67 inches or 0.66 inches thick. It weighs about 2 pounds, but it has a 13 inch display an 11 11 gen intel core processor tiger lake processor and it’s, basically, a full fledged laptop. That is just very, very small. So by comparison a couple of years ago, i picked up this hp spectre. Laptop, it was probably one of the smallest 13 inch notebooks. I could find at the time, and you can see it takes up a little bit more space uh in terms of length it’s a little bit wider overall. So we’ve got a 16 point. 16 by 10 aspect ratio display versus 16×9, but overall, the design is just more compact due to the bezels and everything else, and this hp laptop weighs about 2.8 pounds compared with two pounds which makes this makes us almost feel more like a tablet. When you carry it from place to place it’s the sort of laptop that is so small, you can almost forget that it’s in your bag and have to double check when you leave the house uh now compared to a tablet like this 1.1 pound uh amazon, fire Hd 10, it is obviously a little bit bigger, but i’m holding you know this one pound tablet and this two pound laptop in my hand and it’s uh, really pretty easy. I mean these two together barely weigh more than that other single laptop. So it is a compact device but it’s also a fairly versatile, full fledged windows pc, so let’s take a look at what it can do and um first thing here is you’ll notice.

I can log in using face recognition very quickly uh. It does have this windows – hello, compatible ir camera above the screen so i’m, going to show you a couple of things about that camera. First off the bat number one. I just slid this privacy shutter to block the camera. So you do have that option, which is nice to have, because in 2021 uh in this sort of pandemic world, where everybody’s doing video conferencing, it is nice to have a camera it’s, not the best webcam but it’s. Definitely not the worst. 720P, i’m in a brightly lit room, and i think you can see my need for a haircut reasonably well and i could use it for video conferencing. It is above the display not below it like it had been on some previous, then in light laptops, so it’s nice to have that camera it’s also nice to have the privacy feature if you don’t need it. If you prefer not to use face recognition, there is also a touch, a fingerprint sensor right here, which you can use to log in almost as quickly. I do tend to find that the face recognition is a little bit faster, but this is a match on device chip which is a little bit more secure. Perhaps because all your biometric data is stored on the chip for the fingerprint sensor and never really leaves the device so that’s kind of a nice feature to have so, as i mentioned very very slim, uh bezels around the sides.

Here it is a 16 by 10 aspect ratio display, and so that means that you have a couple more vertical pixels than you might otherwise have, and it also means that if we come in here and look at the display settings, you’ll see that it’s a 2160 By 1350 pixel display so some people, some pc makers, have gone with 1920 by 1200 when they go with 1610. This is 2160 by 1350. uh. You might also notice that i’ve got display scaling set to 125.. You can use the recommended setting of 150 and everything looks a little bit larger, but i find that that’s a little bit trickier when you want to do things like have multiple windows open on your display. At the same time, i find that 125 is a little bit more comfortable. 100 is a little too sharp for me, my eyesight, just isn’t, really quite good enough for that. So 125, i think, is a nice compromise but it’s nice to have those sort of options to uh to choose what works best for you um. So if you don’t want to just want everything in full screen, you might want to sort of play with those settings. You can see here, we’ve got you know, web browser up and running, and over here i’ll show you uh. This is the thinkpad x1 nano website on the lenovo’s website and currently, as of the time i’m shooting this video here are your prices that sells for around 1050 and up and that’s with uh starting configurations featuring an intel core.

I5 1130 g7 processor uh, 13 inch. 2K display 8 gigs of ram 256 gigs of storage, but it’s available with up to 16 gigs of ram up to a terabyte of storage up to a core. I uh, 7, 11. 80. G7 processor. So you do have different options, also available with optional support for 4g or 5g modems. All versions have a wi, fi, 6 and bluetooth 5.2 card built in so the version that lenovo loaded me for this review actually has a core i5 1130 g7 chip, which is similar to the core i5 1135. G7. That you see in a lot of laptops these days, but the 1130 g7 is a little bit lower power now, in terms of performance day to day it’s, actually pretty close, and even in benchmarks. It comes out pretty competitive but it’s a little bit more energy, efficient and it’s, something that in previous years, until might have considered a y series processor, and that should mean better battery life. But in my tests, it’s um this the battery in here just isn’t. Quite big enough to run a really long time. I got about eight to eight and a half hours of youtube, video streaming at 1080p um, but only around four hours of actual work usage. Now your results may vary depending on how bright you set the screen, how you adjust the um, you know performance, better battery, better performance, etc um, so you might be able to eat a little bit of extra battery life out of there, but there are a couple Of nice things about this laptop when it does come to the battery one is it has a fairly compact charger? So, if you need to plug in on the go, this isn’t going to add a lot of weight to your bag, two it’s a usb c charger.

