Now they call this gen one, but this isnt lenovos first stab at a windows detachable tablet. They came out a few years back with the x1 thinkpad tablet, which i personally had for a while, and i actually loved it. It was a 13 inch tablet, whereas this new x12 is a 12.3 inch tablet and its absolutely no mystery about who theyre targeting here. This is built to take a chunk out of those microsoft surface customers by offering them an alternative with a ton of similarities, but also just a few differences that might sway some people to choose this lenovo x12 over the microsoft surface pro. So i picked this up. Ive been using it for a couple weeks now, and i just kind of want to tell you what you get with this lenovo x12 and my personal experience with it over the last two weeks and at any time, if youre not interested in what im. Currently, talking about check out the chapters that i built into the timeline below to get to the content that you want to see now you can get this in a bunch of options, starting from the 11th gen intel core i3, all the way up to the i7. They all have the same 12.3 inch full hd, 1920 by 1280 ips screen with 400 nits of brightness. You can choose between 8 gigs and 16 gigs of ddr4 ram 256 gigs of pci ssd, all the way up to 512 gigs and all the options come with the lenovo digital pen and the keyboard inside the box.

One thing to note is that on the base model, you only get the intel uhd graphics, whereas on the other models you get the intel iris, xe, graphics and for pricing for the base model. Youre looking at roughly around 1100 us and if you go all the way up to the top model, youre looking at closer to 14 or 1500, depending upon the options you choose, taking a look at the design of the thinkpad x12 again from a distance, you would Probably confuse this with a surface pro, it looks extremely similar, similar size, similar footprint even now, similar colors that the surface pro comes in that matte black as well. Overall, i do love the design. I love that its 12.3 inches, i think, thats a great size for productivity on a windows tablet, along with allowing for portability, taking a look at the display, the resolution isnt quite as high as the surface pro is this one comes in at 1920 by 1280, which Gives it a 3×2 aspect ratio just like the surface pro again, it has an ips panel has anti reflective, coating and anti smudge coating on it, its obviously a touch screen, and it gets up to 400 nits of brightness, which is more than bright enough to use In just about any indoor setting outdoors its a little bit more difficult but definitely can still be used outdoors. If you stay out of direct sunlight, the screen is made out of corning gorilla glass for extra durability.

It has average size bezels, maybe a little bit thicker than most laptops these days, but i would say its very comparable to the surface pro overall. I would call this a good display were not talking 2k or 4k resolution here, its just full hd, but im just fine with full hd on a 12.3 inch screen. I still think it looks good and crisp text is easy to read. Everything looks clear for ports. Youre, looking at a usb 4 type c with thunderbolt 4, a usb 3.2 gen, 2 type c, a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and there is an option for a nano sim slot for cameras. Youre, looking at a 5 megapixel front facing camera with ir for windows, hello, it also has a privacy shutter that you can slide open and close on the back. You have an 8 megapixel rear facing camera for audio. You have dolby premium speakers and dual array mics for battery. They have a 45 watt hour battery and in the box you get a 65 watt ac adapter, which does support rapid charging. This also has bluetooth 5.1 and it does support wi fi six for weight youre. Looking at 1.6 pounds on just the tablet itself, with the keyboard youre, looking at 2.4 pounds its made out of that magnesium alloy. That seems to do really well at preventing fingerprints on the casing itself and, of course, on the back. You have that kickstand that folds out goes almost all the way flat, which is perfect for people that love to draw or take notes.

With this tablet and ive used the microsoft surface pros, you can go back to my previous reviews and youll know that i love the surface pros, but i will say that this kickstand is as good, if not better than the ones that are on the surface pros. The hinge is very sturdy, very smooth, theres, no wobble to it at all, very impressed with this kickstand overall now the keyboard that comes with it also is made out of that magnesium alloy, which is great for those people that dont really like the surface pros keyboards That come with the fabric, this one does feel a bit more sturdy and it doesnt have quite as much give as the surface pros, but at the end of the day it is a detachable keyboard. So there is still a bit of hollow feeling to it. The keyboard does have a fingerprint scanner, which is a really nice touch. If you dont want to use your face for windows, hello, it has that thinkpad red dot in the middle. For those that like to use that it also has a really nice and actually a pretty large track pad im impressed with the size of the trackpad that they were able to fit on this. The keyboard does have two levels of backlighting that you can adjust by pressing the function and the spacebar. It also has that magnetic bar so that you can prop up the keyboard and attach it to the bottom of the screen exactly like the surface pro overall again, if im, comparing this to the surface pro, i do like this keyboard just a little bit more like I said earlier also included is the lenovo digital pen, and while i am not a drawer or an artist by any means, this seems like a really great stylus.

Taking notes has been a breeze even drawing a little bit. It does seem to have low latency. Now this doesnt have a 120hz refresh rate, so its not going to be quite as good as say the ipad pro is, but i did try to capture its latency in a slow mo video and you can see compared to some other styluses. This is really good. So that kind of covers everything that you get in the box lets go into my experience with this tablet over the last couple weeks now i should mention that i got the base model. I got the core i3 with the intel, uhd graphics and, if i had to do it over, i probably would have jumped up to the core i5 with intel iris, xe graphics. I think thats worth the price to jump up, but even with the base model, ive been really impressed with the performance of this lenovo x12 tablet day to day tasks run perfectly fine, no issues with lag or stutters or crashing. That includes things like web browsing emailing. Using lightweight software also streaming, when i push this thing a little bit with some photoshop or video editing, it does seem to work fine. When you have just a few layers in photoshop and 1080p footage video editing, you start to get into some really high resolution photos with a ton of layers or some 4k footage. When youre video editing, you can start to see a little bit of lag.

It starts to slow down a little bit but overall, im pretty impressed with this core i3 model and im sure its even better, with the next tier up and just like the surface pro im really enjoying being able to switch from work, related tasks and productivity tasks. To more of a tablet like experience when im streaming, things like tv shows or movies or youtube, i just attach the keyboard prop this up on either a table or on my bed and im set to go battery life. They quote at 10 hours im, seeing a little bit less than that. I get more between seven and eight hours when im using this throughout the day with those same tasks like emailing web browsing, light software, occasional photoshop and then also doing some streaming. So nothing too intensive, but the nice thing with that rapid charging. You can charge this thing up super fast. You can go from completely dead to 80 battery life in just about one hour of charging. So over the last couple weeks, ive really enjoyed my time with the lenovo thinkpad x1, but now i just want to get into who id recommend this to, and would i recommend it over the surface pro first, who id recommend this to? I think its easy to see that this is a little bit more business orientated than the microsoft surface. Pro is first, it comes with windows. 10 pro has some extra security benefits like that webcam privacy shutter also a fingerprint reader on the keyboard.

You have the optional lte, so you have the ability to stay always connected, and then they just built in some more security features on this, like the discrete trusted platform module – and it also comes with a kensington lock. Also has that 65 watt rapid charger that comes with it for people that just need a quick juice before they go somewhere, so you can see theyre kind of targeting more of the on the go professional type of people now. Would i recommend it over the surface pro? I guess it kind of depends on what you plan to be using this, for i think for most people i would still probably recommend the surface pro. I like the screen a lot better on the surface pro. I think that higher resolution looks a lot nicer. I also think the battery life is a lot better on the surface pro, so i think for most basic users, the surface pro is probably the best choice, but if you need that extra security – or maybe you just want that a little bit better keyboard that i Think the lenovo x12 has over the surface pro. This might be a better option for you. So if youre interested in the lenovo x12 tablet ill put a link in the description below where you can check it out, thank you for everyone that watched to the end of this video.