lenovo Legion 5 and this the computer came out in 2020 or 2021. I dont remember when, but its a noble computer – and this thing runs like a beast, so theyre pretty reliable with their computers nowadays, but even back, then they were knocking out of the park with making. You know computers, for you know, thats the K. 12. You know brand or just you know targeted to children to use for school. You know they first eventually they were using like Windows operating systems and I think eventually, they just kind of turned down from that, and they just kind of you know, started making.

You know the Lenovo thinkpads with Chrome OS, which I guess is much simpler for children, but even then Id still prefer windows for you know school just because you know if Chrome OS is just so limited and theres theres not a whole lot. You can do all right so without further Ado lets open this bad boy up, Music, all right! Last time I held one of these was probably when I was in the third grade, so its been about 10 years, since I held one of these flat out of the box. What is this? Oh, its? The charger? Oh yeah. I remember this style Charger. I remember you uh goofy off yep. I remember this port right here. Was this exact one right here and it looks like the cables a little broken because they put tape on it. This thing was shaped from a computer store in New York. Oh okay, I can see the laptop in here. It actually feels significantly bigger than its supposed to be, maybe because it is kind of a chunky computer. Oh man, there it is whoa okay, so this computer is actually smaller than I initially expected. But man look at that. Oh they put some sort of oh okay. This is protected, but yeah here it is. This. Is the Lenovo ThinkPad x131e exactly the way? I remember it using it in school and the way I would see it in YouTube videos when I would used to watch a bunch of reviews before I was considering buying it damn.

This thing is, for this thing is pretty nice and its. Oh, this one says: Windows 8 Pro but Im pretty sure this is running Windows 10. and this thing does have a removable battery. You just you, know, push it out like this and it comes out just like that, but its a pretty slick design. You know it has: it has rubber bumpers all over its supposed to protect it from Falls. You got old ports here. You got a headphone jack, an ethernet port, USB ports, its a cooling fan, dont know what this is and you got micro SD card slot. Hdmi, a sticker residue, another USB port and the charging cable. My Dell Latitude had a lot more ports, though it even had a CD drive all right, but lets open it up and see how it looks. Actually, you know what lets oh its from the fire. Dear value customer, this machine has no password on it if prompted to enter password. Please leave the field blank and hit enter. Thank you very much for your business now. Thank you for giving this to me all right lets open it up. Oh man, oh its kind of hard to open it with one hand: oh wow, oh okay, so this is not the one that I bought. I guess its the x140e, but it looks practically the same so Im just gon na leave it at that, and this is it right here. This is the computer, its pretty small you can.

You can see how small it is, but it looks exactly as high. I remember it the think, pad thingy right here, this trackpad, oh, it feels you can hear that and you have these little like keys right here. I dont know what that was for you. I used. I used to use this as a little mouse. I remember, and it looked like an eraser but yeah all right. Its pretty nice lets power it on see if it has any charge. Okay, I see the little light went on think pad, oh or okay. It appears the thing just died, so this might be out of battery. Let me try that again. Okay, I dont even get anything this time. Okay, so the battery is dead, so I should probably go charge it up and help check what you guys once its charged, or I simply forgotten that I have a charging plug right beside behind my bed here and I can charge it little green lights on. So its indicating that the stain is charging so lets, try powering it up again. Okay, didnt get enough no reaction at first up until there we go so oh to interrupt normal startup press enter. Oh okay, all right, so you guys can tell right away. This thing is not a retina display, its the exactly as my Dell Latitude. Only this thing is a lot smaller, and I mean it is. It is like I didnt say that right, laughably, smaller, like holy crap.

I think this is 11 inches Im, not entirely sure compared to what my Dell Latitude was like. Maybe 14., oh okay, there we go so it appears that this computer meter is already activated, though it has not yet been reset now. One thing I remember specifically a lot is every time the battery would die. This thing would make a beeping noise and it was a little scary, but I I dont know I kind of found it satisfying. Oh okay, oh it said, locking Im, not entirely sure whats going on here. Okay, it looks like Im, not sure whats happening the computers on. I know that oh said, locking or something what just happened. Okay, I I dont know what just happened. Let me press a key or maybe push on. Oh did they just turn off? Okay, that that is weird. I dont know whats going on right now. This this thing is glitching out as goofy off. This thing is like pretty old. I think last time Im holding one of this one of these was probably like again 10 years ago, so I think it came out 2011 or 2012. I am not entirely sure, try powering it on again. Maybe it needs to charge more Im, not entirely sure whats happening, but lets lets try it yeah. Maybe I have to let it charge a little bit more if it turns off on me again Ill leave it charging okay, it got in, but its acting up, yeah its pretty slow.

