I am manus and today were taking a look at another thinkpad and there are a lot of thinkpads if theres anything, we know about lenovos sort of strategy for releasing launching these things is that well, what cannot? What harm can another thinkpad x1 variant? Actually do so you have the think, like the the thinkpad x1 nano, which is slightly smaller, you have the extreme edition, which is a 15.6 inch one. You have the yoga which this is a part of this particular line, which is a two in one um tablet edition. You have the regular carbon theres, just a lot of variants, but what they all have in common is that well, we can basically count for them. Well, count on them to be durable and function, even in extreme scenarios, because they are still despite the fact that a lot of just prosumers are buying them. They are designed and built for the enterprise, meaning that they are billed to a high, mil std standard military spec standards um. They can basically just take a lot like a lot harder, beatings and a lot of consumers just find that really comforting, and i do get that so what lenovo has built with this particular x1 yoga is something that should well basically exude luxury and give the user A a grander sense of the product that they have selected because this one is called the x1 yoga titanium, and it is because that the lid, particularly the lid, is built in titanium and well, while titanium has a different look to it.

I think theyve maintained a lot of like the visual quality of the material, but it is also not completely sleek, as your regular, i mean think, pad surface, even the carbon fiber one that the carbon uses. This is not completely smooth, it has a texture quality to it, its almost rugged in a sense, but you can feel it and it feels great. Is there any other reason why you would select a titanium version of the thinkpad x1 yoga, probably not im guessing its a pretty light, um material but think one uh, thinkpad x1 yogas are light in general. So are the carbons, in fact, its kind of one of their prima primary strengths that they arent as heavy as some of the other laptops in that particular range, and this is no different. There is, however, one thing that i do like about it, and that is the aspect ratio of the screen, but well get to that. So first things. First about the titanium. I said the lid is titanium. This i dont think is: it looks like it, but in the press, material um lenovo specifically mentions the lid as being part of the titanium. I guess they would say that its a titan unibody build if that was the case, but dont quote me on that. I mean that this is a game, actor, quick look! It is something that just barely arrived, ive just set it up. I havent, even i think, installed my own windows user on it, but well get to that so titanium lid.

It still says thinkpad x1, meaning that there should be an expected like array of functionality greeting us here when we open it up, and that is exactly what were getting so lets. Take a look at this. So the same maglev style keyboard that people just absolutely love fit with enough travel and enough tactility and responsive physical sort of attributes that people adore this and prefer it to a lot of other laptop keyboards. You get the extra mouse mouse buttons like dedicated mouse buttons at the top of the trackpad. You get the mouse nipple here which you can use to control. The mouse im always told that the enterprise uses this all the time for when theyre, for instance, holding their laptops like this, and this is a lot quicker and some people apparently have mastered this to a great deal. What you also get this time around is a taller aspect ratio display. I believe it is three by two meaning that there should be more vertical space for you to basically have a documents, but also just scrolling media, because a lot of that is vertical in nature. So i really like three by two uh displays. These taller aspect ratios really do um speak to me directly and i love the keyboard um and basically, its a really, like i wouldnt, say low brow, but its a really um purposely simple, built machine which just gives you which oozes quality but doesnt give you anything Beyond the stuff that youd expect, so there are dolby atmos tuned speakers, theyre good.

The trackpad is way too small. That is also something that weve learned to expect from thinkpads. I would have liked it to be at least double in size in order to compete more widely, with comparable products, for instance from msi in their summit series um. But what we do get is that we get fairly good um internal specifications, so there is a fingerprint reader there. There is also windows, hello, facial recognition, as well as a physical slider to um block out your webcam. A lot of people really care about that, particularly in the enterprise as well inside. We find an i7 1160 g7 um 16 gigs of lpddr4x ram, one terabyte m.2 ssd, as well as an intel xe um uh integrated gpu, but as a lot of tests have found the z, uh um era of integrated intel gpus are actually not bad at all. So you shouldnt really run into scenarios where its completely off the rails and cant do what you ask it to do, whether or not it is light photo or video, editing or even light gaming from some esports titles. We havent tried it yet, but it should be. Okay, the 44.5 watt battery should be enough to last you through all day it doesnt sound like much, but i well. I havent really like run across a thinkpad in any of its sub genres. That havent, given me all day battery life and then some the display itself is more than just three by two.

It is actually a 13.5 inch, 2k display available to burst out Music light of around 450 to 500 nits, which should be just fine, because it is a two in one. Of course, it needs to have a little bit of a bezel, because you can uh put it all the way from tent mode here and into direct tablet mode um, and it still seems to be the overall sort of idea of these manufacturers. That makes these two in ones that you need a bezel for your hands to not register false inputs um. I still think that this chin is completely unacceptable, particularly in on machines that are as expensive as the thinkpad x1 yogas. But that is just my opinion, seemingly not a lot, not not enough. Consumers are saying that they want to get rid of the chin and get more screen real estate, because theyre still here even many years down the line from when i first pointed it out. So that is what that is. The thing is, this thing is expensive: its like three thousand dollars, expensive its. It sits snugly within the thinkpad x1 range, so you can get think pads that are more expensive than this, and i should also say that the three thousand dollar mark which ive been able to observe locally here, is for the top of the line. Spec version with the i7: you can scale down from there, but the point of the matter is that you look at this and you think well, its really nicely made, but its also a heck of a lot of money.

But what you are paying for is an enterprise design solution that can take more punishment than your average ultrabook, that there can be no discussion of so im looking forward to putting it through its paces to see whether or not i will still appreciate the titanium finish. A week in or whether or not this is simply too much to ask for lenovo.