Three it’s a fast charger, so in an hour you should get about 80 battery life in a half hour. You should get around 50 or so so it doesn’t take very long to top up the battery. If you do need to charge it on the go and you can even use it with a usb uh power bank, if you have one that supports something like 45 watts or more an output, you can just plug into one of these usbc ports. Now, when we look at these ports here’s another limitation, besides battery life, there aren’t a lot of ports. We’Ve got a headset jack and two thunderbolt 4 ports now it’s nice that they’re both thunderbolt ports, which means that you can use either one of them to charge. You can use either one of them to plug in an external display you can plug in an external graphic stock. You can plug in all sorts of different accessories, because it is that 40 gpps transfer speed, uh sort of high quality port there, but you might need an adapter if you wanted to do something like plug in a usb flash drive, because you know usb a drive Is just not going to fit in there, and so you wind up with this sort of unslightly dongles uh. If you want to plug in more than a couple of things at a time or if you want to charge and use two usb devices, you’re going to need some sort of adapter or hub on the other side, the reason that there’s no ports here is because We have the air exhaust vent and the power button and we have the air intake vent here on the bottom, and so it draws air in it moves it around sort of the cpu and other internals and blows it out.

The other end um and that’s. Really just all there’s room for it on that side now, maybe they could have squeezed something else in here, but it is very thin, and so, if you’re only going to have a couple of usb ports, it is nice at the thunderbolt ports while we’re looking at The bottom i’ll point out that there’s just a handful of screws and if you remove those screws, the bottom almost jumps off the screws sort of stay in the lid. So you won’t lose them. You can just lift the lid off and you can get inside where you’ll notice that the ssd can be user. Upgraded it’s, an m.224 2242 ssd pcie nvme um, and you can pop that out and you can put a different one in you – do have to remove a heat shield that’s protecting it, but the ram cannot be user upgraded. So if you want 16 gigs, you need to pay for it up front it’s soldered to the main board down here on the bottom. I’Ll also point out that we’ve got two bottom firing speakers, but that doesn’t mean that your sound is muffled, because these are basically woofers uh open up. The laptop and you’ll also find two upward facing speakers, which are basically your tweeters, so you get pretty loud audio here, which is a little bit surprising for something so small, so let’s go ahead and um for copyright reasons: i’m, not going to blast any music at You, but you get to you, hear the sound of my voice, doing another review here: Music and a little advertising music, i suppose paying full price for amazon hi.

This is brad linder with lila puting, and this is the one x player, handheld gaming, pc and in this video i’m, just going to run through a couple of different games. To give you an idea of what the gaming is. So it gets really quite loud, and i know you can’t pick up that much of it on just sort of this camera here, but it gets really rather loud, um and not distorted at even at high volumes, which is nice to have it um. Also. I should point out: has a matte display? There are options for a touch screen display. This version doesn’t have one but i’m, pointing it directly at a bright window here, and you can see there’s a little bit of shine but it’s, not glossy there’s, not a lot of glare um. The screen is recessed a little bit from the bezels on this non glossy screen, so you know there’s a chance for a little bit of dust to catch in there. But overall, i think the map display is a nice feature to have it’s, not shiny, and, i think that’s, generally speaking, a good thing. Let’S take a look at the keyboard. A couple of things to show you here, one is that lenovo calls this a nearly full size keyboard, and it really is nearly the same as what you would find on a larger um, thinkpad notebook there’s. A couple of small differences. One is that these keys over here, your all print and control, are not the same size as the full size keys.

Above them, they take up a little bit less space and that’s just starting to cram everything in uh. Second of all, the key travel is just about 1.35 millimeters and that’s. Due to these um sort of scissor switch, lift uh mechanism. Overall, though you get decent response and typing is pretty comfortable on this laptop, so um. You know, i think, it’s relatively easy to use. Now there is a backlit keyboard and it supports several different options, so we’ve got off on and brighter um it’s kind of subtle kind of difficult to notice. When you’re in a well lit environment. I think it’s actually picking up fairly well on the camera right now, but sometimes it can be kind of hard to see. But the light shines through the keys so that all of these sort of glow the letters and the numbers they glow a little bit in the dark and in a dark room. It really does come in handy in a brighter room. It might not necessarily show as much and then, of course, you get a little bit of light – that sort of bleeds through the sides just generally making it easier to type in a dimly lit environment um. The other thing to point out here is that we do have this lenovo trackpoint system, so in addition to having a touchpad which supports multi touch, gestures for swiping and scrolling and so forth, we’ve got this sort of pointing stick here in the center and some people Are really fans of this and some people really aren’t um? I used to have one like 20.