Just like, oh, oh, okay, there we go, looks like we got it all connected and it is running Windows 10.. You can see that display. Quality is definitely not there. If you look over here – oh actually here, I dont know if you guys what what the camera will pick it up fast but from if you look at this in person, this, oh okay, nice as you can see in person its not very good, its, not retina. So again its just like my Dell Latitude, it even shares the same resolution. I think uh its 1366 by 768.. You know obviously compared to what I have now its like yeah. I just cant go back to the screen, all right, so lets mess around with this feed with a few things off camera and then Ill show you guys all right, Ive been playing around with the settings just a little bit. So this is the its not going to show very well. I cant move it forward, but this this is the spectral working with here pretty low spec processor. You know AMD Radeon, HD graphics, with 1.4 gigahertz, and this thing only has four gigabytes of RAM. I didnt spec it that much, because if I added maybe an extra eight gigs of RAM, it probably would have costed me a little bit more because these things actually do get a little pricey. I found one for like eight gigs and one had like 500 gig.

Even with an SSD, if its even like 100 gigs or 200 youre gon na go for like 150, so for some reason these still cost a good amount, even though theyre pretty old, they installed this version of Windows. 10 last December lets show you guys the amount of memory I have on it. Okay, so this is a surprise I ordered. Oh sorry, I ordered mine with a 150 gigabyte hhd. You know a normal hard drive, but I got more. I got 465 gigabytes, which probably would be about 512 gigabytes. I think they sent me the wrong computer, but I aint gon na complain. Im gon na keep this, because you know I got more for what I paid. I mean I would have. I would have been. They would have been nice, they put more RAM in it. Considering they didnt fully give me the correct things I bought. You know I ordered x130 wont need they gave me. The x140e mine was like 150 gigabytes, and this one has 512 or 465.. I mean its better, so thats why I was like man. Some more RAM would be nice, because this thing is pretty damn slow already just using it. So you can definitely tell the age and if you just wonder thing one other thing I learned is that Lenovo makes pretty bad track. Pads like this is not very good. I thought its not the best team in the world and even my Lenovo Legion 5s trackpad is not very good, though this was a nice feature.

This could be your trackpad, and this was your like your mouse keys, and I think this is oh, so this is supposed. This must be a middle Mouse button, wow, okay, so thats, actually pretty cool. You know its pretty cool computer. I havent held in these. In about 10 years, but oh, my God, the you know, I remember one thing it did is every time you close it, it would do a little beep. Is it gon na? Do it lets, try it lets, wait and see. I think the little light has to turn off Im, not entirely sure, because the time the times I did it, it was running Windows 7 and its okay. Well, it didnt do it which okay, which Im assuming that maybe they removed it or something or if its on Windows, maybe because I was using it on Windows, 7 or whatever, eventually Windows 8. You know never. I used it on Windows 10., but yeah, pretty cool computer all around I already logged into my Microsoft account and everything. Is it its not going to make the beep you can hear the fan it is pretty. The fan is pretty loud. You can feel it too. Although its its a lot worse on my Lenovo Legion 5., trust me on that you can click sign in because I dont I dont, really have a lot of the fat here. Compared to my Lenovo Legion. I havent used Windows 10 in a good while its been about three months since it oh okay, thats odd, but I havent used Windows 10 since October Ive been using Windows 11 now at my Lenovo Legion 5, but I mean even its not too far off or Its not that different, but you can definitely tell it – is a different operating system.

I dont know why its loading so thats just a moment its very this. This computer is so goofy. This whole video is Goofy uh. They sent me the wrong model, but I mean its a better newer one, although it looks the same and they even sent me more memory which Im not gon na complain. You know I aint beating or nothing Im, just saying, but you know its nice. I guess so I dont know why. Why is it doing this? I dont know this computer is pretty old, so I guess I should expect these kind of goofy eye stuff. Oh okay, weird all right, I dont know whats going on this computer. Oh Microsoft account okay, thats, where I can ask me to set up something. So let me be right back all right. Well that just pretty much asked me to create a pin, but I dont want to create a pin, uh so Im going to mess around with this computer around and uh Ill. You know keep it as I guess, as a collectors item, and also, I guess, maybe if my current computer breaks down, I can keep this as a backup and just kind of Im. Just gon na have runs a lot of stuff on it. You know, because considering I got way more memory than what I expected so Im gon na mess around with this and yeah its gon na be in this video guys so pretty cool.

You know computer that I wanted to own for years, but I never got to and Im obviously not going to own it now. This thing is too old um, but you know the design is pretty nice. Its a very clean, build, very durable reminds me of you. Know Nostalgia when I used to use this in elementary school. Its been years since I held one Ive always wanted to have one personally now after 10 years, I have one personally I mean, even though Im not going to use it for my daily use, because I have something thats just miles better: its, not even a competition. Um, but you know this is a pretty cool con content. I mean it is made by the same company Lenovo. Their logo is even different, as you can see right there. Actually, you guys can see it up there as well. Their logo is different from what you saw on my Legion 5.. I dont feel like grabbing that thing right now, but thats gon na be it for this video guys.