I knew that lenovo had a winner on their hands. This pretty much in my opinion, is the ultra book to beat, and by that i mean it is the most portable and capable machine ever made now. Vaio does some amazing things in this space as well so i’m waiting to see what they have next up their sleeve, but at a starting price of 350 us dollars and of course you can spec this up. All the way to over two grand. This machine is right now again. In my opinion, the best ultrabook ever made let’s start off by taking a look at its 2k resolution, 16 by 10 aspect ratio, ips display that has 450 nits of brightness dolby vision certified. I have the brightness all the way up. So take a look and a listen, the speaker performance by the way, also surprisingly, good for a computer that’s under two pounds: Music, Music, Music, this Music so i’m – going to stop it right there. The display, i think, is fantastic. Matte finish. If you want touch screen capability, the top of the end or top of the line model does offer it, but you’ll be spending two thousand dollars the build i have here has a core i7 tiger lake processor it’s, not the 1165 g7 you’ll find in other machines. I’Ve been covering, in fact most of the machines on the market because remember this is the smallest lightest ultrabook on the market, at least to my knowledge and as a result, they went with a little bit of a lower voltage chip at the 1350 price point.

You’Re going with an i5 they’re, all still quad core. I know some people will think quad core is dated, but still completely competent uh. Would i recommend this for 4k video editing, no, but that’s, not what this machine is designed to do. On the other hand, it can actually do that. I just wouldn’t recommend it just as when i you know talk about two in ones like the hp spectre, 13t or 14t. They are great, versatile machines. They can edit 4k video and, of course, photoshop no problem, but they’re, not workhorses they’re, not designed specifically, for that. You want to move to something a little bit beefier more voltage going through any chipset, regardless of manufacturer. So you can already see the display is great audio. Again surprisingly, good keyboard, well it’s a thinkpad uh. The good news is it’s fantastic. I mean i really have no complaints about it. They managed to basically pull off a full size keyboard on the smallest and again lightest ultrabook i’ve, ever reviewed ir webcam at the top, which means windows, hello support. Is there 720p, not amazing, but it’s perfectly fine. So just be aware of that you do have a privacy switch which you can see. I have switched right now. I can go ahead and unswitch it little red dot, letting you know that it is actually covering the camera. So we know the display is really good. Processor performance, i think, is again as good as you could imagine for a machine in this form factor the build quality on this thing is phenomenal.

Spite of the fact that it’s a hair under two pounds, you might have thought well, they had to sacrifice something. Well, there are some sacrifices, but very few and i’m not going to get into all the features today about it, because that’s going to be in the full review the human detection things of that nature, because those are some pretty wild things. The good news, beyond the form factor i mentioned already battery life so anywhere from 8 to 10 hours. I don’t have a firm number yet because this isn’t my full review, but the fact that a machine that’s under two pounds with competent components can achieve that with a display that doesn’t, in my opinion, cut any corners is phenomenal in addition to that uh charge. Time. Also, really quick, the included charger, which is a 65 watt. Charger gets you up to now. Lenovo says uh in roughly an hour, you’ll get 80 and so far, that’s been accurate. So, a little over an hour uh to fully charge this machine again, a reflection that this is designed to be a portable workhorse. So i think there are so many customers out there that are going to want this and that’s. Why it’s very smart of lenovo that they’ve made the base price 1350 with that i5 8 gig configuration and then, as i’ve mentioned, all the way up to over 2 grand when you get the touch screen? The i7, of course, 16 gigs of ram 4 or 5g connectivity.

I mean all the bells and whistles now keep in mind. I’Ve already mentioned great display great keyboard, great track pad again, no surprise there. Fingerprint scanner has the security provisions you’re going to want that’s another nice thing, but kind of expected. I feel like with lenovo’s thinkpad line, and this absolutely deserves thinkpad on it, but the beauty of that pricing again welcomes everyone to the party, but at that starting point of 1350, the eight gigs of ram is soldered. So keep that in mind um, if you’re concerned about that, do yourself a favor and take the step up. I believe that’s going to be over 1700 us. It is a pretty big jump, but it will change what this machine is capable of, or at least the head room that you may or may not need. Now. Some of you may not need 16 gigs of ram, and i know plenty of people that don’t need it. But if you are wondering i think it’s worth covering yourself, the matte finish here a little bit of a fingerprint magnet but easily cleaned up. The magnesium alloy build is great, easily accessible uh to take off the bottom and get inside of this machine, but the only upgradeable component is the m.2 that is the ssd, so that’s. Another thing that when you’re selecting your build, you know get what you need. I i don’t recommend going with the highest capacity, because pricing you know over time should drop on those.