30 years ago i had an ibm thinkpad that had this trackpoint system and i loved it, and then i just haven’t really gotten used to it. So it takes some getting used to, but the idea is that, instead of lifting your hands to move them to the touchpad or to a mouse, you can just you know type as you go and you know type type type and then realize oh, i need to Fix that so you just use this pressure sensitive nub to move the cursor to the spot that you want. Your thumb should already be in the right place and you can make your corrections and then move the cursor again, so it picks up speed based on how fast you push it or how slow and it’s kind of a nice feature to have uh when we’re. Looking at things like web pages, it also supports scrolling by clicking this center button and again speed depends on pressure. So once you get used to it, it’s actually pretty nice. I find that my hand gets sort of feels a little bit cramped. If i used it too much but uh as i’ve been using this on and off for the last couple of weeks, i’ve grown to kind of appreciate it, and i find myself wondering if it might actually be a good solution for people with carpal tunnel or other Wrist pain that might be exacerbated from moving your wrist too much so i know some people love it.

Some people hate it it’s nice to have the option, but you can completely ignore it if you don’t want to use it. One other keyboard feature to point out is lenovo does continue to insist that the proper place for the function key is in the bottom left corner instead of where the control key is on almost every other windows laptop. If you don’t like this arrangement, though you can go into the bios by hitting, i think, f1 during setup and dig through the settings, and you can basically flip the function so right now, this is actually set to be control, so you know, control c would be Or f function c is the equivalent of control c, and this is the function key. So if i want to um use the volume up volume down, but also hit f2 f3, i would hit control f2 control f3, so it’s nice to have that option as well. Uh i did try to get used to the layout of the function. Key couldn’t quite make it so it’s nice to have a little bit of versatility, a couple of other design, things that i don’t think i mentioned um let’s see. If you can see this here, you see we’re sort of we have an embossed x1 nano that’s about it for the branding on that side and then down here we’ve got a little sort of subtle, think pad from certain angles. You can barely see it other than the red dot in the eye, the red dot in the eye on the back glows when it’s in use or blinks, when it’s sleeping and we’ve got thingpad x1 and down here, just sort of another little embossed lenovo.

That in certain lighting is practically invisible, so not a lot of branding uh, nothing on the back. The bottom we’ve got these sort of little rubber feet overall it’s a pretty nice laptop i’m, not super impressed, as i mentioned, with the battery life uh, but in terms of performance uh. You can find more detailed notes on performance at littlepeeping.com, but it comes pretty close to what you would expect from a core i5 1135 g7 in terms of graphics and cpu, even though it has a slightly slower processor. You’D have to really sort of push it to notice day to day um, and it is a pretty versatile, very lightweight machine. The question is, you know: are you going to want to spend a thousand dollars or more for uh these sorts of configurations? If you don’t get all day battery life, if battery life is your top priority, this might not be the best option. It is an intel, evo, certified device, so theoretically it’s supposed to get uh over nine hours of battery life under real world conditions. But i think those conditions is really going to depend on what applications you’re trying to run and for my workload, which generally is web work with lots of web browser. Tabs open in google chrome running different applications like maybe and urfan view for image, editing um streaming. Some music, perhaps from spotify or other applications, it’s, not the fastest, might not have been the best example for loading, an application because it always takes a long time to load but irfan view loads, pretty much instantly um.

So you know in terms of multitasking. It is a pretty capable machine. It just doesn’t offer stellar battery life uh linux notes. You can find some more details about this at lillating.com as well, but this usb flash drive actually has ubuntu 220.04 on it and out of the box, experience is fine um and you know it actually runs reasonably well. Uh the keyboard shortcuts work. The camera works. The wireless works, the you know, everything that you would want to work work i’ve only run it from a flash drive. I haven’t installed it, so i can’t necessarily tell you how long term performance for things like battery life or resume from sleep are, but i can tell you that the out of the box experience is pretty good, so versatile in that. Not only does it run windows, but you can also use it as a linux laptop if you wanted to so again. This is brad linder with lilliputing and the lenovo thinkpad x1 nano uh, which is available now for around 1050 and up the prices, uh sort of changes you know, depending on when you’re looking at it right now. It even says on the website 1012 that that configuration isn’t actually shown as one that you can purchase um so that’s just uh. You know one of the little quirks there, but it’s a it’s, a nice little laptop and it is extraordinarily thin and light and uh. It does have a lot of the hallmarks of what you would expect from a lenovo machine, including a trap point system, a pretty decent keyboard and a no nonsense design.

So more details littlefeeding.com. This is brad linder and a review of lenovo thinkpad x1.