99 pounds or 907 grams yep it’s, a featherweight that packs a punch, hey everybody it’s andrew – and this is my unboxing and First, look at the thinkpad x1 nano coming up Music now before we begin in the interest of transparency in full disclosure – i’m not being paid by lenovo i’m, not being sponsored by lenovo. All the opinions you’re about to hear are my own, and no one is seeing this video before its release. This unit was purchased with my own money. I did not receive a review unit from lenovo. Pricing starts at 1475.40 over at lenovo.com i’ll, put the link below for more information and where you can buy one and with specs and pricing. Out of the way let’s find out what you get inside the box, let’s open it up. Okay, packaging is pretty typical, thinkpad packaging. You get a usbc power, adapter it’s, a 65 watt power adapter that supports rapid charge. Now the smaller box houses the unit itself and once we get the plastic off and lift the lid, you are greeted by the unit itself and we’ll get to that in just a little bit. But you also get some safety and warranty information, as well as a setup guide in holding the unit for the first time. First impression is wow. This thing is incredibly thin and light at 1.99 pounds or 907 grams. This thing is ridiculous: it’s hard to showing you in a video people. This thing is super light and to give you a size comparison here, it is with the lenovo thinkpad x1 extreme gen 3, as you can see a much smaller footprint, although they’re both in devices.

This is obviously thinner as well, and here you can see the carbon fiber weave of the x1 extreme, which is also an option if you get the touch model of the nano, and here it is with the dell xps 13 9310 and as you can see, a Pretty identical footprint, if you ask me, and not only is this super thin and light, but it also has been tested against 12 military grade requirements and more than 200 quality checks, making this extremely durable and that’s thanks to the magnesium alloy chassis that is designed to Take a licking and keep on ticking okay let’s check out the ports, we’ll start off. On the left side, we get a 3.5 millimeter audio jack and two thunderbolt 4 ports now they’re also usb 4 ports as well, and what this does with the thunderbolt 4 port is, you can drive one 8k monitor or two 4k monitors, if you so choose again. I, like the combination that they have, of both usb4 and thunderbolt 4. and on the right side, is the power button with an led indicator light in it, letting you know the device is powered on, notably missing is any sd card or microsd card reader. Now i like the fact that they include a spill resistant keyboard here, i always spill water or coffee near my computers, it’s just i’m, a klutz. What can i tell you, but it is nice to have some spill resistance on this and, of course, it also has a multi stage, backlight that allows you to get work done in a dark room or a dimly lit environment, and i also like the dedicated communication Keys, especially when you’re doing skype and zoom calls when we’re working from home during this pandemic, that’s really good.

Now i am a big fan of thinkpad keyboards to me: they’re legendary they’re, some of the best in the business, if not the best. Now the one on this one is very good, although i noticed the key travels a bit on the shallow side, but it does have good tactile feedback and i didn’t feel, like my fingers – were bottoming out. So that’s really good i’ll, give it a long term test and let you know my results in the full review and it also has a really nice touchpad with physical mouse buttons and two finger scrolling buttery smooth all the windows. 10 gestures work as advertised, and it also has the track point, a hallmark of, of course, a thinkpad, and that worked well. Very responsive, no complaints on that front and when it comes to user upgradability once again, lenovo makes it easy for the user to get inside. This laptop, all you need to do is loosen the captive philips head screws pop off the bottom plate and you’re in it’s that easy. Now, as far as what’s user upgradeable, the ssd is user upgradeable, although you get some decent reads and writes now, i only have the 256 gigabyte ssd. I imagine you might get better reads and writes if you went with a higher capacity drives i’m, not really sure but i’ll. Let you know if i find out any more information as far as the ram you can get it with a maximum of 16 gigabytes of lp lpddr4x ram, although it is soldered into the motherboard, you won’t be able to upgrade that, for those that are wondering it Is wi fi 6 bluetooth 5.

1, and it also is the optional wireless wan, with lte 5g or lte 4g cat9, and while we’re inside you’ll notice that it has a 48 watt hour battery that lenovo claims will get up to 13 hours on a single charge. Of course, i’ll bring you my full review with all the numbers as far as battery life and charging times and when it comes to the display. What we’re looking at here is a 13 inch 2k display with a resolution of 2160 by 1350 that’s, a 16 to 10 aspect ratio it’s an ips display with an anti glare coating it’s. Also a dolby vision display that lenovo claims will get up to 400 nits. In terms of brightness with a hundred percent coverage of the srgb in terms of the color gamut, now i did my measurements. I didn’t get quite 450 nits, but i did get a very bright, 405 nits and especially really good, because this is not a glossy display. It’S, a matte display and that’s very good, so you won’t get any unnecessary glare or reflections, really deep, blacks, nice white points, good contrast, and it has a nice low delta e score, meaning the color accuracy is very good and as far as that coverage of the Color gamut, i measured 93 percent srgb 71 adobe rgb 70 of the dci, p3 wide color gamut and 66 ntsc, making this a good choice for those content, creators that do lightroom, photoshop and, of course, video editing – and i like this for getting work done with that.

16 to 10 aspect ratio a little bit taller in terms of the display, meaning you’ll do less scrolling when it comes to web browsing and because it’s, a dolby vision, display it’s. A great choice for consuming media watching netflix, amazon and youtube has been great so far, and you could also get it with a touch option. I have the non touch display, but if you do get that touch display, you also get that really nice carbon fiber weave on the exterior for those that are wondering. So this is the front facing camera on the lenovo thinkpad x1. Nano incredibly thin incredibly light under two pounds: 1.9 pounds on my particular model: 720p webcam, 30 frames per second. I want to know what you think. Let me know in the comment section below. Is this going to be good enough resume or skype? Let me know i am curious now this is an infrared webcam, meaning you log in with face recognition with windows, hello and there’s. Also, a physical shutter switch allowing you to turn off the webcam, giving you more security and privacy and there’s a fingerprint scanner located below the keyboard. Next to the touchpad, allowing you to log in with windows, hello as well, it worked really well registering my finger each and every time i used it nice added layer of security. Now this is my first experience with the 11th gen intel core i7. 1130. G7 processor. You could also get it, of course, in a core i7.

1160. G7. Of course, these are not quite as powerful as the 1165 g7 core i7s i’ve been looking at with the tiger lakes. These are a step below, but i got ta say with the numbers that i’m, seeing so far in my initial review of this uh, looking not too bad, even with this core i5 i’m impressed. One thing: that’s really surprised me with my initial impressions of this device. So far is how good the sound has been from those quad speakers. We’Ve got two subwoofers two tweeters and the volume has been pretty good, mid bass. I was actually pretty surprised, especially for such a thin and light ultra portable, not something we see very often. Okay, let’s bring it all home so far. My initial impressions of the x1 nano are really positive. I’M really liking. This laptop. It is a little bit expensive, of course, but again you get what you pay for. This is a premium device meant to be taken with you on the go, although i know we’re working from home, i like the potential that this has to offer, and i look forward to putting through its paces and bringing you my full review coming very soon. Music want to see more videos like this. Why not hit that subscribe button? Make sure you hit that notification bell this way, you’ll be alerted every time. I upload a new video and make sure you follow me on my social media, especially twitter and instagram it’s, on those platforms i post updates and why not check out our all new revamped discord, server it’s a great place for us to hang out and talk tech Link will be in the description below and today’s.

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