I cover a lot of nvme drives for those of you that are new to the channel pricing hasn’t. You know dropped tremendously yet, but over time it’s going to happen. I promise so you know a half. Terabyte should be fine. If you know you need one terabyte that’s another story: this machine has 16 gigs of ram and a half terabyte no 4 or 5g connectivity on it. Even the wi fi card is soldered here, but because it’s, the intel y56 chipset you don’t, have to worry about that bluetooth. 5.0. I mean everything works perfectly. So where did they cut a corner? Well, it’s, not really that a corner was cut it’s more of they kept the machine. Incredibly clean lightweight. That is the premise right: do business anywhere with as little compromise as possible power button on the right side, ventilation, ventilation on the single fan. By the way, this stays cool, quiet, i’m, again just really impressed with it speakers. The sound stage is impressive: two thunderbolt four ports and a headphone uh microphone, combo jack. That is your i o that’s it. So i feel like that’s, going to be one of the largest areas of contention for a lot of people out there they’re used to more, i o, but quite frankly, take it from me there’s, really not a hell of a lot more. I o on the majority of competing products, which i can’t even really name any macbook air forget about it.

I mean it’s, heavier and that’s all i’m, going to say thunderbolt 4 ports like this granted, not that different from from thunderbolt 3.. Only real enhancement is 8k. Video can come out of them now, but they truly are. You know the ports that can do it all uh so i’m, not making excuses for lenovo. I would have liked to have seen a microsd card slot on here for some form of storage uh. That can be read as someone who enjoys photography, videography but again that’s. Not, i feel like who this machine is designed for it’s designed for travelers and really a wide audience. It’S, not you know centric to one. So if you’re wondering what these can do, they can do everything if you’re connecting a thunderbolt 3 capable external hard drive, you’re going to be able to pull transfer speeds of over a gigabyte a second. If you want to charge your machine with the 65 watt included charger that’s also going to get done through this port. If you want video out, you want to drive multiple displays, you’re going to do that again with these, because the whole premise of thunderbolt is one connection to rule them all and that’s exactly what it delivers. Some people don’t care about this. Some people love it. I think it’s all a matter of what hardware you have, and that is why i can say that having two thunderbolt 4 ports with full throughput really is an amazing thing on a machine that weighs two pounds so uh.

If you think you can’t get video out because you’re seeing that and your monitor, doesn’t have a type c port on it, all you have to do is get from amazon for 15, 20, make sure it’s legitimate, though uh a cable that goes. You know from type c to hdmi or displayport, whatever your monitor, supports and you’re in business and again thunderbolt 4, like thunderbolt 3, before it delivers everything in one connection, so we’re talking about power, delivery, we’re talking about data delivery and, of course display. I mean anything. You want get a thunderbolt dock, they’re, expensive, but they’re coming down in price, and you pretty much will only connect one plug when you do want to dock this thing, and it will be able to do everything. So you can see the little eye over the or the dot over the eye glowing as it sleeps i’ve seen that it’s also been really good so far at uh maintaining battery, while it’s sleeping and just for scale, because you know i cover a lot of ultrabooks. The spectre 13t uh a pound heavier, keep in mind that this is. You know a a 16 by nine aspect ratio, whereas this is a 16 by 10, which i think you know 16 by 10 is put it this way, it’s the best blend of productivity and entertainment it’s, where things really started in flat panels, when lcds were first Introduced and eventually they went to 16×9 really for profitability and media consumption, since all content that you watch at least at home is formatted for 16×9.

The i o is a little bit more robust on something like the spectre, but not that much more robust. You get a type, a port and a micro sd card slot, and this weighs a pound more and is you know right in line with the pricing, the difference being that, of course, the spectre is a two in one that’s, not what this machine is designed to Be also for those of you that are wondering because there’s always one of you isn’t there i’m, not insulting you i’m, just acknowledging you, which you should be happy about. Can this be opened with one hand, so let’s go ahead and try that the answer is no. I mean you see it immediately lifts up, it did fall down. The answer is quite simple: it’s, because this is such a light machine, but one nice thing is that this can be opened up all the way – it’s, not a two in one, but that flexibility in the display movement is always nice to have you never know when You’Re going to need it through the course of this video, i was able to utilize it, and i think it is to all of your benefit to actually see that. But again, machines in this class typically are roughly half a pound to a pound: heavier. They make sacrifices. I can’t really point to any on this other than the fact that, yes, the processor is getting a little bit less power, the iris xe graphics, a little less power, which means you’re not going to be gaming in full hd on this treat it more like.

Unfortunately, what we were dealing with in previous intel, integrated graphics prior to even iris plus, so you don’t, have those gains there or here rather but again, as a business machine you’re, going to be hard pressed to find a more pleasing display, keyboard battery life. Just everything coming together and at an affordable price again, if you don’t, feel you need the i7 and 16 gigs of ram. I mean 1350 seems like an absolute bargain. I think it’s perfect for students that are not going to be doing anything too intensive, perfect for mobile professionals when the pandemic is over. Of course, of course, there are still some that have to be mobile right now, because well, that’s, just the way things work right, but lenovo, i think, has knocked it out of the park again. This is not my full review. I’M sure there are some things: i’m missing or some. You know there are definitely more features i didn’t get into like. I said the human detection conditioning all sorts of stuff, but build quality, is top notch. Just remember, ram is soldered, but when it comes to being the definition of an ultrabook in 2021, the x1 nano.