You have it right: a foldable, laptop Music, the lenovo portable laptop now, this foldable laptop is very versatile and, of course, that’s a special feature. This is the main event it’s a photo aspect. Now, when you fold this, you can fold this in so many different ways. You could sit there fold it halfway. You could sit the folded almost like a paper airplane. You fold like a v shape, or you could fold it and close it up, which would be easy to carry around for business purposes or just any conventional use. You want to, and the thing i like the most is when you fold it, you see half the screen and you can say huh. How do i maneuver this or you can just enjoy the full 13.3 inch 2k oled display screen now this screen is vibrant, it’s, colorful and the screen is very, very gorgeous and i promise you you will not be disappointed at how vibrant your colors will pop out. Now, since we’re talking about the screen real estate, let’s go ahead and jump in and talk about the cameras. Now the camera is ir in 5 megapixel and my personal opinion. The cameras doesn’t look bad. So let me take your selfie camera or do anything that nature honestly, the quality is pretty good, especially coming from a laptop also, if you guys like to use zoom and so forth on, you, don’t have to worry about having that choppy quality, because the quality on Here is really good and, like i said again, you have a 5 megapixel camera as far as video.

Now, if you want to stream videos, the wi fi connection is awesome. Also, if you want to watch a good high quality move like some of your 4k movie, like some of the marvel movies, all one is high budget movies. You have to worry about that distorted, looking quality because, with this lenovo foldable laptop that the quality of your video is superb and, like i said before, it’s two cases again a 2k resolution, so you don’t have to worry about looking at staggered images or washout colors. You will have the best colors ever with this foldable lattice. So take my word for it. You have 2k quality of videos, images streaming and so forth. On now, what does a nova, foldable tablet or laptop? Should i say now: it does come with a wire’s keypad. Now, there’s a wireless keyboard it’s, very, very handy because one of the things i like about this wireless keypad under the face wireless, you know if you want to use a full screen, the full 13.3 display screen. You have it to your luxury, but let’s say you won’t go on laptop mode, so i said laptop but let’s say you want to go to laptop mode. You can sit there and fold the screen up and then you can slap on the keyboard and then, when you step on the keyboard on the folder side, it will automatically convert into a laptop. So i think that feature is really cool and really versatile.

But if you like that big old full screen real estate, like i do thing i got ta – do – is sit there open the screen. Uh move the bat flap because on the leather portion of it, has a little kickstand to it, kicking back having wires keypad in front of you and you go away and start typing and take care of your online business. Just like you get the wireless keypad, you get this little handy, dandy, pen, now, there’s a little handy, dandy, pen, the lenovo pen, it’s, not the s pen, guys but it’s, a nova pen. You can sit there and, of course you could sit there and do what you got to do like you want to draw, or even just navigate the net or different browsers or folders stuff. You can use this tab before also too, if you want to write things down, you do have that flux of that flexibility also, i’m, going to tell you a quick little simple story. So i got this tablet. I was trying to utilize a pen i’m like what’s, going on what’s going. Why is that working? It took me two days. Two days i’m done two days and i finally realized the pin. Was it wasn’t charged up at all. The pen came in to me pulling this, so i charged it up in order to charge up. You could pull out the back and it’s usb c type, plug it up about 20 minutes later it’s full of charge.

So now that’s how you work the pin, if you guys didn’t, know so let’s talk about the specifications real quick. Now it does have an intel core i5 and it also has eight gigs of ram and you could range up to 256 gigs. All the way to a terabyte. All more depends to be customized, but this particular model today has 512 gigs of storage, space and it’s. Definitely ssd and also guys the processor is really really fast, so i have personally haven’t noticed any lagging or any stagger movements. Everything been very very fluent so far and i may use this model a little over a month now. So i think you guys will be satisfied with this overall performance, so let’s talk about the meatloaf, the price, the cost and the savings. Now this particular deal cost five hundred dollars. Now i did receive a savings of two hundred and ninety dollars, almost three hundred dollars. So you got different coupons and savings so about to say: we’re gon na spend about twenty eight hundred dollars for the 512 gig model or if you get savings, you’re gon na pretty much pay about what i paid for twenty five hundred dollars. Do i think, it’s worth the cost? Do i think shop recommends price anybody now? I do recommend the product to you guys because, like i said before, i love the convenience of it. You could sit there taking care of what you fold it up and just go about your business, but as far as the price honestly, i think the price a little too high.

I think if it’s two two thousand dollars, i think that’ll be a better deal and more attractive and more people probably get this so guys that’s. All i have to say if you have any questions, please leave the comments below and you tell me guys.